Connecting a Global Workforce with a Unified Communications Platform

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. supports corporate clients relocating critical talent across the globe. Their holistic approach to relocation includes securing visas, mortgage and corporate housing, insurance, tax services, language/cultural training, and more.


Weichert harnesses the Wix platform to build and run their robust, internal website. The corporate website centralizes valuable resources, keeping over 600 employees from 20+ sites worldwide informed and connected.


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Relocation Services



Feature Highlights

→  Quick Links & Tools

→  Company News Feed

→  Employee Directory

→  Community Chat

“We wanted to give our employees, from relocation counselors and client services to team leaders and even our president, a sense that even though we’re global—we’re a community. Now especially that we’re all working from home, this has become an important tool for us.”

Joel Gonzalez

VP of Global Business Solutions at Weichert Workforce Mobility

The Mission

Before moving to the Wix platform, all of Weichert’s tools, resources, and employee knowledge lived in multiple docs and files spread across international teams. This made accessing and updating basic information, connecting with key stakeholders, as well as onboarding new employees challenging and inefficient. Moreover, as the Weichert team grew, the loss of shared knowledge had a cumulative impact.


In light of the pandemic, it became top priority for Joel Gonzalez, VP of Global Business Solutions at Weichert, to get in front of this widening knowledge gap and bring his global team together. There was no doubt in Gonzalez’s mind, what Weichert needed now more than ever was a large-scale intranet site to serve its 600+ employees.

The Solution

Develop a members-only, internal communications site to centralize company resources, job tools, and build a professional community among colleagues.


To address daily, work-related needs and encourage member engagement, Weichert needed an intranet site that would deliver the following:

→    Links to essential tools, resources, and documents

→    Company news feed and calendar

→    Employee directory

→    Community chat 

→    Analytics dashboard

→    Showcase of exceptional employees 

The Results


Employee Engagement


Average Session Duration


Monthly Page Views


Forum Views


News Posts

“Wix was the right solution for us, checking all the boxes: solid security standards for our password-protected site, intuitive technology we could leverage to increase profitability—plus, it fit our budget.”

Joel Gonzalez

VP of Global Business Solutions at Weichert Workforce Mobility

Build It Better on Wix

Weichert Workforce Mobility’s Story


Growing a Global Community

Communicating via Forum

Wix Forum gives colleagues a space to share their expertise, encouraging transparency and engagement. The chat-based forum serves as an evolving, evergreen knowledge base, fostering open communication and collaboration across teams.

Locating Colleagues & Company Sites

A comprehensive employee directory lets members search for colleagues by name, country, and department. The companion Locations Directory maps business centers worldwide, providing the on-site point of contact.

Sharing Company News

Wix Blog serves as an intuitive tool for their company news feed, with over 600+ industry-related posts and links to internal policies. Currently, Weichert’s posts and Twitter feed focus heavily on COVID-19 updates, the challenges of remote work, and travel advisories.

Appreciating Legendary Service

Cementing their online community as a place where employees thrive, a special area on the site is dedicated to Legendary Service. Members can nominate and celebrate top-performing colleagues.

Staying Connected

Weichert makes use of Ascend Business Tools, like email marketing, to communicate the latest company news, events, and more. With the Wix mobile app, members can view, like, comment, create posts for the community chat, update their member profile, and more—all on the go.    


Integrating Tools & Resources

Connecting 3rd-Party APIs

With Wix's integrated development platform, Weichert adds custom code and connects 3rd-party APIs to extend the functionality of their site. Highlighted integrations in their build include: Power BI, SurveyMonkey, World Trade Resources, Google Maps, Apple’s COVID-19 screening tool, and more.

Adding Quick Links

Centralizing employee essentials was a big focus. Adding quick links to the ADP portal, healthcare, 401K plan, as well as job-related software and integrations, like the IT help desk, Salesforce, and Zillow, guarantee vital info is readily accessible to employees. 

Embedding Essential Tools

Similar to quick links, the Tools widget offers instant access to a variety of industry musts, including the local weather/time around the world, unit and currency converters, plus mortgage rates and calculators.

Managing the Company Calendar

Because Weichert is a global company, it was important for their calendar to feature national holidays from around the world. The interactive calendar lets employees click on any holiday event to learn more about its history and cultural significance.

Sharing Files

Wix File Share allows Weichert to archive important documents—from training materials and company surveys to organizational charts, global reports, and more. Members can easily view, download, and share multiple files with colleagues in just a few clicks.


Showcasing Data & Analytics

Integrating with Microsoft’s Power BI, Weichert built a custom analytics dashboard to get a better understanding of its site members. The intuitive dashboard offers a snapshot of the community, providing data on:

→  Members by company and region

→  Registrations over time

→  Email subscribers and subscription status

Additionally, with analytics tools from Wix, the team is able to view detailed reports on traffic and how members navigate their site. Key metrics they’re tracking include:

→  Traffic over time

→  Traffic by time of day, location, and device

→  Most visited web pages

→  News posts with the highest engagement

In the near future, the team hopes to integrate additional tools to learn more about their members’ on-site behaviors. These insights will guide how they optimize the site for a better online experience.


Collaborating with Key Stakeholders

Joel Gonzalez independently built Weichert’s internal communications site. Currently, he serves as the developer, admin, and primary webmaster. 


As the project scales, Gonzalez uses custom roles and permissions to foster collaboration and maximize the efforts of his 10-person team. Contributors help Gonzalez manage and run the site, with roles like webmaster, news/corporate content blogger, forum moderators, and directory chairs. Because each individual only has access to what’s relevant to them, Gonzalez is reassured that sensitive data and branded materials are always protected.

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