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Boost your email campaign with Wix’s new AI feature

Wix's new AI email generator

Ever wonder why some brands seem to hit your inbox every single day? Well, believe it or not, email marketing is still one of the most lucrative and affordable types of marketing you can use, especially if you run a retail, eCommerce and consumer goods business. These industries see an average return on investment (ROI) of $45 per dollar spent on email marketing. 

But let’s face it—creating those captivating emails is no small feat. "The majority of our users do not have the time or the experience necessary to create well-performing campaigns,” explains Antanas Strimaitis, the product manager for Wix’s email marketing product. “Those that do spend a significant amount of time creating the content."

Enter Wix’s new AI email generator. According to our users, this tool is boosting their productivity and making them feel more confident in their marketing strategy. Curious to learn more? Let’s dive in.

Create a website with Wix to start using the email generator today.

What is the Wix AI email generator?

Wix’s email generator is an OpenAI-powered tool that revolutionizes how you create emails. It crafts a full-fledged email based on your business type, preferred tone of voice and campaign objectives. It’s available to all Wix users with a premium subscription.

This tool can help you emulate some of the best email marketing examples by generating attractive email layouts suited for both desktop and mobile screens. Whether you’re creating a newsletter, a promotional offer or a business update, Wix optimizes your layout for impact and clarity. 

Acting as your personal copywriter, the generator fills in the layout with compelling copy that's tailored to your instructions. This content goes beyond filler text. “Most of the users we have spoken to have told us they have used 70-85% of the generated email or that only small touches were needed,” says Antanas. Furthermore, the tool selects the most relevant images from Wix's extensive free media library, ensuring your email is both engaging and visually coherent.

While you can keep adjusting your prompt until the generator gets as close to your vision as possible, you have free reign to customize it yourself in the editor. 

generate AI email

How do I use the AI email generator?

01. Choose to generate an AI email

To get started, simply navigate to the “Email Marketing” section in the Wix backend and choose the first option (“Generate AI email”) in the list of templates to get a unique email design. Alternatively, you can always start with one of the beautiful templates our designers have created and hit the “AI Emails” button in the left-hand panel of the email editor. 

AI email generator panel in the email editor

02. Select your intent

What’s your goal for this email campaign? Perhaps it’s to promote a sale or offer a discount. Alternatively, you might be looking to welcome new subscribers or send a business update. 

The first step in using Wix’s email generator is to select the “main intent” of your email. Your response will shape the email’s structure and tone.

What is the main intent of this email? Promote a sale, welcome new subscribers, share an announcement, send a newsletter, promote a service, offer a discount, or send a business update?

02. Add your business information

Enter your business name and describe the type of business you run. The more specific you are, the more personalized your email content will be. For instance, instead of saying you run a nonprofit, you might say it’s a nonprofit that provides legal support to low-income families. The AI will use this information to generate copy and select images that are relevant to your business. 

add your business info to make this email campaign more effective

03. Describe your email campaign

This space is where you’ll dive into the specifics. You’ll have 700 characters of space (roughly the length of this article’s introduction) to discuss your objectives and what sort of information you want to include. Use this opportunity to provide as many relevant details as you can think of for AI to bring your campaign to life. 

For instance, you could say, “We're launching a Memorial Day special with exclusive discounts on interior photoshoots, specifically tailored for residential real estate agents. Our goal is to reconnect with our existing clients and showcase our exceptional services.” This level of detail gives the AI the insights it needs to create an email that speaks directly to your objectives and your audience. List even the nitty-gritty details that you want it to include such as specific discount rates, booking deadlines and the dates of the sale.

What's important to know for this email? Give specific details about what you want to include in this email to generate relevant content.

04. Choose a tone of voice

With Wix's AI email generator, you have the power to select from eight distinct tones of voice, ranging from enthusiastic and casual to professional and informative. This choice is pivotal in shaping how your message is perceived by your audience. Are you aiming for a light, friendly vibe to engage your community, or do you need a more formal tone that reflects professional expertise? 

The tone you choose should mirror your brand's personality and the nature of the message you're conveying. Check out your existing content to get a sense of how you traditionally communicate with your audience. You’ll want to keep that tone of voice as consistent as possible throughout all your communications.

Choose a tone of voice: Casual, Professional, enthusiastic, instructional, promotional, confident, informative, straightforward.

05. Generate email

Once you hit “Generate Email,” the AI will get to work building your email. Within just a few seconds, you’ll receive a newly minted email, complete with a unique layout, fresh copy, engaging headers, clear descriptions and strategically positioned CTA buttons. The layout will also include a footer with social media icons and a direct link to your website. You’ll see that every part of the email, from top to bottom, is designed to engage and connect with your audience. 


“The structure is so much better than what I was coming up with on my own. My last couple of emails have looked much more professional.” - Wix user Benjamin Gibbons, who founded Sponsor Jawn.

06. Adjust your prompt

The generator may not hit the bullseye on the first try. Like working with a marketing agency, using the email generator is a collaborative process. You can adjust your original prompt, get more specific about your campaign goals or choose to make the email shorter or longer. 

Adjust your prompt in the email generator to get a new email

07. Tweak the layout and color scheme

You aren’t just limited to content customization; you can modify the structural elements, as well. Feel free to add or remove sections, or change their arrangement to better suit your message. You can even write your own HTML code if the customization options aren’t enough. 

You may also want to alter the color scheme or background to better match your brand’s aesthetic. If you’ve established a site theme with specific fonts and colors or created a brand theme in the logo maker, you can choose that theme within the email editor to apply those preferences to the email. This level of customization makes your emails visually coherent and distinctively yours.

Choose a site theme

08. Add new media

The email generator's pre-selected images serve as an excellent starting point, especially for those without their own visuals. For those who do, this feature offers valuable guidance on image placement in the email layout, allowing for a blend of AI assistance and individual creativity.

If you use Wix’s online store builder, you’re in luck—you can directly integrate product information into your email. This feature not only saves time but also increases accuracy, as product names, descriptions, prices, links and visuals are auto-populated. Just go to the left-hand panel, hit the “Product” button and choose the items you want to feature. From there, you can decide to hide certain information (such as the price or description), change the CTA microcopy and change the layout of the product spread.

For those who don’t have visuals and the generator’s selection doesn’t quite fit your preferences, you’ve got Wix’s extensive media library at your disposal. It has a wide array of free images, graphics and videos (hot tip: video can improve email click rates by 65%), including selections from Unsplash. For those seeking premium options, discounted media from Shutterstock is also available.

Add products from your CMS.

09. Edit the copy to match your brand

Your brand's unique voice and message are what set you apart. While the Wix AI email generator provides a strong starting point, personalizing the copy helps it resonate with your brand identity. 

To make things even simpler, the AI text writer is built into the email editor, so you can write prompts for specific sections of content. For example, if you want to go into detail in one of the sections, you can simply tell the text writer what you want it to say and it’ll provide you with three options to choose from.

“[The email generator is] really helpful because I'm a really bad speller and I'm really bad with grammar. I found it worked quite well. I always send [my emails] to my sister to proof. She said, you've got a new best friend—the AI.” - KaliKare owner Callie B. 

10. Save the email as a template

If the final version of your email hits all the right notes and you envision using a similar format in the future, hit the “Save as template” button. Trust us, Future You will be grateful. By saving the email as a template, you can streamline your email marketing campaign and easily maintain a uniform look. All you’ll have to do is select new photos and use the AI text writer to fill out the copy. When you’re ready to create your next email, you’ll find your saved templates in the Email Marketing templates gallery.

Save the generated email as a template

11. Add recipients

Rather than blasting your entire email list, sending your email to a specific group of customers can help you maximize your email ROI and prevent people from unsubscribing. With Wix’s segments feature, you can categorize your contacts according to criteria like purchase behavior, website activity or subscription date. That way, you’re not screaming into the void but speaking directly to those who are most likely to be interested. 

Organize your contacts into segments so you can target the right audience

12. Schedule the email campaign

Although the best time to send an email varies, it’s generally a good rule to avoid sending one on weekends or in the middle of the night. The scheduling function allows you to plan your campaigns in advance, ensuring that they’ll hit your audience’s inbox at just the right time. Just create your email, set the desired date and time for it to be sent and Wix will handle the rest.

Schedule this email campaign for when you want it to be sent

13. Set up automation

Like segments, Wix designed the email automation feature to give your business a boost while giving you a break. This highly customizable tool lets you create automated workflows for various situations, such as sending a thank-you email following a purchase or a reminder for abandoned cart items. 

To automate your AI-generated email, simply choose a trigger event (like a sale or new sign-up), then define the corresponding action (such as dispatching a specific email). Doing so can help you keep in touch with your customers without lifting a finger.

Set up automations like send thank you emails to visitors who submit a form or recover abandoned carts by sending coupons.

14. Assess your campaign’s performance

After sending out your generated email, check out Wix’s email analytics to gauge its impact. You can monitor key metrics like site visits, order numbers and revenue that come from your email marketing campaign. This data makes it very easy to track the direct business impact coming from your email marketing channel and to evaluate its success. It's a vital step in understanding your audience's response, helping you decide whether to replicate the campaign, tweak certain elements or try a different approach next time. 

Email analytics

Ready to launch your AI-powered campaign? Get started with the Wix AI website builder.

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