top of page Launches Wix ADI – Artificial Design Intelligence – and Delivers the Future of Website Creat Launches Wix ADI – Artificial Design Intelligence – and Delivers the Future of Website Creation for Desktop and Mobile Websites Worldwide

NEW YORK, June 7, 2016 — Ltd. (Nasdaq: WIX), a leading cloud-based web development platform, today unveiled Wix ADI – Artificial Design Intelligence, the first-ever AI solution for website design and creation. Wix ADI is specifically designed to eliminate the most significant challenges of building websites – time, design and content creation.

Wix ADI pairs advanced technology with exceptional design and curated content to create a stunning personalized website tailored for users’ specific needs, instantly and for free. Powered by data gathered from the experiences of more than 86 million users, Wix has blended artificial intelligence and a human design sensibility, resulting in algorithms that ensure every website design will be stunning and complete.

“Wix ADI is the world’s first technology platform that combines website design and content creation with artificial intelligence to enable complete websites to be created in a matter of minutes,” said Avishai Abrahami, Co-Founder and CEO of Wix. “Building a professional and complete website is the first step in getting online, and while Wix today makes it easy, challenges still exist. With Wix ADI, we solve these challenges, getting businesses online with a fully functioning, stunning website easier and faster than ever. Technology innovation is Wix’s core competency, and for nearly a decade, small businesses have relied on Wix not only to build websites but also to manage and grow their businesses online.”

Wix ADI instantly designs tailored websites by learning about the user through a few simple questions and curating content to create a unique design. From billions of high-quality combinations and possibilities, Wix ADI selects the perfect combination for each users’ need.

Wix ADI can develop the website completely for the user, or show them how to do it themselves, every step of the way. Once the website is completed, users have the option of easily customizing themes, editing text, or adding beautiful images, sections and pages.

Highlights of Wix ADI include:

  • No two websites are designed the same. Every website is unique and has multiple sections, pages, layouts, themes, color sets, fonts and copy variations. Wix ADI delivers billions of unique combinations in thousands of business categories. Each website is tailored to the business’ category. Wix ADI matches images, text and layout by learning and building based on its knowledge of the users’ business and location. From personal trainers and photographers, to chefs and lawyers, Wix ADI brings custom insight and content to a business’ online presence.

  • Gathers content from across the web. Wix ADI locates relevant content from around the web and social media channels that users can choose to add to their custom design.

  • Users can customize their completed websites. Users can easily customize themes, change layouts and add beautiful images, sections and pages.

  • Stunning results for every website. Wix ADI maximizes aesthetics as it understands context and changes design according to the users’ needs.

  • AI that grows with the user. Wix ADI will create the website for the user or show them how to create optimal designs every step of the way.

“Wix ADI is an advancement that has been under development for years, and we know from our deep experience and extensive research that there is considerable demand from individuals, designers and businesses all over the world for exactly this type of solution,” noted Nitzan Achsaf, Head of Wix ADI. “Wix ADI isn’t just a new website builder – it sets a new market standard for web design. We have been at the forefront of this market for nearly a decade, and now as one of the leading AI technology providers, we will make website creation accessible and easy for everyone.

Wix ADI is being gradually rolled out and will be available for new users in the coming months.

For more information about Wix ADI please visit us here

Watch the Wix ADI demo videos here:

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