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    Allowing Your Customer to Edit Their Site

    How-to Article

    In order for your customer to edit the site, they will need access to the account that the site is located in. We would recommend that you open a new account, that both you and your customer can access, and transfer the site to that account.

    To transfer a site to another account:

    1. Open your site's Dashboard.
    2. Click Popular Shortcuts.
    3. Click Transfer Site.
    4. Enter recipient's email address
    5. (Optional) Add a note for the recipient.
    6. Click Next.
    7. Click Transfer Site.
    8. Click Close.

    The recipient will receive an email from which they can confirm the transfer. The site will not be automatically removed from the original account.

    Note: You can transfer a site from one account to another, but it is not possible to transfer a premium plan. To upgrade the site once it has been transferred to the new account, please check out our premium upgrade options here.

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