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Wix Reveals Website Creation Activity for 2019

A Look at Online Productivity Reveals...

Resolutions are Real: Nearly 50% More Websites Are Likely to be Developed During the First Week of the Year Compared to the Week Before

Busy Cities: New York City Creates the Most Websites and Orlando is the Quickest to Publish

Fireworks, Hot Dogs and Beer: July 4 is the Least Popular Day for Website Creation

NEW YORK, December 11, 2019 -, Ltd. is sharing its review of 2019 website creation behavior. Using internal anonymized data, the report takes a look at trends in website building across the United States, including peak days and times for creativity and which cities are outpacing their population to produce the most sites.

Get ready to put away the champagne flute and start building. It appears that inspiration to create a website follows on from many New Year’s resolutions. Wix found that almost 50% more websites are built during the first week of the year, than the week before. However, in 2019, the most popular day for building a website was in the spring, on April 30. In contrast, July 4 was the slowest day for website creation.

Wix also learned that:

  • Hollywood, California is the city that edits its websites during weekends the most

  • Orlando, Florida is the fastest city to publish a website

  • Most sites are created on Tuesday and the least on Saturdays

While New York has the most websites, San Jose, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, comes out on top when measured per capita.

Top five cities overall for website creation:

(highest number of websites created overall by city)

  1. New York City

  2. Los Angeles

  3. Miami

  4. Houston

  5. Chicago

Top five cities per capita for website creation:

(highest ratio of websites created per population for cities with over one million residents)

  1. San Jose

  2. Dallas

  3. Austin

  4. Houston

  5. Philadelphia

Learn more about website creation on the Wix Blog.

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