My First Website – A Checklist For Absolute Newbies

Building a website today is not the impossible task it was once. If you choose to build with Wix, there’s tons of  templates  to choose from and the room for customization is endless. Not only do you need zero coding or design skills, but you can actually make a site that looks just the way you want.

If you’re a total beginner (and almost everyone is), simply answer these 6 basic questions we’ve put together below –  you’ll have a solid starting point for getting your website online in no time. Here goes:

1. What Kind of Website Do You Need?

Are you looking to make a blog,  business card, online resume,  portfolio or eCommerce site? Different websites have different needs, especially when it comes to layout and form. Decide on the exact purpose of your site so that you know how best to build it. If you want to set up an online shop and sell products, using a template that includes a shopping cart will save you some time. If you have art to display, you will probably want to showcase it with a beautiful gallery page, and so on.

2. What Are You Going to Call It?

Every website has a URL or domain name. If you’re not familiar with these terms, here’s an example of what we’re talking about: Choosing the right domain name is more than a technical issue, it’s an important step in furthering your brand strategy and should reflect your company or service you offer. You want to aim for a title that is easy to remember and understand while still coming off as unique and appealing.

Here are more tips on how to choose a domain name.

3. What Are You Going to Show?

Before you get carried away with small design details, make sure you know what type of content is essential for your site. Are you going to concentrate on photography, illustration, video or maybe textual content? Do you already have this content ready or do you need to start producing it especially for the site? Try to decide on these issues at the very earliest stages of making your site. Whatever it is you choose, just make sure you’re using high quality materials – you can’t compromise on content.

4. What Do You Want to Say?

If you decided you need a website, it means you have something you want to share with other people. This is true for businesses, musicians, non-profits, chefs, designers, bloggers and every other type of website owner out there. You need to clarify what the message you want to share is with yourself first, and then make sure to write text that matches.

5. How Will Visitors Use Your Website?

Usability is important; your visitors need to be able to access information quickly and in as few clicks as possible. Decide how to organize your site and make navigation between pages as simple and intuitive as you can. A key term to get familiar with is “UX” – or user experience. It’s basically a way to define the overall experience a visitor has once entering your website. Naturally, you want this experience to be as positive as possible. Here are a few UX tips for beginners that can help you with that.

6. How Will Visitors Find Your Website?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something every website owner needs to have in mind, and not just during the first stages. SEO is the process of improving your site’s ranking on search results, so that people can easily find it when they search for related topics. Make sure you include the most popular keywords for your services or industry in your website text.  Be sure to fill out all the elements of your site with proper titles and a description to your website, as well as to each separate page (here’s how). You can also use Wix’s SEO wizard to make sure you’re on the right track.

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