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A visual guide to small business websites in 2020 [infographic]

Updated: Mar 22

We’ve all been there. The moment you realize the restaurant you’ve been searching for online doesn’t have a website—leaving you to wonder if their business really even exists at all.

Today, small businesses need a website more than ever. As you know the website is the one place for showcasing products and services, gathering leads and building brand awareness. It also plays a crucial role in consumer decision making.

Surprisingly, a large amount of small businesses (37%) in the United States still don’t have a website. Which means there’s a great opportunity for freelancers and agencies like you to offer your services. So what gaps can you fill for small businesses this year?

A recent survey published by Visual Objects reveals the latest data on small business websites in 2020. In this infographic you’ll learn the main reasons why small businesses have a website, their top website challenges, how they build and maintain their websites and which content drives the most traffic.

See the full Small Business Websites in 2020 survey by Visual Objects.

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