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Frequently asked questions



Servers & Hosting

Where are Wix servers located?

Wix has 3 data centers across North America and Europe. Our servers work together with AWS and GCP multi-cloud networks which are distributed globally. You can find a list of locations on Wix's Sub-Processors page.

Am I required to do server maintenance for my site?

No. There is zero server maintenance required for Wix users.

Do I need to buy separate cloud-hosting?

No. Every Wix site comes with free multi-cloud hosting. Combined with its own exclusive data centers, Wix utilizes the best-in-class technologies from AWS, Google Cloud, and Fastly to host and render sites.

Does Wix have its own servers?

Yes, Wix uses its own servers as part of its multi-cloud hosting approach. Wix servers work in tandem with AWS, Google Cloud, and Fastly to strengthen site performance and reliability.

Who are Wix’s server providers?

Wix sites run on AWS, Google Cloud, Fastly, and its own exclusive servers.

Will I be able to grow and scale my site with Wix?

Yes. All Wix sites, including and all internal company websites, are engineered on an infrastructure that is built to automatically scale in response to traffic demands. Your Wix site runs on a platform with virtually limitless scalability.

Uptime & Traffic

What is Wix’s server uptime?

In 2021, Wix maintained 99.98% uptime and strives to keep this uptime through its SLO (Service Level Objective). You can find real-time information on service availability across all Wix products here: Wix Status Page

How much traffic can a free/premium site handle?

Wix’s infrastructure processes more than 3.8 billion requests a day and is engineered to handle significantly more traffic than this. With both free and premium sites, the platform is designed to automatically scale to handle your traffic needs without breaking a sweat. You never have to worry.

Does Wix use a CDN?

Yes. Wix leverages a network of over 200 CDN nodes around the globe. We use a combination of industry-leading technology from AWS, Google Cloud, and Fastly, as well as Wix’s own exclusive data-centers as part of this process. 


As a Wix user, this global CDN coverage means your site maintains high performance and reliability.

How often does Wix experience outages?

Global and regional outages, outside of Wix’s infrastructure, are more common than you’d expect. Thanks to Wix’s automatic disaster recovery, the infrastructure is engineered to proactively redirect your site traffic in response to potential outages. This means your site stays available even when other sites might go down.


In 2021, Wix maintained 99.98% uptime across all its sites and strives to keep this uptime through its Service Level Objective. In addition to this, Wix maintains its infrastructure without impacting the availability of your site. You’ll experience zero maintenance windows as a Wix user.

You can see a history of service availability here: Wix Status Page

How does Wix handle third party outages? What will happen if AWS, Google Cloud, or Fastly are experiencing issues?

Wix has engineered automatic disaster recovery into its infrastructure which safeguards users from potential issues. When the system detects unusual activity in a region, it will proactively shift and secure data by directing it to the nearest stable hosting provider and location.


Wix has built redundancies into every layer of its infrastructure, and by using a combination of hosting companies as well as its own data centers, the infrastructure is engineered to minimize interruptions caused by external outages.

Should I be concerned about high traffic or traffic spikes?

You don’t need to worry. runs on Wix and processes more than 3.8 billion requests a day. It hosts millions of visitors, hundreds of millions of transactions, and is engineered to handle significantly more traffic than this. This is the same infrastructure that all Wix sites are built on and benefit from.

Can I direct my site to a specific server or cloud hosting provider?

No, there’s no need to. Wix has built-in automatic processes which direct your site to the best server according to your site traffic needs. This ensures your site gets the best performance.

In the case of downtime, how long does it take to resolve?

Wix’s infrastructure is automated and monitored 24/7. When it detects unusual activity, the automatic migration process for rerouting traffic happens almost immediately. 


This means that if there is downtime, user data and Wix sites have been redirected to the nearest stable location and can continue without interruption. With a network of over 200 CDN nodes, plus an additional 20 points of presence with a cached version of your site data, this automatic migration happens in a matter of seconds. At most, in the rarest of cases, this process takes a few minutes.

Wix maintains full transparency on its system performance and availability. You can see real-time service availability information here: Wix Status Page.



Compliance with Security & Privacy Regulations

Is my personal information protected when I sign up for Wix services?

Yes. The signup and login process with Wix is completed through a secure server. In addition, Wix uses a one way encryption method and does not store user passwords in its database.

Can I enable 2FA for my Wix account?

Yes,  and we highly recommend you do. Your verification options are email, SMS, and third-party authenticator apps. Learn more.

How does Wix protect my payment data?

Wix follows Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Wix’s PCI DSS compliance is externally assessed by Comsec Global, and is accredited as a level 1 service provider and merchant. Learn more.

How does Wix protect my users’ data?

The Wix security team uses an Information Security Program based on international best practices and this program is constantly evolving to address emerging threats. This team leads the facilitation and development of procedures, processes, and controls that govern the security and integrity of Wix and our users. Information Security and the protection of customer and user data is of the highest priority to Wix.


Wix software engineers develop our platform with a security by design approach which means they keep security and privacy top of mind throughout all design phases. Wix seeks to add as many default and out-of-the-box security boundaries to its systems as possible, in order to reduce the probability of vulnerabilities and to support secure development.

Does Wix encrypt user data?

Yes. Wix uses data encryption to protect user data both in transit and at rest.

In transit, Wix utilizes HTTP/s over TLS 1.2 and above, as well as a SSL Certificate. At rest, data is encrypted with AES 256, the industry standard for encryption methods.

Within Wix’s PCI environment, Wix uses a FIPS 140-2 certified Hardware Security Module which is the highest standard of encryption and storage methods.

Does Wix have SSO?

Yes. For individual users, Wix supports Facebook and Google SSO. For organizations, Wix supports the Open ID Connect protocol. You can set up secure SSO authentication for your company, to allow for single ID and password logins, by connecting Wix to your Identity Provider. Learn how.

Does Wix have a Third Party Risk Management  program (TPRM) ?

Yes. Prior to onboarding third-party suppliers, Wix conducts a thorough vetting process in order to ensure they are up to our security standard. The TPRM program is co-orchestrated with legal, procurement, IT and security. Wix performs continuous security and privacy assessments in accordance with the company data protection policy.

Does Wix have a Bug Bounty  program?

Yes. Wix proactively seeks to identify and address vulnerabilities early by inviting “ethical hackers'' to try hack our platform for a reward. If you are a security researcher and would like to submit your vulnerability report to our Bug Bounty program, please send the report with all the relevant details to

 Does Wix hold security certifications?

Yes. As part of the importance we place on compliance and regulations, Wix has a dedicated team to ensure we are aligned with the industry’s top standards and accreditation. Up to date PCI compliance, ISO compliance, and TLS certification can be found here.

How can I report a security issue on Wix?

Firstly, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We take security issues very seriously and are committed to protecting your data and private information. If you believe you've found a security issue or vulnerability, please contact the relevant Wix Security team found here.

How do I report abuse or a rights infringement?

Wix takes abuse and infringements of rights on our platform very seriously. Learn how to report any infringements here.



Your Wix site

Is my Wix website compliant with data privacy laws? (GDPR, CCPA, LGPD…) ?

Wix provides site owners with all the tools necessary to create a compliant website.
It is important to note that as the site owner, you are in charge of what happens to the data collected from your site visitors. As such we always recommend that site owners do their own research to understand what the privacy and other legal obligations are in regards to a site visitor’s data. Learn more.

Am I able to build a GDPR compliant website with Wix?

Yes. Wix provides all the tools necessary to create a GDPR compliant website. Learn more.

What about  my customer's data? Can I manage access and deletion requests?

Yes, you can do this with a data access request.

As a site owner, if you receive a request from a site visitor, it is your responsibility to ensure that you provide all their data in accordance with your local laws. If you receive a deletion request from a site visitor, you must ensure that all their data, including data hosted at Wix, is deleted. Learn More.

Do I need to request consent from my visitors to collect and process their data?

It depends. In multiple situations you may be able to process personal visitor data without consent if you have a valid reason. These reasons are defined as a ‘lawful basis’. 


For example, with GDPR there are six lawful bases you can use. To ensure you’re complying with your legal obligations, we recommend that you review your local laws and seek legal advice.


Here are some tools Wix offers to obtain consent from your site visitors:

- Wix Stores: Displaying store policies 

- Using Wix Forms to receive consent

- Adding a subscriber opt-in checkbox

- Customizing booking form fields in Wix Bookings

Do I need to request consent for marketing campaigns?

Each country has its own laws about marketing which may require you to get consent from your site visitors for marketing campaigns. 


If you're using Wix Email Marketing or any other email marketing tools, it’s your responsibility to check your obligations under local laws.


Here are some tools Wix offers to obtain consent from your site visitors:

- Using Wix Forms to receive explicit consent

- Adding a subscriber opt-in checkbox

Can I enable double opt-in for my marketing campaigns?

Yes. When you enable double opt-in, you can have site visitors verify their email address. Until they do, you will see the ‘Subscription Pending’ label in their contact card. Learn how to set up double opt-in here.

Can you help me write legal documents for my site like the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

While we can’t help you write your documents, we have published a general guide on how to create your Terms and Conditions which is available here. Keep in mind, this is only a guide. You must customize your policy to meet your site’s specific needs. As always, we recommend you seek legal advice for any uncertainties.


Privacy regulations require you to have a privacy policy on your website. This policy explains to your site visitors what personal data you collect and how you use it. We have published a guide on how to write a privacy policy and how to add it to your website here.


A “statement of ownership and authorship of content” may be legally required in your country. We have published a guide on how to write and add legal notices, such as Imprint (Impressum), to your website here.

How can I display a cookie banner on my website?

You can use Wix’s in-house solution to inform your visitors on how their cookies are being used on your site. This helps to increase your compliance with data protection laws. Learn more.

Can I Use Google Analytics on my website?

Yes. However, we advise you to consult with a local attorney to advise you whether the use of Google Analytics on your website is compliant with your local laws.


The decision whether or not to use Google Analytics on your website is yours. If you choose to use Google Analytics, we encourage you to check the privacy settings on the Google Analytics dashboard and apply the relevant settings according to your jurisdiction’s laws and regulations.

Two additional and important notes:

  1. Please note that if you wish to use the IP anonymization functionality, you can do it on the Wix dashboard (learn more)

  2. Please note that the Google Analytics integration is applied to your whole website. If you have reason to believe that you should not use Google Analytics on a specific page of your website, please refrain from using Google Analytics for your whole website.

Does my Wix website include fonts owned by Google (Google Fonts)?

Wix allows you to adjust your website to include only the fonts you want. You can find the list of all the fonts available in Wix and their source (i.e. Adobe fonts, Google fonts, system fonts, etc.) here: Fonts Available in Wix

Does Wix provide a Data Processing Agreement?

Yes. You can read Wix’s Data Processing Agreement for Wix users here.

How does the invalidation of the Privacy Shield impact my GDPR compliance?

Our legal team's assessment and understanding is that cross border transfers performed by Wix are compliant with current GDPR and other applicable data protection requirements.

In the absence of an adequacy decision (Article 45 GDPR), Wix relies upon the Standard Contractual Clauses (“SCC”s) for the international transfer of personal information, together with additional technical, contractual, and organizational safeguards. will continue to transfer personal data via applicable suitable safeguards and legal mechanisms. Although we no longer rely on it as a transfer mechanism, Wix also maintains its commitments under the U.S. - EU Privacy Shield.


Wix group companies and third-party service providers, which store or process personal information on Wix’s behalf, are contractually committed to keep it protected and secured in accordance with industry standards. This is regardless of any lesser legal requirements which may apply in their jurisdiction.

Wix’s platform

Is Wix compliant with data privacy regulations?

Yes. is 100% committed to data protection. We work with a team of privacy experts to ensure our products, services, and documentation comply with the most important privacy regulations currently in force such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the US, and Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD) in Brazil.

Wix also aims to empower customers by providing more control over their personal data - respecting and honoring individuals’ rights outlined in worldwide privacy regulations. Learn more.

Where does Wix store my data?

Wix stores information in our data centers which are located in the United States of America, Ireland, Japan and Israel. We also have group companies and third-party processors worldwide, so personal information may be processed in other countries if necessary. Ltd. is based in Israel, which is considered by the European Commission to have a suitable level of protection for the personal information of EU individuals.

How does Wix transfer personal information outside the EEA (European Economic Area)?

Any transfer outside the European Union, that does not ensure an adequate level of protection according to the European Commission, is made in accordance with the Standard Contractual Clauses along with additional technical, contractual, and organizational safeguards. 


Wix group companies and third-party service providers, which store or process personal information on Wix’s behalf, are contractually committed to keep it protected and secured in accordance with industry standards. This is regardless of any lesser legal requirements which may apply in their jurisdiction.

Can I access or delete my data?

Yes. Any Wix user and/or visitor can submit a data access request or permanently delete their data.

To submit a data request, click here.
To permanently delete your Wix account and data, click here.

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