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10 creative and inspiring event websites

event websites

A well-designed, informative website is an essential part of planning any event. People rely on a website to set the tone of the occasion and provide necessary details and contact information. If you have an event coming up, the first step is to create an event website. Then, customize it to your liking with whatever colors, images and effects you see fit. You can even choose the perfect event invitation template to send out online invitations to all your guests. And don’t forget to set up an RSVP form directly on your site to ease the process.

To inspire your creativity when it comes to understand how to make a website and in particular this type of a website, we’ve gathered 10 of our favorite event websites to showcase just how imaginative you can get when designing your own and starting your business.

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Best event websites

The event website of the traveling theme park contains a large spiral image consisting of contrasting oranges, yellows, reds and purples that grab visitors’ attention right away. Next to this design is an outline of a picture of a red ticket stub with the event details and a Book Now button, acting as the site’s call to action (CTA).

On the bottom fold of the website, photos of fair rides display all the event has to offer. The designer incorporated a mouseover effect so each image enlarges slightly as the mouse icon hovers over it. Next to each photo, the ride's title is listed with a brief description so visitors have an idea of what they’ll experience.

fun city manchester event website

The Creative Retail Awards event is all about celebrating excellence in retail design. To bring the celebration to life, the event is filled with live performances, delicious food and interactive activities. An event app is installed onto this sleek-looking website to manage all aspects of the event, including ticket sales and RSVPs.

Site organizers have made communication a breeze with the use of a contact form on a dedicated page, as well as an installed chat app. The chat box requests basic contact information followed by a screen with an opportunity for live chat upon availability. The use of this feature lets visitors know that there is someone to answer questions or provide information at the click of a button.

creative retail awards event website

If you’re looking for tips on how to create a wedding website, check out Paisley and Caitlin’s for inspiration. This site perfectly encapsulates the desert theme of the couple’s big day and has been created with an inviting wedding website template customized to fit their unique style.

This uplifting and colorful one-page website contains multiple sections that are broken up with alternating pink and orange backgrounds, providing harmonious contrast. Pictures of the couple are cut into atypical shapes and strewn about along with bright floral illustrations. This is an excellent example of how various elements can work together to create flow in web design. From an RSVP page to details of the location, it’s clear that every moment of wedding planning has been carefully thought out. This momentous occasion will surely be something to celebrate.

wedding event website

This unique and innovative Hong Kong-based digital art fair is a true testament to the modern artist. The event focuses on an “immersive art experience,” allowing attendees to fully invest themselves in the use of digital technology within an art exhibit.

The website color theme is kept simple, consisting of a black background with white font. Doing so allows for the brightly colored images to remain the primary focus, providing visitors with a taste of what to expect from the event. Page titles listed on the top header direct visitors to learn more about the event details, including an RSVP page that sells tickets online for free using a bookings app.

digital art fair event website

The Richmond Sunflower Festival’s event website houses all the happenings at Richmond Country Farms, from Yoga in the Flowers to their annual pumpkin patch. Bright colors and videos of sunflowers help maintain a sunny, positive vibe, and ensure consistent formatting across each page.

Before heading to the festival, attendees can check out the FAQ page to answer event-related questions. Then after the event is over, Richmond Sunflower Festival shares photos from the event with a photo album app. By doing so, they can strategically drive traffic to their website even after the festival ends.

event website - sunflower festival

Simple and elegant, this wedding website example allows professional photos of the happy couple to shine through as the star. The image of the bride and groom on the top fold contains a parallax scrolling effect, adding an appealing visual element to the site. And to showcase their engagement ceremony and livestream their upcoming wedding, Clarine and Jovine have utilized a video app, making it possible for friends and family around the world to virtually attend.

Indian wedding event website

The Mammoth March logo says it all: black and green letters with green footprints will have site visitors geared up and ready to test their endurance. The organization hosts a variety of hikes all around the US that are open to anyone looking to unwind and disconnect.

The site features a blog with articles dedicated to all things hiking, from what to pack to how to plan your next outdoor excursion. Creating a free blog is a great way to boost Mammoth March’s SEO efforts and increase traffic to their site, and not to mention provide helpful, relevant content to attendees.

event website - 20 miles in 8 hours

If you’re wondering how to create a website, take a look at Hamilton, Ohio’s annual fall festival event website. The site features a coordinating fall color palette, including navy blue, orange and yellow to create a festive autumn vibe.

The bottom footer is strategically leveraged for location and contact information, making it easy to get in touch with event coordinators. Google Maps is embedded along with a pin showing exactly where the festival is located. Additionally, a contact form and Operation Pumpkin’s Facebook page are included in the same area. Providing multiple methods to easily contact event organizers allows attendees to feel supported in their decision to attend. All of their questions can be be answered quickly and easily.

operation pumpkin - event website

The month of October sees Oktoberfest festivals popping up all around the world, and Oktoberfest Atlanta’s website displays the radiating energy of this annual event. The site emulates a fun, vibrant atmosphere that beer lovers are sure to connect with.

This one page website makes navigation a breeze with a menu at the top of the page that jumps to the corresponding segments that include Buy Tickets, Getting There, Gallery, Rules and FAQ. Each section includes a different color and patterned background with images from previous years mixed in throughout. This contrasting division helps guide visitors and segments important information so it’s more easily accessible.

event website, oktober fest

This business entrepreneur conference event website is all about keeping attendees on their toes. A black background with large, capitalized white font against a desert background conveys a sense of exclusivity and mystery. At the top of the homepage, a menu bar is presented with page titles in matching white font, providing unity. However, a bold Click Here to Register button stands out in red which morphs into the words Click here when the mouse hovers over it. This bold CTA draws in the eye, helping promote the event and increase sign-ups.

event website, promote event

What is an event website?

An event website is an online platform designed to provide information and provide services related to a specific event. These events can range from conferences, seminars, workshops, trade shows, concerts, festivals, weddings, and more. The primary purpose of an event website is to serve as a central hub where attendees, organizers, sponsors, and other stakeholders can access all the relevant details and resources related to the event

What should a good event website include?

A good event website should be more than just visually appealing, it also needs to be both functional and informative. It should effectively communicate your event's details and provide a seamless experience for visitors. Here's what you should include to create a successful event website:

Clear event details

  • Event name, date, time, and location (physical or virtual).

  • Concise event description that highlights its purpose and benefits.

  • Relevant images or graphics that reflect the event's theme or content.

Agenda and schedule

  • Detailed schedule with session names, times, and locations (if applicable).

  • Speaker or presenter names and affiliations for each session.

  • Option to add sessions to a personal schedule if possible.

Speaker and performer profiles

  • Brief bios and photos of speakers, performers and presenters.

  • Links to their social media profiles or personal websites.

Venue information

  • Address, map and directions to the event venue.

  • Virtual event platform details and access instructions (if applicable).

Sponsor and exhibit details

  • Logos and descriptions of event sponsors and exhibitors.

  • Links to their websites or dedicated pages.

Networking opportunities

  • Social media integration and buttons with links to event profiles.

  • Discussion forums or chat features for attendees to interact.

FAQ and support

  • Comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and answers.

  • Contact information for event organizers or customer support.

Media and resources

  • Videos, images, or promotional materials related to the event.

  • Downloadable resources such as presentation slides or handouts.

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Event websites FAQ

Can I create a website for a temporary event?

Yes, you can create a website for a temporary event. Design a simple site with event details, schedule and location included. Use a website builder like Wix for easy setup. Include RSVP or ticketing options. Promote the site through social media and ensure it aligns with the event's theme and purpose.

Can I create a free event website?

What are some great event website templates to use?

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