5 Powerful Google Tools Your Business Needs

Do you recall a time before you had an email address? Yeah, neither do we. In fact, we can barely remember a time when we turned to our inbox accounts to solely send emails. From managing client profiles to keeping track of our daily diaries, our emails have become a sacred online space where we keep the most important details about our business.

If your company’s website is your online home, then your email serves as the front door that welcomes clients inside. Want to learn more about how you could best utilize the world’s most popular online mail account to retain a more professional online presence?

Read on to find out how Wix and G Suite by Google Cloud – a package of easy to use productivity tools – can boost your online presence. Plus, we’ll show you exactly how you can integrate your Gmail account smoothly with your Wix website.

Your email & website: two professional peas in a pod

Have you taken the steps to give your website a professional edge with a personalized domain name? Along with your custom domain name, one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your business look trustworthy and built to last is to use a branded business email address. But don’t take our word for it; in a recent survey, young businesses said that they saw a 60% increase in customer engagement and a 42% increase in sales after switching to a professional email address.

Fortunately, Wix offers the ability to get a personalized mailbox that complements your premium website’s domain. Not sure what we mean? Let’s say your domain name is: johnsmithbakery.com – with a G Suite account, you can create an email address that’s directly tied to your domain name, like: orders@johnsmithbakery.com or yourname@johnsmithbakey.com – cool, huh? Naturally, your fancy new online address comes equipped with a 30GB Drive including inbox and added features – more about those further down this post.

Keep your files in a cloud-based vault

Cloud-based tools are nothing new – from keeping your music safe in your favorite online music streaming site, to storing media files in your favorite cloud-based website (that’s Wix!) – cloud storage has long been regarded as the easiest and safest way to preserve your most essential digital items.

…But lately, there’s been a phenomenon sweeping the nation that could only be described as FOMOD: the Fear Of Missing Office Docs. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of showing up to a presentation only to realize your slides are on your other computer – or forgetting to save an important Word document, then this is for you. G Suite gives you the ability to create online versions of your most important documents. Access, share and edit all of your important documents whenever you need them, on any desktop or mobile device. As an added bonus, Wix users get 30GB of Drive storage to keep their most essential documents always in arm’s reach.

You can also share your documents outside of your inbox!  Let’s say our baker friend John Smith has a scrumptious nut bread recipe he wants to share. With the free Google Docs app from the Wix App Market, he can easily display that doc or PDF on his Wix website, in just a few clicks.

Be a savvy communicator with email marketing

Just how addicted to email are we? Well, the latest stats suggest that the average employee spends 6.3 hours a day just checking their email! Use that email enthusiasm to your advantage by connecting your Wix ShoutOut email newsletter service to your Gmail account. Import up to 10,000 contacts from your Gmail account to create an instant mailing list. From there, you can take advantage of all of Wix ShoutOut’s email marketing functions, like built-in analytics and beautiful templates. Can you look more professional?

Keep your calendar constantly full

If you run a service-based business, listen up. Automatically connect your Wix Bookings online appointment scheduler with your Google Calendar (included in your G Suite account) to have all of your appointments and meetings updates on the fly.

Maintain communication no matter what

If a portion of your client or coworker base is located outside of your area code, we have a solution for you. Did you know that you can hold HD video meetings or chat on the go with anyone within your same G Suite service? To put it simply, if your email is yourname@johnsmithbakey.com and your coworker is customersupport@jognsmitherbakery.com, you’ll be able to hold face to face video calls or chat with one another via Google Hangouts, no matter where you are located. The best part? This service is included with Wix and Google’s professional mailbox package.

If a collaborative workplace extends to your website, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s incredibly easy to invite site contributors to your Wix website, too! Keep your website up to date, no matter where in the world your team happens to be.

By Nathaly Myers

Community & Social Media Manager

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