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5 ways Wix can optimize your next event

wix events

Streamlined, digital solutions can bear some of the load and help you execute your event, whether you’re planning a company function or a wedding. Wix Events helps event organizers and small business owners create an event website, manage the logistics, and even promote their events.

The events industry is growing at an exponential rate. In fact, the industry was valued at $1,135.4 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $1,552.9 billion by 2028—that’s an 11.1% growth rate. Whether you’re a business owner, self-creator or simply engaged to be married, it’s likely you’re in the midst of planning an event, and it’s most likely more stressful than you’d like: CareerCast ranked event coordinator as the sixth most stressful job, sandwiched in between broadcaster and newspaper reporter. From communicating with guests and vendors, being hyper-vigilant and personable on the day of the event and organizing every detail, event planning can take a lot out of a person.

Here are five ways Wix Events can optimize the event planning process, starting with how to make your website, taking the logistical load off and allowing you to focus on more of the fun.

wix events

01. Create a go-to event hub

Create an online space to act as your event’s central command station and marketing tool. By directing your guests to a central online space that houses all of your event details, you can make sure every attendee has the most recent and relevant information. Your website is also the best way for people to contact you. Either create an entire event website or add an extra page to your existing website type dedicated to your event.

For example, events that are not directly tied to a specific business usually have their own website, such as conferences, music festivals, weddings and trade shows. Check out the 2022 Creative Retail Awards website as an example—all pages, including the homepage, house important event details and promote the event:

creative retail awards

However, it makes more sense for businesses planning stakeholder events to include an event page on their existing website. For example, Core Attack Fitness added additional menu pages for their class schedule and special events on their studio website:

wix events

Whether you create a website from scratch or not, your web design should emulate both your branding or theme. Use corresponding complementary colors and fonts and incorporate attractive, high-quality images of speakers, previous events, the venue or anything else that adds value. Then, you can download an event management system, like Wix Events, to manage ticket sales, RSVPs, guest communication and scheduling directly from your website or the Wix Owner App. Learn how to create an online invitation, too.

When creating an event page or website, incorporate important details like:

  • Location

  • Date and time

  • Schedule

  • Theme

  • Social media hashtags

  • Speakers

  • Sponsors

If you host a virtual event, connect Wix Live or Zoom to your site—just be sure to email your guests clear directions on how to log in. For those planning a celebratory event, like a wedding, check out these wedding website examples for inspiration. You’ll see how each couple creatively designed their site to make it unique to them.

wix wedding website

02. Easily sell tickets and create a seating plan

To truly optimize your event, create customized tickets to sell on your website. That way, guests can purchase them without having to communicate with organizers, streamlining the process for everyone involved.

With Wix Events, just select the price, attendee limit and payment method. You can accept online payments from your website with credit cards or PayPal, or opt for in-person payments with cash or Wix POS. And if your event is free, set your ticket price to zero so you can still keep track of ticket sales.

To give your guests more autonomy over their experience, use the Seating Map Builder to create a seating chart–this is ideal for events like concerts, sporting events or even bus tours. You can use a ready-made venue template or build one from scratch, and add icons to signify important markers in your venue, like the stage and mezzanine balcony, for example. In addition, color-code seat groups based on ticket price to charge more for better seats, increasing revenue and event demand.

wix event seating map builder

Once guests make their ticket purchase, they’ll receive an email with a PDF ticket and QR code. Those using iOS devices can also add their tickets to their Apple Wallet, and event organizers can download the Wix Owner App to keep track of RSVPs.

03. Seamlessly promote and communicate with guests

You organized an exciting event, but without event promotion, people won’t know how to buy tickets. Event marketing requires a clear strategy. Clear and consistent communication between organizers and attendees is key, and digital tools like email marketing services and automation tools can help event planners efficiently achieve this.

However, don’t simply send out emails without creating a plan first. Determine event goals, segment your audience and tailor communication to it. Then, use marketing strategies like email marketing, social media and digital advertising to sell your event.

According to an Endless Events study, 40% of event marketers believe email marketing is the most effective channel for event promotion. Consider creating a teaser campaign that creates intrigue for the event or send emails with exclusive offers and previous event images to get potential guests excited.

If you hope to convert new customers at your event, follow them through the entire sales funnel. Send an automated email after the event to gather feedback, summarize the event or simply thank them for coming. This will keep your event and your brand top of mind for as long as possible.

You can also use automation to confirm ticket purchases, automatically send reminders, updates and thank you notes–you just need to decide on the automated message and when it should trigger. For example, if you’re hosting a costume party and want to remind attendees to dress up, write an email at the beginning of your planning process and set it to automatically send to guests prior to the event.

As you continue the planning process, email guests any updates or changes as they unfold. You can even create discussion forums for more intimate events like retreats or meetups so attendees can converse ahead of time.

04. Streamline your day-of event management

Organization is the key to event success. The Wix Owner App can act as your personal assistant, integrating directly with your website to ensure seamless event execution. That means you can spend more time enjoying the event and less time cleaning up logistical messes. For example, a smooth check-in process makes a positive first impression. Use the check-in feature to speed up the process and keep your guest list organized.

As your event unfolds, create an engaging experience by encouraging guests to take photos and share them on the Shared Gallery app. Then, attendees can check out each other's pictures when the event is over.

wix events

05. Measuring event success

Planning an event with clear goals from the beginning helps you better prioritize tasks and evaluate event success.

While doing so may not be relevant for all occasions, marketing and business events should have benchmarks, or key point indicators (KPIs), in place, such as:

  • Number of attendees vs. how many people bought tickets

  • Customer conversions

  • New leads

  • Social media mentions and engagement

  • Attendee satisfaction

  • Revenue

  • A positive overall ROI

When the event is over, compare your initial KPIs and your Wix Events Analytics Report. Look for any mishaps and determine what you can do differently for the next time.

Every Wix Events user can access this report that provides insightful ticket sale data, like when you sold the most tickets and which event types are the most popular. Perhaps you’re a city tour guide trying to determine your most popular outing. This data can help you decide if you should schedule more museum tours on Mondays or architecture tours on Thursdays.

For brands using events to convert clients, continue following guests through the sales funnel, engage with guests via email and social media. Comment on photos, post stories and pictures from the event. As mentioned previously, make sure to send ‘Thank you’ emails and include a link to your website so guests can check out event photos.

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