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10 Outstanding Wix Websites You Can Learn From

10 Great Wix Websites You Can Learn From

When it comes to website building, Wix users are constantly proving themselves as a spectacular source for learning about professional, stylish and effective DIY web design. We’re proud to say that in observing the great websites that our users are creating with Wix, we’re truly able to learn from the best.

Now we want to pass on that knowledge and share with the Wix Blog readers 10 great lessons we learned from 10 amazing websites. Each of these sites is awesome in its own, but we’ll focus on specific web design elements that you should pay close attention to.

Get ready to lo and behold as you browse through these inspirational sites!

Superb Website Header from Urban Weds Country >>

What we especially love about this gorgeous website is that the header captures the entire essence of the site. Combining a fun wordplay, eye-catching typography, a lively color palette and the visual of the measuring tape, the header shows us that Urban Weds Country is a creative brand with expertise.

Urban Weds Country

Attractive Product Display by Efi Dolcini >>

Online shops face the challenge of convincing their customers that their products are great from a distance. Efi Dolcini is doing it just right with a powerful product display that really highlights the quality and uniqueness of their designs.

Efi Dolcini

Content and Design Meet on The Ancient Mariner >>

What a brilliant concept! The design of this website portrays the restaurant’s nautical theme just perfectly. Once you visit this site, you immediately want to put on an eye patch and sail all the way to their kitchen. Every element in this website shows you that The Ancient Mariner offer not only great food, but a great experience as well.

The Ancient Mariner

 Exemplary Online CV by Andrew Fedor >>

Online CV’s and resumes are all about promoting the person in a clever and effective way. Andrew Fedor, an aspiring techie who is bound to get far ahead in his career, used Wix to create a CV that reflects not only his skills, but his personality as well. Using creative navigation and smart visual emphases, Andrew shows potential employers that they’re dealing with an innovative mind.

Andrew Fedor

The Gift of GIFs via Big Fellas Bar >>

Love them or hate them, GIFs play a major role in how online content is shared and consumed. Surprisingly, they don’t often make an appearance on website design, and the Big Fellas Bar’s site is suggesting that they actually have a lot to offer. Look at the image here below, then click on it to see how the dynamics of the GIF’s make a big difference in the visual effect.

Big Fellas Bar

Images Come to Life with Lena Medeiros Art >>

Another great way to animate a visual homepage is the use of dynamic 3D galleries, as shown on Lena Medeiros’ portfolio. The transitions add a lively effect that focuses the site visitors’ look on what really matters – the beautiful art work that is on display.

Lena Medeiros Art

Illustration and Inspiration from Lola Rotisseria >>

This restaurant successfully uses vintage-style illustrations to convey the promise of yummy food, just like mom used to make it. Illustrations are a great tool for creating an atmosphere. Without knowing too much about Lola Rotisseria any site visitor can get a feel of what type of atmosphere they can expect from the restaurant, and that’s largely due to the type of illustrations they use and the lovely contrast between the black and white and the striking orange background.

Lola Rotisseria

The Ultimate Single-Page Website by Kelly Jones Design >>

Making the most out of just one page is not an easy task, but it’s one that Kelly Jones is doing fantastically with this single-page portfolio. It’s brief, it’s to-the-point, and it’s all you need to realize that Kelly is a gifted designer with respectable experience. The clean divide between the sections of the page make it very easy to read through, and the choice of fonts and colors correspond perfectly with the portfolio.

Kelly Jones Design

The Power of Video at Phiinom >>

There’s nothing that we don’t absolutely love about the Phiinom website, but we want to focus your attention to the cool video they have on the homepage (scroll a bit downwards). Well-situated in an iPad frame to match the theme, the video demonstrates the strength of the company and what it has to offer in an appealing and convincing manner. Great work.


Social Media Integration CY Tone >>

On a page they called Viral, visual artist CY Tone combines a variety of 3rd-party apps (including a Tumblrfeed and the social updating app Tint) to create a designated space for his extensive social activity. Brought together, all of these channels portray CY Tone as a mind bursting with creativity and action, which is exactly what he is.

CY Tone

By the Wix team

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