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Automate your digital marketing funnel with Wix & Zapier

author Crystal Carter, with a graphic showing a Wix trigger on Zapier, leading to various actions on other platforms, like google sheets, hubspot, and slack.

The new Zapier integration for Wix offers increased granularity and targeted activity for your workflows and customer funnels. This added flexibility improves your ability to manage accounts for your SEO clients (or for your own brand) and allows you to maximize conversions by directly connecting events on Wix and your favorite CRM, email marketing, and analytics tools.

In this article, I’ll show you how Wix’s Zapier integration works, how to get started, and some great ways to use this integration to automate your marketing funnel.

Table of contents:

What’s new with Wix & Zapier

The first phase of the Wix Zapier integration allowed you to use Wix Automations to create Zaps and manage workflows.

Now, we’ve collaborated with Zapier again to release a new and upgraded integration that offers over 50 trigger events for Wix’s most popular apps. This update even allows you to set up all your automations directly from your Zapier account. Custom configuration via Wix Automations is still possible, but this new iteration offers previously unseen ease of use. 

Which Wix apps work with Zapier?

With this 2023 update, you can automate triggers from over a dozen of the most popular apps on Wix.

As you set up your Zaps, you will see product-specific options for event triggers and content variables. Each is designed to save you time and ensure consistency.

A screenshot of events from various Wix apps that trigger a Zap, within the Zapier interface.

How the Wix Zapier integration works

To use Zapier with Wix, head over to Zapier to create an account. The tool has free and premium plans, so you can try out a simple setup before upgrading for more advanced capabilities.

Users can set up triggers directly on Zapier, with the ability to select and connect your Wix account as you build your Zaps.

An infographic showing the workflow to create a Zap for when sessions are booked via Bookings in Wix.
An example of setting up a Zap when a session is booked via Wix Bookings.

Once you select Wix as a trigger, the possible Wix business solutions and their triggering events will appear. Within the chosen Wix business solution, you can choose specific triggering events. For example on Wix Bookings, you can choose to create an automation workflow triggered by a session starting, completing, or being canceled (as shown in the image above).

How to set up your Wix website for Zapier automations

The workflows you set up on Zapier will work with the pre-built configurations in the backend of your Wix website, so after it is configured, you only need to ensure that your Wix website has:

  • Active and installed Wix apps that you want to use for each Zap

  • Live data for each field used in your Zap

  • Correct and active trigger actions on your Wix site for each Zap

While you can set up a Zapier automation for a Wix app that hasn’t been added to your site yet, the automation won't operate until the app is activated. Similarly, you will only see data for apps that have current activity. For instance, if you’ve added the Wix Bookings app to your site but there are no current bookings sessions, creating a Zapier automation tied to active booking sessions won’t trigger an action until a booking takes place.

If you are managing multiple websites, you can also duplicate your Zaps for use on additional Wix accounts. You will, of course, need to log in to each site individually, but this means that you can duplicate your workflows and/or offer automation creation as a service as you build websites.

How to automate your digital marketing funnel with Wix & Zapier

To maximize the chances that the users you acquire via SEO are also moving into your marketing funnel, you need to ensure that you have a consistent flow of engagement and conversion points.

To that end, you should create optimized content for customers engaging with your business at different levels of interest and intent.

The marketing funnel, with various content types associated with various stages of the funnel (i.e., blog posts and videos for awareness, about and contact page for interest, product and case study pages for decision, and shopping cart or form submissions for conversion).

In addition to optimizing for user discovery via search, you should also lead customers that are interested in your products/services to become long-term, high-value users.

With this in mind, you can create content as a lead-generation tool. Engagement with that content can offer you opportunities for remarketing, incentivizing, and adding value via additional channels. 

Wix and Zapier automations that you can create to support lead generation for your clients and projects include:

  1. Automating content distribution via social channels

  2. Automating Posts to Google Business Profiles

  3. Creating reporting datasets for Google Looker Studio

  4. Sending leads to your CRM

  5. Automating marketing task management

Automate new content distribution via social channels

A Zapier automation showing an event in Wix Events as the trigger, with the next step being “create share update in Linkedin”

When you create new events, products, blog posts, and other pages, you can automatically share them via your social media accounts to let followers know that you have new content for them to check out. 

The SEO benefits of social shares

Google relies on signals like social shares for an understanding of which content is most important around the web. This means that content distribution can help you be more proactive about managing indexation and can help drive traffic to your site.

Automate Posts to Google Business Profiles

A Zapier automation showing an event in Wix Blogs as the trigger, with “create post in Google My Business” as the subsequent automated action.

Businesses with physical locations can use Zapier to increase engagement on their Google Business Profile by auto-sharing Wix Blog posts as GBP profile Posts. Great for local SEO, this tactic can help you keep your audience informed about your activities and can also support indexing. 

You can use this feature with other content as well, including Wix Events. 

Create reporting datasets for Google Looker Studio

Since you can sync your Wix data to a Google Sheet via Zapier, you can also use that data as a source for reporting via Google Looker Studio

If you are coordinating a webinar, you can configure a Zap to give you information about when people are booking to attend your event. 

This could help guide your marketing decisions about when you should target advertising, share social posts, send emails, and other promotional activity.

Send leads to your CRM

A zap created from a trigger in Wix Bookings that causes a deal to be created in Hubspot.

With our new Zapier configuration, you can add the leads that you generate through your website to the CRM of your choice. So if you are using Google Sheets, Mailchimp, or Hubspot to manage the leads across a multichannel campaign, you can easily bring them all together in the same tool. 

Automate marketing task management

Zaps can help immensely with productivity when linked to task management tools.

A Zap that uses a Wix Forms trigger to create an item in a board.

For instance, by configuring a trigger from Wix Forms, you can automate follow-up tasks to help nurture new leads and improve client retention. Or you could trigger a Zap from Wix Stores based on a completed sale to help you better manage fulfillment. Use this Zap to connect top project management tools like and Trello to add value at the bottom of the funnel. 

Automation on Wix: Faster, easier, better

Our revamped Zapier integration is a new way to automate your marketing activity, and it joins our lineup of time-saving features that help you streamline SEO. Work at scale and save even more time with our:


Crystal Carter

Crystal is an SEO & digital marketing professional with over 15 years of experience. Her global business clients have included Disney, McDonalds, and Tomy. An avid SEO communicator, her work has been featured at Google Search Central, Brighton SEO, Moz, DeepCrawl, Semrush, and more. Twitter | Linkedin


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