How to Create the Perfect EPK

An EPK (or Electronic Press Kit) is a must-have for any musician looking to land gigs. If up until now you weren’t totally clear on what people meant when they name-dropped this essential tool – we’ve got your back. Welcome to the complete guide on how to create a successful EPK!

Let’s start with the basics: what is an Electronic Press Kit? To put it simply, it’s an online resume that’s created especially to land musicians gigs. Like any resume, EPKs are an easy way for people who’d like to work with you to learn more about you, and how to get in touch. Ready to learn more?

Here’s how to create the perfect EPK:

1. Write Your EPK for the Right People:

Like we mentioned above, EPKs are meant to attract people who are looking to work with you. With that being the case, your EPK should target people like booking agents, record labels, venues, reporters/media, distribution agents, promoters, and other potential business partners. When writing the text for your EPK, keep these people in mind to better focus your content and tone.

2. Include These Must-Haves in Your EPK:

  • You Bio: Your bio should include information about who you are, when you kicked off your music career, stats about band members like what instruments they play, and a list of your full discography.

  • Contact Info: Scouts can’t book you if they don’t know how to reach you. Your representation info and location should take up prime real-estate in your electronic press kit.

  • Photos: What’s a name without a face? Add your headshots and professional photos to your press kit. Make your images downloadable to allow the right people to easily find you in the crowd.

  • Music: When it comes down to it, your music is your biggest selling point. Add your full discography along with a free download of your most polished tracks or singles to seal the deal on booking your next show. List all important details like track collaborators, lyricists and instrumentalists in the cliff notes of your track listings to add a professional edge.

  • Video: You didn’t spend all that time creating a music video or perfecting your live act just to keep it to yourself. Add all impressive videos to your EPK to show promoters what they can expect from you on show day.

  • Press: Include any blogs, publications or even local papers that gave your band a shout out.

  • Tech Rider: Help booking agents accommodate your needs on stage by listing technical requirements like how many mics, plugs, stage plots, and so on. This list should be downloadable so that your latest booked venue can have it handy when needed.

  • On the Road: If you’re being booked for out of town gigs, give your agent a hand by having your hospitality info easily available online. Information like how many band members will be traveling, how many hotel rooms are needed and any dietary restrictions to consider should be included in your rider.

Nervous that you’re missing something? Don’t be. Wix has awesome EPK templates that have everything you need. Simply fill in the slots with your own info and images and you’re ready to go.

3. Protect Your Press Kit:

Unlike the majority of your music website that you’ll want to share far and wide, your EPK includes sensitive information that you probably don’t want the average fan to see. That’s why most EPKs are kept under a password protection page.

Here’s how to add a password protection to your Wix website.

4. Distribute Your Electronic Press Kit Where it Matters:

Your EPK can be shared either on its own dedicated website or as an added section of your band’s main site.

It’s also a good idea to have a printed version of your press kit on hand at events,  like festivals or conventions, where you may run into industry professionals. If that sounds like a pain, know that you can always include a link to your electronic press kit (with the password listed) on your business card.

By Nathaly Myers

Community & Social Media Manager

#epk #wixmusic

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