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.training domain


The domain extension .training is part of the broader Domain Name System (DNS), serving as an identifier for websites related to training, education and skill development. It’s particularly important in specifying the purpose or content of a website, making it relevant for entities involved in training programs, courses or educational services.

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Why use the .training domain extension?

  • .training immediately communicates the purpose of your website, making it ideal for entities offering training programs, courses, workshops or educational content to effectively convey what they do and what their services are. 

  • For businesses focused on training services, using .training enhances trust and brand clarity, helping potential users and clients understand the nature of the content or services offered.

  • The specificity of .training makes domain names more memorable, aiding in brand recall and attracting a targeted audience interested in training-related content.

When to use .training vs .com

The domain extension you use depends on the nature of your business and brand. Use .training for courses, workshops, training services or educational content. It's especially beneficial for businesses where the training aspect is a primary focus. 

Alternatively, you can use .com for broader brand recognition or when the training aspect is just one facet of the business. A .com domain is versatile and suitable for a wide range of websites.


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How to register a .training domain in 4 steps

  1. Select a domain registrar that supports .training extensions. 

  2. Confirm the availability of your desired .training domain name with a domain name search tool

  3. Complete the registration process by providing any necessary details such as contact information and payment.

  4. Double-check the information before confirming the registration.

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.training domain extension FAQ

Can I register a .training domain for any type of training?

Yes, .training domains are open for a broad range of training services, including professional development, fitness and educational courses.

Are there any restrictions on .training domain usage?

Generally, there are no specific restrictions. Ensure your content aligns with the broader theme of training and education.

Can I transfer my existing domain to .training?

Transferring existing domains to .training is possible. Consult your registrar for specific transfer procedures.

Is .training suitable for individual trainers or educators?

Absolutely. Individuals offering training services or educational content can benefit from using a .training domain.

What's the typical registration period for .training domains?

.training domains are typically registered on an annual basis. Check with your registrar for specific registration and renewal details.


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