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Wix vs. WordPress

Discover the Best Website Builder for Your Needs

With built-in security, flexible templates and intuitive design tools, Wix makes creating a professional website doable for anyone, anywhere.  

Find the Tools that You’re Looking For 

What to Consider when Comparing Wix and




Advanced Design Tools



Customer Support

Wix has over 700 designer-made templates that are pre-packed with essential site components and are completely free.

Wix’s intuitive customization tools let you add site elements, change up pages and edit your entire site seamlessly.

Wix offers leading design tools including Artificial Design Intelligence which can create custom sites, automatically. 

Wix sites come with built-in SEO tools and personalized plans based on individual sites. 

If you choose to upgrade to one of Wix’s premium plans, you can select a payment plan on either a monthly or yearly basis.

Wix offers a robust help center, seamless support submission and 24/7 phone support around the world. has fewer themes, many of which are only available to premium users, limiting your design freedom. 

Adding site elements with is tedious and you can only edit one site page at a time elongating the creation process. 

Many design tools are only accessible with premium plans and does NOT offer any Artificial Design Intelligence tools. 

SEO tools are only available on with business or eCommerce plans. does not feature flexible payment options. When you upgrade, only annual billing is available.

No phone support is available for any users. Some premium plans offer live-chat.

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Utilize Professional Design Tools

Wix is a great all-in-one solution for anyone looking to create a professional website. With seamless design tools and smooth customization, you can create the site you’ve been dreaming of. Adjust color palettes, custom grids, backgrounds, site elements and countless other features you need.

For further customization or to add a different feature to your site than what is available in the editor, you can always use Velo by Wix. Velo is an open development platform where you can add your own code and have it seamlessly integrate into your Wix site. With built-in IDE and serverless computing you can swiftly add advanced functionality to any website.

Access Advanced Business Features

Wix also enables users to manage and scale their businesses, providing essential tools for growth such as email marketing and data analytics. This lets you track your expansion and ensure that you stay on top of all orders or subscriptions.

Wix’s platform is ideal for businesses who manage multiple clients as it enables you to stay organized and has professional tools that integrate with one another. This facilitates an efficient work-flow and enables you to both attract new and retain old customers. Access bookings, forms and invoice solutions that allow you to stay on top of users and set your brand up for success.

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Boost Your Site with a Wix Blog

Wix lets you create any website that you want, from eCommerce sites to photography portfolios. You can then grow your audience and boost site traffic by adding a professional Wix blog. Wix provides blog templates that are automatically mobile optimized and posts can always be uploaded and edited straight from your phone. Add a members area to allow for contributing writers and keep your blog organized with clear-cut categories. You can access all of this and more when you create a Wix blog or migrate your blog from WordPress to Wix.

Learn How to Migrate Your WordPress Blog to Wix

Using our migration tool, you can import your WordPress blog to Wix. With just a click, all of your published blog posts will instantly be moved over to Wix. After your import is complete, you can freely customize your blog and utilize all of Wix’s strongest tools.

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Migrating a WordPress Blog to Wix is simple with their new blog import tool, you simply enter the URL of the WordPress blog to import...and build a new Wix blog from your WordPress blog posts. Never before was it as easy to move from WordPress to Wix without having to manually recreate each post. Hats off to Wix for releasing yet another wonderful new feature.

Idelle Fisher, Web Designer 

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Get Secure Web Hosting and Pair it with a Custom Domain

Wix has advanced features and state-of-the-art tools for design, plus has outstanding hosting solutions that prioritize your online security.

Wix offers free website hosting on all Wix sites. You can also choose to use a free Wix domain or use your own custom domain with an affordable upgrade to a premium plan. You can search for and register your dream domain name directly with Wix, without having to use any external sources. Wix handles all of the setup and backend, to ensure that your site requires minimal maintenance.

Since security is of the utmost importance to Wix, all Wix Websites come equipped with an automatically generated SSL certificate. If you choose to upgrade and register your own domain name, Wix can protect your personal information with private domain registration.

Optimize Your Website with Built-In SEO Tools

Wix’s built-in SEO tools make it possible to optimize and manage your site without any professional assistance, helping you rank higher on search engines. Wix can also guide you on indexing your website so that you can be found on Google, and can create and maintain a sitemap for you. These tools enable search engines to crawl your site no matter what changes you make. Your site will be equipped with pre-set meta tags that can accurately describe your site content to search engines as well as canonical URLs so that each page of your site can be found online.

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What type of website can you build with Wix?

With Wix, you can build any type of website you can imagine. There are hundreds of pre-made templates for any website that you might need. And if you can’t find the template you’re looking for, you can always create your own from scratch with Wix’s drag & drop design tools. 

Can I use Wix for blogging?

Of course! Wix provides all of the tools that you need in order to start your own blog and manage it as it grows. Creating a blog with Wix enables you to compose your ideas neatly, stay organized and share your posts with the world in a click.

How do I transfer my WordPress blog to Wix?

Wix offers an excellent blog migration tool that allows you to transfer your WordPress blog to Wix in a click.

How can I boost my SEO with Wix?

Wix has valuable tools that enable you to take your SEO to the next level. Once published, Wix sites can be indexed on Google. You can also receive a personalized SEO plan through the SEO Wiz and can add advanced features like schema markup and XML sitemaps.  Find out more about Wix SEO Features here.

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Reach Greater Heights with a Wix Site

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