4 Wix SEO Stats That Will Blow You Away

Thinking of creating a website with Wix, but not sure about its SEO capabilities? Or maybe you’re a Wix user who wants to know if your website can rank higher? Fear no longer, friend. Millions of businesses are already using Wix with enormous amounts of satisfaction and ranking incredibly high in search results. This is obviously due to the fact that Wix has the best SEO. But we know, talk is cheap. So we’ve prepared for you some cold hard stats to prove that Wix SEO is the best thing since sliced bread.

One of the most notable features our users enjoy is Wix SEO Wiz. This free and Google approved tool: “For the Wix users, this [Wix SEO Wiz] is a pretty cool experience because they can see their page in the search results immediately after they have created it,” creates a personalized plan to improve your SEO. We’ve done some research, by looking at users that have been using the Wiz over the last months. Considering that we officially launched it back in May 2017, the numbers you are about to discover are pretty impressive, to say the least. Countless websites have flourished on Google (and Co.) by using Wix SEO Wiz, and you, my dear reader can achieve the same results.

Long story short, these figures will make you wonder why you haven’t already tried Wix SEO Wiz. And guess what: you can give it a go right here, right now.

82% rank higher on Google

Ranking higher on the search results of Google is the name of the SEO game. It is and should be the ultimate goal of your optimization efforts. But why is it actually so crucial? Ranking higher, in essence, means that your website can be more easily found. Which means that it will attract more visitors. And ultimately, more visitors means more moola for your biz. Let’s look at an online store, for example: more views on search results leads to more people visiting your stunning gallery of products, which means a higher chance of having paying customers. See how huge the SEO impact can be for an online business?

And yes, it’s totally do-able. You can easily join the rank climber’s club, the first rule is: use Wix SEO Wiz. It transforms the complex SEO path into a very simple step-by-step plan, and shows you exactly what you need to do to start seeing results. For example, just by using the tool, a Wix user was able to boost their traffic by more than 40% and double their conversion-rate. Read more about their Wix SEO success story.

67% appear on Google’s first page

If our first stat didn’t knock your socks off, you’re bound to be amazed by the whopping ⅔ of Wiz users have made it to SEO Nirvana, a.k.a. Google’s page 1. This is a big deal. Think about it: when you search for a business or service online, you will most likely click on a result on the first page, right? The exact same goes for your visitors and clients.

Ranking higher takes hard work and dedication. We know that these are basically your middle names, the only thing you are missing is some guidance. And that’s exactly where the Wix SEO Wiz comes in. Just look at how this Wix user benefited from the Wiz to optimize over a hundred clients’ websites. Spoiler alert: they all consistently rank on Google’s first page.

From page 14 to page 1 in a month

An additional ingredient that is necessary to succeed in the SEO jungle is time and patience. You should know that SEO doesn’t happen overnight. It can take several weeks to see results. That is, if you use the right practices and workflow. By using Wix SEO Wiz, you can be sure that you’re on the right track to SEO mastery.

And yes, you read that subtitle correctly: a Wix website jumped from page 14 to page 1 of Google in just one month. Michael Jordan, eat your heart out because this Wix user has got some serious elevation skills. From drowning in the sea of results, they were able to resurface and see the light again by using the Wix SEO platform. Wanna try and soar to a top position in search results? Give Wix SEO Wiz a shot now.

30 seconds to index your site

Indexing means that Google or any other search engine scans your content, and keeps a copy in its endless library of websites. When someone performs a search online, the search engine will look through their massive collection of pages, and pull the ones it deems most relevant. This is why indexation is a fundamental step in order to start ranking in search results. It may sound complicated, but don’t fret. Especially if you’ve got the magic of the Wiz by your side.

It’s no news that Google is perfectly able to rank Wix websites.

But what you may not know is that the Wix platform is integrated with Google Search Console so that it can provide super speedy indexation. This means that verifying your website with GSC (technical procedure) can be done in just a click, all within Wix SEO Wiz. And the cherry on top: it only takes Wix SEO Wiz 30 seconds to index your site – in comparison to an average couple of weeks, it would normally take. This means that by the time your website is indexed, you can get a mini work out in, text your mom or even micro meditate. Now that’s what we call powerful.

To summarize, Wix has many powerful SEO tools in its arsenal, and users have majorly benefited from using them.

So, what are you waiting for? Try Wix SEO Wiz to get the best SEO for your website.

By Ruth Eschenheimer

SEO Content Specialist, Wix

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