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Rank Higher on Google with Wix SEO Wiz

Rank higher on Google with Wix SEO Wiz

Have you ever asked yourself, why is my website not appearing on Google? If so, we need to introduce you to three little letters that may seriously help your online presence, namely: SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. By this, we mean the specific actions taken in order for your site to be better ranked by search engines. This is something that you must take into account when creating a website. Whether you’re a small business owner, a blogger or a freelancer, SEO should be your number one priority. Indeed, a good position in search engines results is the only way for potential customers to find you online and will help you continuously grow your presence on the web. Cherry on the cake: this source of traffic (that we call “organic”) is completely free.

Sounds like a good deal! But wait, how exactly should you start? We know, SEO may seem complex, technical and darn right intimidating. Thankfully, Wix has developed an intuitive, comprehensive and free solution that will guide you through all the steps of optimization. Introducing: Wix SEO Wiz , a.k.a. the ultimate tool to help you get found online. Wiser than Gandalf, mightier than Merlin and more grammatically correct than Yoda – Wix SEO Wiz automatically generates a personalized plan that tells you exactly what you need to do to set up your SEO! Plus, you can follow your progress with achievement updates. So grab your wand, your wizard hat – and a laptop would be useful – as we’re about to go on a magic carpet ride with Wix SEO Wiz.

Meet the new wiz in town

Where can you find it? Just head over to the Dashboard of your Wix website, and you’ll find it in ‘My Apps’ under ‘Get Found on Google’. You can also click HERE to access it for free, in a second. Once you’re there, Wix SEO Wiz will want to get to know you better, to concoct the perfect SEO plan for your website. The way it works makes it easy and accessible to all those in the online realm – even true beginners. First, you’ll fill in your business or website name. Then, you’ll be asked to enter your location – if you have one (this is optional). This is crucial, since a lot of your traffic will come from local sources, and will help boost your local SEO. Finally, the most essential part of your plan: your keywords.

Cast a spell with (key)words

Wix SEO Wiz will ask you, ‘How would people search for you on Google? ” which is a great way to start finding your keywords. Keywords are 2 to 5-word phrases that your potential clients would type into a search engine when looking for you – or a business like yours. Choosing and inserting the right terms in your content is crucial since it will help Google’s bots understand your website better, and identify you as a relevant result for a specific search.

Start by listing all the possible words that potential visitors would use to find you online. Let’s look at, for example, budding customer Dorothy from Kansas, who’s willing to purchase a pair of red pumps (ruby slippers are a bit too 90’s). If you’re a shoe store owner, you’d want your website to come up as a result for the query ‘red pumps’, right? We hate to break it to you, but the amount of results for that search term is immense, which means a lot of competition for you. That’s why it’s wiser to select more precise terms to describe your business and products, e.g. ‘comfortable red pumps in Kansas City’ (see how your location becomes more relevant?). In short: define your niche or specialty, it will help you find the most powerful keywords. Need more guidelines? Check out our complete guide to choosing the right keywords for your website.

If you’ve already got some SEO chops, you can use tools such as Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to find more key terms or phrases. If not, do not fret, as not only does Wix SEO Wiz analyze your keyword’s relevance and strength: it suggests better ones, that you may not have thought about! Pretty wicked, ey? Now that you’ve got your keywords, your personalized plan is just one click away.

Follow the SEO brick road

You’ve just witnessed magic happen as Wix SEO Wiz instantly created your own, personalized SEO plan. #Wanddrop. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to make sure you complete every item on your checklist. Just click on an item, and it will show you exactly what you need to do and how to do it in the Editor – explained in words or a short video. For example, do you remember those keywords you chose? Now is the time to implement them strategically in your website’s content. Strategic is Wix SEO Wiz’s middle name as your checklist includes each and every place where you need to fill in your keywords (SEO titles and descriptions, page content, etc.). Other SEO best practices are not forgotten, such as connecting your social profiles, adding alt text to your images, updating your contact info and more. Of course, the checklist is broken down to each page – to make sure you don’t forget a thing.

Once you’ve completed a task, save it in the Editor and simply go back to Wix SEO Wiz. Click on “Refresh”, and tada! The task will automatically appear as checked. Ah, the sweet satisfaction of checking items off your to-do list, is there anything that makes you feel gooeyer inside? How about seeing your number of tasks diminishing after each and every completion. This means that you can see your progression and accomplishments in real-time. Mastering SEO: check!

Rank higher on Google with Wix SEO Wiz

Work on your “SEO happily ever after”

You went over your entire plan? Excellent, but Wix SEO Wiz won’t let you off that easily. It will make sure you do everything it takes to improve your website’s SEO in the long run. Indeed, the robots of Google are browsing the Internet every day, avidly looking for fresh content. Which means that SEO is an ongoing process and requires time, dedication and certainly doesn’t happen overnight.

But rest assured: with Wix SEO Wiz by your side, you’re sure to be following the yellow brick road to SEO greatness. It will give you regular updates every time your website has reached a significant SEO milestone: pages indexed on Google, the number of clicks from search results, etc. You’ll then be able to evaluate your progress along the way. Moreover, we at Wix truly believe that knowledge is power. This is why Wix SEO Wiz will make sure that you don’t only get the “what” and the “how to”, but will also give you clear information on the “why”. You’ll find tons of free and quality educational material about SEO under each step of your plan, as well as in the “Learn More” section on the left. Last but not least, the short and clever videos will bring you closer to the SEO guru status you’ve always wanted.

To sum it up

Wix has the best SEO, that’s a fact. But as Spider-Man’s uncle used to say: “With great powers, come great responsibility.” We made sure that each of our users could easily make the most out of our technology, with no prior knowledge of SEO. That’s where Wix SEO Wiz steps in; a free and complete tool to help you optimize your website. Here are the wonderful benefits it has to offer:

  • Find the most relevant keywords for your business.

  • Improve your site’s SEO with simple step-by-step walkthroughs.

  • Easily track your success with achievement updates.

  • Learn more about SEO with helpful articles and videos.

By Ruth Eschenheimer

SEO Content Specialist

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