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Expert Tricks of the Trade from Wix Ambassador, Olya Black

We’re proud to say that since launching the Wix Ambassadors program, it has really taken off and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Thanks to over 80 Ambassadors positioned around the world from New York City to Kyoto. These folks are constantly growing their very own Wix communities and continue to empower both themselves and their fellow web designers, photographers, small business owners and everyone in between worldwide.

As part of our Wix Ambassador spotlight series, we’re happy to showcase yet another very special talent all the way from the Land Down Under, Olya Black:

Hi Olya and welcome to the Wix Blog! We’re very excited to chat with you today. Before we dive in can you introduce yourself and tell our readers what you do?

Hello! Briefly, I help people to grow their business online – I create brands in the digital space. Additionally, as a Wix Ambassador, I teach others through my workshops in Brisbane (Australia).

How did your web branding studio, WIX PRO, come about? What is your design background?

My design background actually comes from marketing :) I studied marketing and PR in two universities in Russia, and I worked in Ad agencies, usually in creative departments. I remember the days when we sent design sketches by fax – that was almost 15 years ago! Then things started to change rapidly. All marketing went online and I just followed it. I remember the days (I sound like I’m too old) when creating a simple website was a big deal. The worst part for me was dealing with programmers; I had to explain to them that certain colors and fonts don’t match, some image had to be bigger, another shape must be higher, etc… we simply hated each other. I moved to Australia to study and started to work online doing marketing consultations, graphic design, and web design.

Wix Ambassador and web designer: Olya Black

When did you first encounter Wix? And when did you first hear about the Ambassador Program?

I moved to Australia to study in 2012 and heard from my friend about how to create a website without coding skills. It was a life-changing discovery. Suddenly, I didn’t need a programmer anymore and I was already good with design (I am 100% self-taught in design), and I knew digital marketing, so I started my own adventure with Wix. My first clients were my friends, then it snowballed; now I have a portfolio of 130 websites and clients from all over the world.

A year ago I received an email from Wix inviting to become an Ambassador. I answered some questions, made the required video about myself, had an interview and finally, I was accepted.

How would you describe your role as an Ambassador?

I like to say that I came across the Ambassador program at just the right time. Many of my clients had told me that I was good at making complicated web design terms sound easy. So I thought it would be great to have a class for all my clients who wanted to know how to deal with their websites, how to move it up in search results, what kind of content is valuable, etc. I love sharing my knowledge; seriously that’s it. I know Wix so well – I know how much you can do with the platform and I understand that a lot of people aren’t so knowledgeable.  I want everyone to be able to use Wix to its maximum potential and be successful online.

It may be tough to choose, but what is your favorite Wix feature?

Tough one indeed. Wix Bookings is a great tool that I’ve used in several of the sites I’ve created. A general thing I love about Wix is that it’s time-saving. You can create a really nice website that is fully customized for any purpose in no time. And you can update your website with little effort, which is even more important. Nowadays, nobody wants to wait months to get a website! If you want to compete in this market, you need to be fast.

Any tips and hacks for fellow designers or small business owners?

Act: Do things promptly. If it requires five minutes of your time, get it done.

Read: Find a professional online resource and follow it, always develop yourself, follow up on trends. Today, everything is changing so fast and if you don’t follow along, you can’t be professional.

Watch: Find an inspirational account on Instagram or Pinterest.

Go offline: Don’t forget to rest. The offline world is full of interesting ideas, so when you are stuck, it’s the place to go!

You’ve been involved in two of Wix’s competitions. The Stunning Awards and The Workspace Makeover, which you won! Tell us about that? What was the experience like?

For the Stunning Awards competition, I submitted about 9 websites and 5 of them became “finalists,” now they are in the Stunning Awards collection.

The Workspace Makeover is a story I still can’t 100% believe! When girls from the Tel Aviv office called me to say that I won, I remember a ringing noise in my ears. It was midnight here in Australia and my family was sleeping; that was the only reason I didn’t shout out like a crazy when I heard the news! In all my life the biggest prize I won was a mug with a stupid logo, and now, thanks to Wix, I won an office space to rent for one year in any city in Australia. I also received money to make my workspace a dream space and even interior design services. I feel like it’s the second biggest thing in my life after giving birth. The funniest part is that I don’t even remember submitting my portfolio to the contest.

Don’t be afraid to share and conceptualize your ideas.

Is there one website you’ve designed that you’re particularly proud of? Is there a story behind it?

Yes, Kitchen Remedy is the one project that has grown before my eyes quicker than mushrooms after the rain. I made a logo and website for a girl from Brisbane who is passionate about healthy foods. She was the perfect client for me; she liked everything I did and trusted me entirely. With every new page I created, my attitude towards food and eating changed. As a result, I eat consciously now. And the biggest outcome of this project was that I gained a best friend.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. The last word is yours, you have “Carte Blanche!”

I’m such a lucky person to do what I LOVE wholeheartedly. I get paid for it and I am my own boss. For all of this, I thank Wix. My next dream is to visit the Wix office in Tel Aviv. Now I know for a fact that dreams do come true.

By Taira Sabo

Wix Blog Manager

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