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Success Story

How turned domains into full websites

See how a leading domain registrar partnered with Wix to maximize their offering and give business owners the platform they need to create their online presence.


Increase in web builder signups

*compared to previous offering


Years as a leading domain registrar


Domains under management

A group of smiling leaders hangs around a warm office room with two red sofa chairs and plants.

Going beyond the white label

As the name suggests, specializes in helping small businesses make an impression online—not only with a custom domain and TLD (like .com or .io.), but with supplementary offers that any business needs to grow. Positioning itself as a one-stop shop for creating a digital presence, also offers email, hosting, security solutions and of course, websites.

The company started out by offering three website products: a one-page website, BaseKit for full websites (both white label solutions) and Wordpress. But none of the options were finding enough favor with customers. Wordpress wasn’t the right fit for customers with little-to-no technical background. BaseKit simply didn’t have enough power behind its name. And while the one-page layout worked for certain use cases, its generic design and lack of tools to support business growth made it insufficient for the market.

The company knew they needed an alternative solution, but there weren’t enough resources available to develop their own product. They needed a trusted partner offering an intuitive service to help customers build out their complete business presence online.

“Creating a solution in-house takes time, upkeep, effort and knowledge building,” says Product Manager Maryam Fouad. “We wanted a third-party that’s already an authority in the space and offers a tailored product. And that’s exactly what we found in Wix.”

A sample domain “” is displayed over a beige scene of modern clay pottery. Other TLD options like “.net” and “.org” are also listed.
A sample pottery website with a popup encouraging users to “Build Your Online Presence” with a green CTA button to “Compare Wix Plans”.

We wanted a third-party that’s already an authority in the space and offers a tailored product. And that’s exactly what we found in Wix.

Maryam Fouad

Product Manager

Completing the digital presence offering

As part of a tailored partnership, Wix suppressed their own domain offering in order to provide with only the Wix web creation platform and the power of the Wix brand. now provides Wix’s services as a co-branded offer. The two products intertwine via custom B2B product integration, led in cooperation with Wix’s expert solution engineers. The result is a seamless customer journey, designed to maximize Wix adoption. Customers are presented with multiple opportunities to convert according to their particular stage in the funnel.

“Through this partnership, we’re able to take a best-in-class product, configure it to our needs and provide it straight to users,” says Maryam.

Wix is embedded into’s flows, starting right from their homepage domain search. After choosing a domain, customers can immediately see a preview image of a website with a matching theme to help them envision their online presence and encourage the offering.

If customers don’t add Wix to the cart at that point, they’re taken to an additional upsell page with business plans where they can directly purchase a package through an exclusive API—before even signing up for a Wix account. Finally, Wix is suggested again in the confirmation of purchase page, for customers ready to take the next step in their business journey. Once the customer has started their site on Wix, they can easily “Connect a domain” from, completing their digital presence.

The domain search user experience on, featuring a sample domain called “elegant” and an option to preview a Wix website for it.
A sample Wix website for the “Elegant Nest” sleek furniture business with a green CTA button that says “Start for free and add domain”.

Through this partnership, we’re able to take a best-in-class product, configure it to our needs and provide it straight to users.

Maryam Fouad

Product Manager

Added value for all

So how is’s new offering playing out?

Sign ups increased by a whopping 551% compared to their previous free trial offering, signaling a big lift in revenue and retention for the company.

It’s still early, but they’re already seeing an upward trend in both categories.

“When a user begins to develop their site, they're more likely to renew their subscription to secure their digital identity online,” explains Maryam. “They also tend to have interest in additional products, so there’s an opportunity to upsell.”

But for Maryam, the best part of the partnership is all about the bigger picture.

“We’re offering a product our users actually want,” she says. “We’re fulfilling a business need, and bringing our offering full-circle.”

We’re fulfilling a business need,
and bringing our offering full-circle.

Maryam Fouad

Product Manager was founded in 2003, and has since grown to have more than 2.4 million domains under management. We're a part of Identity Digital, empowering companies, brands, and individuals to share their unique stories. At we place a particular focus on very small businesses—giving them a platform to not just name and launch a business, but to grow and thrive.

Wix Channels offers a trusted way for large-scale brands to maximize their offering to SMB customers: by incorporating Wix solutions into their services. Through strategic B2B partnerships, our “Channel partners” are empowered to facilitate an online presence for customers and become a one-stop shop for their needs—fueling growth for both the SMBs and the Channel partner.

Empower your SMB customers.
Power your growth.

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