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How much to charge for a website as a freelance web designer

Updated: Jan 31

It’s one of the most common questions people ask when starting their own business: How much should I charge? Deciding on a price for your work can sometimes be a never-ending struggle. Particularly for those just starting out. Yes, there are a lot of other people in your field out there who have been doing this for longer. But the pie is very big and there is a place for you. By making the following three shifts in your thinking, you will soon be on your way to making the income you not only want, but also deserve.

Shift #1: Worth vs. Work

The first thing to address is that your worth isn’t tied to the hours you work. When you sit down to work on pricing a project for a client, it’s easy for your math brain to kick in and start dealing in numbers. Most likely, though, those figures are based on the assumption, “What can this client afford?” rather than, “What is this project worth?” Start using the following questions to reframe this stage of the client conversation, and produce a price that is based on your worth, not your work:

  • How will this business benefit from my web design?

  • How much will their business increase because of my design?

  • How much time am I saving them?

  • What positive outcomes will they receive because of the work I do?

Remember, your potential client is hiring you for your skills, expertise, and knowledge. Even if you are just starting out, possessing those three things means that - nine times out of ten - you know more than they do about your field.

So, charge according to your worth.

Shift # 2: Benefits vs. Features

A benefit is a result or outcome of a feature. For example, I can sell a website because it’s professional and beautiful. Those are features. But the benefits the site lends to the business are retaining customers, increasing conversion rates, and raising profits.

I can tell a prospective client about all the great features that their new website will boast. But quite frankly, they