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Wix Owner App: The best way to manage your business from your mobile

Wix Owner App

Your website is the heart and soul of your business operation. After all, it’s the place where potential clients can find you, read all about you, book your outstanding services or buy your unique products. But creating your website is just one part of being a successful small business owner.

As a dynamic entrepreneur, you may find yourself running from a meeting to a launch party while taking care of everyday errands along the way. To say that time is precious would be an understatement. That’s why we created a solution that allows you to engage with your clients and operate your website or business – all from the comfort of your mobile device.

The Wix Owner app is designed for you to conveniently manage your professional and day-to-day activities at a glance. Learn all of the different functions this app has to offer to make your life run a little bit smoother.

Run your online store

In today’s competitive world, you need to manage your online store anywhere at any time to achieve entrepreneurial success. The Wix Owner app gives you the freedom and versatility to keep an eye on all of your business activities so that you can be on top of things without breaking a sweat.

You can use the app to manage your inventory, view all your orders and take payments seamlessly. Plus, you can add tracking numbers and send out confirmation emails to clients who are eagerly waiting for their package to arrive.

Got something new in stock? You can upload images to your product page, add a price and description and start selling. You can even edit the images on the spot (crop, rotate and add filters) and include custom coupons or sale prices to entice customers.

For each purchase, you’ll be notified immediately from your Wix app. Then, you’ll be able stay organized by sending out invoices directly after payment has been received. Additionally, using an invoice generator lets you create custom invoices for your business for free.

Run your online store on the Wix Owner App

Manage your bookings

As a service provider, you aspire to make things more efficient and convenient around your business. From both your and your customers’ side, the Wix Owner app simplifies the bookings process.

You’ll be able to fully manage your appointment scheduler via your Wix app. This includes choosing your availability, as well as adding staff and allowing them to set their own timetable. It’s all linked together, from your business services to the specific appointments you can offer clients.

From the customer’s side, they’ll be able to book any service available to them. They can also choose a preferred payment method, add sessions to their calendar and receive a reminder email.

You’ll be informed of any activity done by your clients, thanks to the Wix app’s push notifications. Because of this intel, you’ll be able to keep track of your ever-changing schedule in real-time at just a glance.

Engage with clients at all times

According to live chat research, “44% of online consumers say that having their questions answered immediately via chat during an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer.” This means that you can boost sales by simply being there for them during their buyer’s journey.

Even when you’re on the go, you’ll be able to live chat with your clients via the Wix Owner app. Welcome them to your virtual business place with a prompt automated greeting, answer messages and use the live chat to send coupons and price quotes. Get the conversation going to help visitors find exactly what they are looking for, allowing you to close more deals and provide top-notch customer service at the same time. You can also view and respond to contact form submissions directly through your Wix App. Essentially, no matter how your clients choose to get in touch with you, you can reply with ease.

Engage with clients on the Wix Owner App

Promote your business

Here’s a nifty feature anyone can benefit from. Perhaps you want to share a moment of unboxing new stock or introduce your team to your community. You can create a social post right from your Wix app: just upload your image, add some text and publish it on your social networks using the “share it” feature.

On top of this, you can create other types of content to help build web traffic, such as email marketing campaigns and blog posts. Then, notify your audience when you publish your latest post so that they can share, follow and comment.

To help you analyze the success of your promotional efforts, the app also lets you view live stats. This includes metrics on which email campaigns are bringing you the most traffic, as well as how many people are reading and sharing your blog posts. By getting insights into this data, you’ll be able to analyze your performance and create new strategies for growth.

Start a blog with the Wix blog maker for free.

Get an app for your members

Just as you'll have an app to manage your business, your customers also get an app so they can get a better mobile experience where they can easily shop, browse and book appointments. First you’ll need to invite your clients to download Spaces by Wix and become members of your mobile space. This will provide them with a unique mobile app experience of their own, where they can enjoy all aspects of your website or business from their smartphones.

Then, you can make your space in your member’s app as special as your business is. For example, you can customize the look of it by adding your own colors, header image and text within the settings of your Wix Owner app.

Furthermore, think of your mobile space as the ultimate place to empower your customers and build a strong community of engaged members. In turn, by being part of your space, your members will be able to do many things: browse your products and services, book appointments based on your displayed schedule, make purchases, comment on blog posts, converse on the Wix forum, view important updates and join groups.

Create a mobile app experience with the Wix Owner App

Learn more about how to turn your website into an app for even greater functionality on the go.

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