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How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

.yoga domain


The .yoga domain extension is a top-level domain (TLD) designed specifically for websites related to yoga, mindfulness and holistic well-being. It provides a niche and industry-specific web address for the websites of individuals, businesses and organizations associated with yoga practices.

It was created on January 14, 2015 to cater specifically to the global yoga community. The domain extension offers a dedicated online space for yoga enthusiasts, instructors, studios and related businesses.

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Why use .yoga domain extension?

  • Industry specific: .yoga immediately communicates the nature of the website's content, making it ideal for yoga studios, instructors and practitioners.

  • Brand recognition: It enhances brand recognition and memorability for businesses and individuals associated with yoga.

  • Availability: Due to its specificity, .yoga domains are more likely to be available for registration compared to generic extensions.

When to use .yoga vs .com?

Use .yoga when your website is exclusively focused on yoga-related content. It's a perfect fit for yoga studios, instructors, events and any business or individual deeply involved in the yoga industry.

Use .com for general or multi-purpose websites that may cover a broad range of topics. If your website encompasses more than just yoga or if the .yoga domain is unavailable, .com is a versatile, trusted alternative.


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How to register a .yoga TLD?

01. Choose a domain name registrar

Select a reputable domain registrar that supports .yoga extensions. Wix is one example.

02. Check domain name availability

Use the registrar's domain name search tool to check if your desired .yoga domain is available.

03. Follow all registration steps to proceed

Choose the available domain, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. Follow the steps to complete the registration process.

04. Fill in all domain registration information

Enter accurate contact information as required for domain registration.

05. Make payment and confirm

Make the necessary payment, review your order and confirm the registration. 

Pro tip: When making a website with a website builder like Wix, domain name registration is included with a premium plan

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.yoga domain extension FAQ

Can I use a .yoga domain for any type of yoga-related website?

Yes, .yoga domains are suitable for yoga studios, instructors, events, blogs and any website with a focus on yoga and holistic well-being.

Is there a renewal fee for .yoga domains?

Yes, like any domain, .yoga domains require periodic renewal. Check with your registrar for renewal fees and terms.

Can I transfer my existing domain to .yoga?

Domain transfers are subject to the policies of your current registrar and the .yoga domain registrar. Check with both registrars for specific guidelines.

Are there any restrictions on .yoga domain usage?

No specific restrictions apply, making .yoga a good option for a wide range of yoga-related purposes.


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