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Start creating a branded app for your clients today.



Is this a native app or a web app?

A native app, which means it’s built with the native language of the device it is installed on—allowing for a top‎ user experience.


What is the process of creating a branded app with Wix?

First, add your client’s app name and logo. Then fully customize the design with the look and feel your client wants using our intuitive app builder. When the app is ready to go live, use our automatic app store submission tool to publish* the app on Google Play and the App Store.


 *Subject to the approval and requirements of Apple and Google.


Can I preview my client’s app on Android and Apple before sending it?

Yes, you’ll be able to scan a QR code in the Branded App builder to download a preview of the app to your device on both Android and iOS devices.


How do I publish an app?

First, your client will need to open an Apple and Google account and connect them to Wix. Then submit the app through our form and we’ll handle the rest.


Can I launch more than one mobile app to the same developer account?

You can use the same developer account only to launch apps that belong to you or your business. It’s prohibited to submit apps owned by a different business, individual or client to the same account. If you want to submit an app on behalf of your client, you’ll need to do it under an account that belongs to them.


Does the app automatically update when I make changes to my client’s site?

Your client’s app and site are synced to the same dashboard. Therefore, any changes or edits made on the site dashboard will be reflected in the app including adding items to an online store, adding booking sessions or editing a blog post. Any content or design changes made directly on your client’s site Editor will not affect the app design.


What happens if the subscription for the Branded App is cancelled?

If your client decides to cancel their subscription, Wix will automatically remove their app from the App Store & Google Play. When a customer tries to use the app, they’ll be notified that the app is no longer available for use.


Can I migrate my client’s users from the Spaces app to the branded app?

Migration is not required. Once the branded app is live, your client’s members in the Spaces app will get a notification telling them to download the new branded app.

Plan does not include registration fee for Apple’s App Store (from $99 a year) and Google Play ($25 one time fee), or any additional fee that Google or Apple may charge. These fees are subject to change.


The publication of your client’s app is subject to the approval and requirements of Apple and Google.


Please note
 Core fitness showcasing their app built with the Branded App
Cardio training - Core attack fitness club app Cardio training - Core attack fitness club app
Core attack fitness club book a class - branded app by wix
"Since building my branded app with Wix, I’ve seen more than 25% growth in total sales and a significant increase in bookings. My customers have never been so engaged! It’s a game changer for my business."

Benji Beasts, Founder and Fitness

Trainer at Core Attack Fitness Club 

branded mobile app displaying dancing classes app
Multi options to schedule online with Wix branded app
Fitness branded mobile app displaying yoga classes

Deliver a powerful mobile experience for app users

  • Shop on the go and make bookings quickly.  More info

  • Stay informed with notifications and updates 

  • Be a part of the conversation in Groups and Forums

  • Read latest blogs and engage with other users

  • Connect with the brand directly via chat

Create an app with your branding on the App Store & Google Play
Branded mobile app selling earphones
Branded app by Wix - Intuitive app builder
 Ramses mobile app selling a half-zip
Wix’s no code app builder

Build for any type of business

Your client’s logo and branding

Design an app icon and customize the layout, look and feel to create a fully branded experience.

Complete app ownership

Register the app under your client’s account on Google Play and App Store — so they get full control.

Solutions by industry

Grow your clients business on mobile with built-in app features, including stores, bookings, forums and more.

Powered by cutting-edge technology

Intuitive app builder

Build native apps for iOS and Android without one line of code.

Seamless app and site sync

Your client’s Wix site, dashboard and app activity are all synced in real-time.

Automatic updates

Apps are constantly updated to work with the latest versions of iOS and Android.

Build branded mobile apps no code
Branded app being displayed in the App Store


Grow your client’s business with a branded app

Build fully branded, native mobile apps without a single line of code. Increase customer loyalty and boost revenue for your clients.

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