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6 Website Navigation Tips, Including Our Newest Menu Features!

Navigation is one of the most basic elements of any website, but it is rarely treated as anything more than a technicality in the web design process. While it’s true that the navigation menu is meant to be practical and allow people to browse through the website easily and intuitively, it doesn’t mean that we should just go with the default options and not put any serious thinking into it.

Knowledge is power, they say, so we want to empower you with the option to understand your website navigation and to customize it to suit your web design needs. We have a couple of new menu features to introduce, and we’ll add to that a detailed explanation of what your Wix menus can do for you.

  • New! Link menu to Anchors or External Links: Long scrolling is trending in web design right now. To make the scrolling more simple, anchor links are used to help site visitors skip from section to section. Now you can add the anchor links directly to the navigation menu so that instead of opening new pages the menu can help your viewers scroll to their own convenience.  If you want to link to a menu button to link to an external URL, email address, document or a specific position on one of your pages instead, follow these simples steps.

Anchor Links

  • New! Drop-down menus with no “parent” pages: A real useful addition to the Wix drop-down feature was recently launched. Now you can create a category for a drop-down menu without having to create a full page for that category. This guide will help you with it.

Drop Down Menu

  • Document download directly from menu: Yes! You can choose to connect a document to one of our menu buttons so that clicking it will open or download that specific document (doc & .docx, .xls & .xlsx, .ppt & .pptx, .odt, .odp and .pdf). This is especially useful for displaying restaurant menus, personal CV’s, eBooks or manuals. Just click Pages> choose the Add option> click Link> and choose Document.

navigation 5

  • Need a vertical menu? No problem: If you prefer to have your navigation menu to the sides of the site rather than in the header, just follow these simple steps. However! Keep in mind that vertical menus will not show up on mobile versions of the site since it is not a preferred mode for smaller screens.

Vertical Menu

  • Switch page order easily: If you’re not happy with the current order of pages on your navigation menu, you don’t have to stick to it. In fact, if you want to test user behavior on your site, playing with the page order is a good place to start. This guide will help you out.

Move Page

  • Hide pages from the menu: The navigation menu is the way to access the most important sections of your website. It also gives the site visitor a clear idea of your site’s content hierarchy, defining the key services that your site offers. That’s why many website owners choose to hide some of their site pages from the menu and use them as internal pages only. But how do you create a page without having it appear on the menu? It’s easy; just follow this how-to.

navigation 3

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