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Website for a plant store displaying cookie consent banner.
Website for a plant store displaying cookie consent banner.

Wix Privacy Center: 
Improve Data Privacy 

Make your site more compliant with regulations and gain your customers’ trust. 

Data Privacy and Your Business

Why You Should Care About Privacy Regulations

Data privacy regulations aren’t just for big corporations, but for every online business.

Data privacy regulations are on the rise worldwide

Data transparency builds
customer trust and loyalty

Non-compliance can result in heavy fines

The Wix Privacy Center gives you the tools to help improve your site compliance.

Privacy Regulations

Global Regulations

Learn about important privacy regulations and how they apply to your business.  

What is GDPR?

What is CCPA?

Important: Privacy regulation compliance may differ from business to business. It’s recommended that you seek legal advice for your specific needs.

Wix Privacy Center

Discover What You Can Do with the Wix Privacy Center

Block non-essential cookies, let visitors disable data sharing and manage visitors’ data - all in one place. 

Get Visitor Consent to Use Cookies

Create a cookie banner to allow visitors to accept or disable the different types of cookies you use on your site. With customizable text and a fully responsive banner, you can be sure that it will look great on any device in any language. 

Men’s clothes online store allowing visitors to choose which cookies they allow.
Chocolate website allowing visitors to disable data sharing.

Let Visitors Disable Data 
Sharing with Third-Parties

Almost every website uses third-party apps to run their analytics, marketing and more. Improve your compliance with CCPA by inserting a link on your site that allows visitors to disable data sharing with your third-party apps. 

Manage Visitors’ Data Permissions

Use consent logs to help show compliance with regulations. Your logs are automatically updated every time a visitor consents or refuses the use of their data. Plus, you can submit requests on behalf of visitors who ask for a copy of their data or want it permanently deleted.

Dashboard view of conset logs in the Privacy Center.

Get All Your Wix Privacy Tools in One Place

We’ve integrated all your Wix privacy tools directly into the place where you run your online business - your site dashboard. 

More Resources

Privacy Compliance Can Be Challenging.
We’re Here to Help.

Find a Quick Solution

Read detailed privacy articles in
the Wix Help Center.

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Put Privacy and Trust at the Core of Your Business

Go to your site on desktop to get started.

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