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Online store name ideas: 600 names for inspiration

how to choose an online store name

As a new business owner, choosing your online store name is a huge first step. Finding the perfect one can be tricky since there’s a lot to consider, including who else might be using the name you like and if a related domain is available.

With a little creativity—and some helpful tools—it’s worth taking some extra time weighing your options when you're starting an online store. Keep reading for tips on how to make the right choice, and browse a list of store name ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

What makes a good online store name?

There’s a lot to consider when building an eCommerce website and figuring out what exactly is an online store. Learning how to name a business is one of the first things you’ll need to tackle when starting your business. Here are some things to keep in mind when brainstorming names.

01. Keep your brand identity in mind

Your business name may reflect what you're selling, or it may not. Either way, it should clearly communicate your brand identity. The name you pick can describe the types of products you intend to sell or be connected to something meaningful to your brand. Ideally, it will do both. A great example of this is Wix merchant Izzy Wheels.

The store, founded by sisters and artists Ailbhe and Izzy Keane, offers stylish and colorful wheel covers for wheelchairs. The brand is named after Izzy, who initially sought a creative solution for personalizing her own wheelchair.

02. Make sure your domain name is available

You should always check to see if your business name is available as a domain name when making a website. You can use Wix’s free Domain Name Search to check availability and see if there are any potential conflicts with other businesses. Searching for domain names can additionally reveal alternatives and name variations.

For example, let's say you sell video games and want the name That domain isn't currently available but "" and "" are both free (as of the date of this post). Also, worth nothing: Wix users get a free one-year domain name voucher with select Wix Premium plans.

03. Make it memorable

Some of the best (and most memorable) online store names are short: Amazon, WayFair, Zappos, and Chewy, to name a few. Long names can be hard to remember and may get cut off in some online spaces like social media and search result headlines.

The above business names share another common trait: they don't list a specific product or product type. Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder, specifically chose the name Amazon—paying homage to the large river in South Africa—because he wanted his product line to be just as limitless and expansive as the river. Similarly, you should consider names that are broad enough to grow with your business, particularly if you plan to expand beyond your initial product offering.

04. Keep your online store name simple

Don't forget to say the name you’re considering out loud. Is it easy to pronounce? Does it sound professional and pleasant? Fun fact: Bezos originally wanted to call his company Cadabara, a play on the word “abracadabra.” But not long after, he changed it to Amazon after hearing someone accidentally call it "Cadaver."

05. Check legal restrictions

In the U.S., each state has its own set of rules and regulations for business names, so it pays to do your research before landing on a name you love. For example, most states have rules around using business entity identifiers like Inc. and LLC.

In other cases, your name can't be misleading or too similar to another existing business; you need to acknowledge the significance of intellectual property. It can't imply that your company is part of the federal government. Certain words, like FBI or CIA, are off-limits (for obvious reasons). The US Patent and Trademark Office database can further help you determine if your name has been trademarked.

Top online store name generators

We've touched on a few different ways to start researching online store names above, but here are a few helpful tools worth using. It can be helpful (and fun) to mix and match the results from multiple tools.

Wix's free store name generator

  1. Wix Store Name Generator - Wix’s free tool lets you search by keyword and industry type, then produces dozens of creative suggestions in seconds. You can get suggestions specifically tailored to your main business, as well as any podcasts, apps, or other properties that you manage.

  2. Namelix - Namelix creates business names based on name style (e.g., names involving real words or alternate spelling), the level of randomness you’re seeking, and brand info.

  3. Looka - Looka accepts keywords or abstract ideas (like “premium” and “ambitious”) to generate store names. It additionally lets you specify the desired length of your name.

  4. NameSnack - NameSnack generates more than 100 short, brandable business names and immediately tells you whether the name is also available as a domain.

  5. Behind the Name – This one’s not specifically a business name generator, but it’s a great brainstorming tool. It’s a searchable database of over 25,000 names from different cultures, periods, and mythologies. Search by first name, surname, or find names by searching for criteria like usage, meaning, or origin.

600+ online store name ideas

Now, to really get your creativity flowing, here are some online store name ideas across popular retail categories:

Bespoke soap business

  • CraftedLather Co.

  • CustomScent Soaps

  • BespokeBubble Boutique

  • PerfumeCraft Soaps

  • ArtisanAvenue Soaps

  • PurityPetal Soaps

  • HandmadeHeirloom Soaps

  • SignatureSoap Studio

  • LuxeLather Creations

  • VelvetVista Soaps

  • OrganicOasis Soaps

  • Enchantique Suds

  • SilkenSuds Studio

  • Aromatica Atelier

  • CustomCraze Soaps

  • HarmonyHues Soaps

  • NobleNectar Soaps

  • EmbellishEssence Soaps

  • PureArtisan Soaps

  • VelvetVista Soaps

  • ScentedSculpture Soaps

  • BespokeBath Elegance

  • TimelessTinge Soaps

  • NatureNurtured Soaps

  • OpulentOasis Soaps

  • EtherealEssence Soaps

  • BespokeBlend Soaps

  • RadiantRoots Soaps

  • HarmonyHeritage Soaps

  • VelvetValley Soaps

Handmade soap

  • Cheekily Handmade

  • Soap Nook

  • Soap Connection

  • Silkroad Handmade Soap

  • Handmade Soapful

  • ArtisanAlchemy Soaps

  • PureCrafted Suds

  • VelvetVista Soaps

  • HandmadeHaven

  • NatureNurture Soaps

  • CraftersCove Soaps

  • ScentedSculpture

  • OrganicOasis Soaps

  • HeavenlyHandmade Soaps

  • ArtistryAblaze

  • SilkenSuds Sanctuary

  • HarmonyHeritage Soaps

  • RusticRoots Soaps

  • TranquilTincture Soaps

  • MoonlitMingle Soaps

  • VintageVerve Soaps

  • EssenceElegance

  • LavishLather Co.

  • SerenitySculpt Soaps

  • VelvetVerve Creations

  • HandcraftedHarbor

  • AromaticArtisan Soaps

  • Nature'sNectar Soaps

  • Bloom&Bubble

  • RadiantRoots Soaps

  • CraftedEssence

  • ScentedSymphony

  • GentleGlow Soaps

  • WholesomeHarbor Soaps

  • LavenderLoom Soaps

  • VelvetVista Artisan Soaps

  • PurityPetal

  • TranquilTide Soaps

  • EnchantedEmbrace Soaps

  • HeritageHues Soaps

  • EtherealEssence

  • HandmadeHarbor

  • PureCraftsmanship Soaps

  • VintageVista Soaps

  • Nature'sNook Soaps

Online seed store

  • Trendy Seeds

  • Seed Spot

  • Sunset Seeds

  • Seed Story

  • The Seed Nook

  • SeedSafari

  • GreenThumb Express

  • EcoSprout Marketplace

  • SeedSync

  • BloomBasket

  • GrowWonders

  • SeedSphere

  • NatureNest Seeds

  • SmartSeed Select

  • SeedSculpt

  • EcoHarvest Hub

  • Grower'sGallery

  • SeedVista

  • TerraBloom Seeds

  • SowSerene

  • SeedSense

  • BloomBounty

  • FreshHarvest Seeds

  • SeedlingStreet

  • GreenGrove Seeds

  • PurePlant Picks

  • SeedCraftsmen

  • EvergreenEmporium

  • UrbanHarbor Seeds

  • SeedHaven

  • OrganicOrigins Seeds

  • EcoEden Seeds

  • SeedSense Market

  • PurePlantings

  • BloomBase Seeds

Cellphone cases and accessories

  • Action Cases

  • The Case Spot

  • Infinite Cases

  • Hyperaccessories

  • Cases Zone

  • GadgetGrove

  • TechTrove Hub

  • SleekShield Store

  • MobileMingle

  • PhoneChic Boutique

  • CaseCraze Outlet

  • AccessoryAvenue

  • TrendyTech Trims

  • CellularCharm Haven

  • GuardGlamour

  • iStyle Sanctuary

  • MobileMarvel Emporium

  • UrbanGadget Gear

  • CaseCraft Creations

  • TechTreasure Trove

  • PocketPizzazz

  • PhoneFiesta

  • Accessorize Alive

  • ModishMobile Mall

  • EliteEdge Emporium

  • TrendTech Trinkets

  • MobileMosaic

  • GadgetGlam Gallery

  • StellarShield Shop

  • PhoneFinesse Finds

  • ChicCircuit Corner

  • AccessorEase Emporium

  • StylishShield Showcase

  • MobileMarvel Marketplace

  • TechTrend Trims

  • PhoneFiesta Finds

  • AccessoryAlchemy

  • UrbanGadget Galleria

  • ChicCircuit Collection

  • TechTrove Trends

  • GuardGlamour Gallery

  • CaseCraft Corner

  • MobileMingle Market

  • TrendyTech Trims

  • SleekShield Showcase

  • PhoneChic Collection

  • ModishMobile Mall

  • AccessoryAvenue

  • CaseCraze Outlet

  • GadgetGrove Gallery

Bespoke candles

  • Candela

  • Always Candles

  • Evergreen Candles

  • Top Candles

  • The Candle Dude

  • LuminaLuxe

  • WickWonders

  • EnchantCandle

  • PureGlow Haven

  • CandleCrafters Hub

  • RadianceRealm

  • VelvetVista Candles

  • EtherealEssence

  • MysticMelt Candles

  • GlowGrace Studio

  • SereneScent Candles

  • FlameFantasia

  • TranquilTincture

  • VelvetVerve Lights

  • CandleCanvas Co.

  • ArtisanAroma Candles

  • DivineDrip Studio

  • AetherWick Designs

  • ScentedSculpture

  • CelestialCraze

  • EmberEnchant

  • BespokeGlow

  • MoonlitMingle Candles

  • LuminiqueLights

  • LuxeFlame Crafts

  • VelvetVista Lights

  • IlluminateInStyle

  • ScentedSymphony

  • EtherealElegance

  • RadiantRoots Candles

  • SerenitySculpt

  • ArtistryAblaze

  • VelvetVerve Illuminations

  • FlameFables

  • TranquilTide Candles

  • PureCrafted Lights

  • CelestialCraft Candles

  • MystiqueMelt

  • LuxeLumina

  • DivineDrip Lights

  • ScentedSculpture Co.

  • Aromatica Atelier

  • BespokeBreeze

  • VelvetVista Illuminations

  • MoonlitMingle Lights

  • LuminiqueLuxe

  • IlluminateInnovations

  • CelestialCraft Studio

  • FlameFantasy

  • RadiantRoots Illuminations

Dog bakery treats

  • Mystical Dog Treats

  • Treat Corner

  • Treatsy

  • Awesome Dog

  • Treat Zone

  • Barkery Delights

  • Pawsitively Delicious

  • Woof n' Whisk Bakery

  • Canine Confections

  • Tail Waggin' Treats

  • Doggy Delish Bites

  • Puppy Pastries Paradise

  • Biscuit Bliss Bakery

  • Snoutful Sweets

  • Chew-Chew Treats

  • K9 Cookie Co.

  • Bark Bites Bakery

  • Wagging Tails Treats

  • Pawfection Bakery

  • Fetch & Feast Bakery

  • Sniff & Savor Sweets

  • Four-Legged Flavors

  • Furry Friends Fancies

  • The Barkery Boutique

  • BowWow Baked Goods

  • Pupcake Palace

  • Snack Shack for Dogs

  • Canine Cookie Cottage

  • Biscuit Buffet

  • Tail-ored Treats

  • Ruff Rolls Bakery

  • Pooch's Patisserie

  • Snackin' Snouts Bakery

  • Happy Howl Bakery

  • Doggone Goodies

  • Wholesome Woof Bakery

  • Chewy Chewbacca Treats

  • The Doggy Doughnut Den

  • Treats 'n Tails Bakery

  • Barking Bagels Bakeshop

  • Snoutful Surprises Bakery

  • Paws and Pastries

  • Cookie Crunch Canine

  • Tasty Tail Twists

  • Droolworthy Delights

  • The Snout Snackery

  • BowWow Biscuit Bar

  • Bites and Barks Bakery

  • Chewy Charm Confections

  • Barkside Bites

  • Tail-End Tidbits

  • SnickerPaws Bakery

  • Yummy Woof Wafers

  • The Canine Crumb Co.

  • Tails & Treats Emporium

Makeup and skincare

  • New Age Makeup

  • Happily Madeup

  • Fresh Makeup

  • Neobeauty

  • Mosaic Face

  • Glam Glow Haven

  • Velvet Vanity

  • Radiance Realm

  • Flawless Faces Boutique

  • Luminous Luxe Lounge

  • Silk & Satin Skincare

  • Purity Posh Emporium

  • Enchanté Beauty Bazaar

  • Opulent Origins

  • Velvet Veil Vanity

  • Opal Oasis Cosmetics

  • Crystal Clear Complexions

  • Silk Spectrum Beauty

  • Lumière Loft

  • Radiant Revival Boutique

  • Gilded Glamour Gallery

  • Ethereal Elegance Emporium

  • Celestial Skin Sanctuary

  • Infinite Glow Boutique

  • Rose Petal Radiance

  • Harmony Haven Skincare

  • Blissful Beauty Bar

  • Diva Dazzle Cosmetics

  • Moonlit Mystique Makeup

  • Blossom Bliss Boutique

  • Glamour Garden

  • The Pearl Palette

  • Stellar Skin Studio

  • Velvet Vignettes Vanity

  • Chic Cheek Charm

  • Crystal Clear Canvas

  • Opulence Oasis

  • Radiant Roses Skincare

  • Ivory Isle Impressions

  • Luxe Layers Beauty

  • Starry Glow Gallery

  • Ethereal Essence Emporium

  • Blush Bouquet Boutique

  • Velvety Vision Vanity

  • Pure Radiance Revue

  • Satin Serenity Skincare

  • Mystique Makeup Manor

  • Golden Gleam Gallery

  • Celestial Complexions

  • Velvet Veil Vanity

  • Radiant Reflections

  • Lush Luster Lounge

  • Silk Sensations Skincare

  • Glamour Grove Gallery

  • Posh Prism Boutique

T-shirt store

  • Snappy Ts

  • Tee Party

  • Shirt Shack

  • Shirtee

  • HyperT

  • TeeTime Treasures

  • ThreadCraft Emporium

  • Cotton Canvas Co.

  • Graphic Grove

  • Stitched Style Studio

  • Tee Trend Junction

  • Thread Symphony

  • Print Parade

  • Cotton Couture Corner

  • T-Shirt Terrace

  • FreshFabric Finds

  • Stitches & Statements

  • Cotton Chronicles

  • Urban Threads Collective

  • Casual Canvas Closet

  • ThreadTrove

  • TeeVogue Vault

  • Stitched Streetwear Hub

  • Cotton Culture Cove

  • BoldBlend Boutique

  • ThreadCrafted Treasures

  • T-Shirt Tapestry

  • Print Perfection Palace

  • TeeTexture Trunk

  • CottonCanvas Curios

  • Wearable Wonders Workshop

  • Threaded Trends Tryst

  • T-Shirt Tapestry

  • Fabric Fusion Finds

  • Stitch & Style Studio

  • Print Palette Pavilion

  • CottonCraft Cartel

  • BoldBlend Bazaar

  • Stitched Statements Studio

  • ThreadTalk Togs

  • TeeTwist Trends

  • CottonCanvas Collective

  • UrbanWeave Wardrobe

  • ThreadTreasure Trove

  • T-Shirt Trends Terrace

  • CottonCanvas Corner

  • Stitch & Snag Shop

  • Print Paradise Pavilion

  • ThreadedTradition Trunk

  • TeeTexture Trendhouse

  • FreshFabric Fables

  • BoldBlend Boutique

  • ThreadTrove Traditions

  • CottonCraft Cove

  • Wearable Wonders Warehouse

Candy and sweets

  • Sweeten

  • The Candy Dish

  • Real Candy

  • The Truffle

  • Canyon Candies

  • Sugar Bliss Emporium

  • Candy Cloud Haven

  • Sweet Symphony Shop

  • Lollipop Lane

  • Sugar Rush Retreat

  • Confectionery Cove

  • Heavenly Treats Boutique

  • Divine Delights Depot

  • Caramel Kingdom

  • Jellybean Junction

  • Gummy Gala

  • Fudge Fantasy Factory

  • Taffy Trails Emporium

  • Candy Carousel Corner

  • Sweet Serenity Sweets

  • Marshmallow Meadows

  • Sugary Spells Store

  • Honeyed Haven

  • BonBon Boulevard

  • Candy Castle Corner

  • Sweet Whimsy Wonderland

  • Delightful Drops Depot

  • Cupcake Corner

  • Toffee Temptations

  • Peppermint Palace

  • Chocolate Charm Chateau

  • Sprinkle Spectacle Store

  • Gumdrop Grove

  • Sugarplum Paradise

  • Frosted Fantasia Fare

  • Nougat Nook

  • Sweet Swirls Sanctuary

  • Candyland Confections

  • Tasty Truffle Treasury

  • Rainbow Ribbon Sweets

  • Luscious Licorice Lane

  • Zestful Zephyr Zweets

  • Sugarcube Symphony

  • Frosty Fancies Fountain

  • Fruity Fusion Fables

  • Caramel Cozy Cabin

  • Popcorn Palace

  • Mocha Morsels Manor

  • Sweets 'n Swirls Shack

  • Candy Carnival Cove

  • Marshmallow Mirage Market

  • Glistening Glaze Grove

  • Tantalizing Toffee Trail

  • Sweetheart Snacks Studio

  • Blissful Bites Boutique

Cards and stationery

  • Imprinted

  • Card Hub

  • Supersationery

  • Kara’s Kards

  • Insightful Cards

  • CardCraft Creations

  • Stationary Serenity

  • Elegant Expressions Emporium

  • The Paper Posh Parlor

  • Greetings Gallery

  • Whimsical Writeaways

  • Dapper Designs Depot

  • Stationary Sanctuary

  • Thoughtful Tokens

  • Creative Card Co.

  • Quill Quest

  • Papyrus Palace

  • Signature Station

  • Pen and Paper Pavilion

  • Crafty Correspondence

  • Greeting Grove

  • Elegant Envelopes Emporium

  • The Write Touch

  • Classic Card Corner

  • Paper Passion Pit

  • Stationary Symphony

  • The Artful Note

  • Card Captivation

  • Quirk & Quill Quarters

  • Enchanting Edges Emporium

  • Sentimental Station

  • The Gilded Greeting

  • Scribble & Scribe Studio

  • Stationary Stitches

  • Whimsy Words Workshop

  • The Inkwell

  • Card Couture Corner

  • Elegant Edges Emporium

  • Thoughtful Treasures

  • The Papyrus Place

  • Letter Lagoon

  • Creative Canvas Cards

  • Quill & Quirk Quarters

  • The Card Canvas

  • Inked Impressions Emporium

  • Serene Scrolls Studio

  • The Elegant Epistle

  • Paper Palette Pavilion

  • Timeless Tokens

  • Greeting Gems Gallery

  • Stationary Stitchery

  • Posh Paper Pavilion

  • Signature Scrolls Studio

  • The Crafty Card Cartel

  • The Penning Palace

  • Charming Correspondence

  • Gilded Greetings Gallery

  • Crafty Canvas Cards

  • The Thoughtful Token

  • Letter Luxe Lounge

  • Creative Cardistry

  • Quill & Quirk Quotient

  • The Greeting Grove

  • Elegant Edges Emporium


  • Fashion Addict

  • Style Maven

  • Chic Boutique

  • Trendy Threads

  • Fashionista

  • Styled By Me

  • The Closet

  • Haute Couture

  • Clothes To Go

  • Wardrobe Essentials

  • Dressed To Impress

  • The Style Lab

  • The Wardrobe Whisperer

  • The Closet Curator

  • The Fashionista's Haven

  • The Dress Doctor

  • The Shoe Salon

  • The Hat Box

  • The Jewelry Boutique

  • The Sunglasses Shop

  • The Watch Gallery

  • The Beauty Bar

  • Chic Charm Boutique

  • Vogue Haven

  • Trendy Threads Trunk

  • Urban Elegance Emporium

  • Style Spectrum Studio

  • Couture Corner

  • Glamour Grotto

  • Modish Manifest

  • Runway Reverie

  • Dapper Diva Depot

  • Sartorial Splendor

  • Fashion Forward Finds

  • Haute Heritage House

  • Style Savvy Showcase

  • Trend Trailblazers

  • Couturier's Closet

  • Urban Vogue Vault

  • Thread Trends Tryst

  • Chic Couture Collection

  • Fashion Fiesta

  • Luxe Legacy Lounge

  • Runway Radiance

  • Style Symphony Studio

  • Glam Gala Garb

  • Posh Panache Pavilion

  • Mod Mirage Mall

  • Chic Cynosure Collection

  • Vogue Vista

  • The Trend Trove

  • Svelte Style Studio

Home and living

  • Home Sweet Home

  • The Home Decor Shop

  • Furniture Finds

  • Home Goods Galore

  • Kitchen Essentials

  • Bath & Body Boutique

  • Linen Lovers

  • Home Decor Haven

  • Living Room Bliss

  • Bedroom Paradise

  • Nursery Nook

  • The Home Decorista

  • The Furniture Finder

  • The Kitchen Connoisseur

  • The Living Room Bliss

  • The Bedroom Paradise

  • Outdoor Oasis

  • The Patio Party


  • The Jewelry Box

  • The Watch Shop

  • The Sunglasses Spot

  • The Hat Bar

  • The Bag Boutique

  • Shoe Heaven

  • Jewelry For All

  • Belts & Buckles Emporium

  • The Jewelry Maven

  • The Sunglasses Queen

  • The Hat Aficionado


  • Gadget Guru

  • Tech Toys

  • Tablets & More

  • Headphone Heaven

  • Speakers Galore

  • The Tech Store

  • The Computer Nerd

Gifts and toys

  • The Gift Shop

  • Toys For All

  • Birthday Wishes

  • Holiday Gifts

  • Baby Shower Essentials

  • Wedding Favors Boutique

  • Gift Baskets Galore

Pet supplies

  • The Pet Shop

  • The Dog Supplies Store

  • The Cat Supplies Shop

  • The Bird Supplies Emporium

  • The Fish Supplies Shop

  • Small Animal Supplies Store

  • Reptile & Amphibian Supplies

  • The Horse Supplies Store

  • The Farm Animal Supplies

  • The Wildlife Supplies Store

  • The Pet Food Store

Sports and outdoors

  • The Sports Shop

  • Camping Gear

  • Hiking Supplies

  • Golf Equipment

  • Tennis Gear

  • Yoga Accessories

  • Running Shoes

  • Swimsuits & Gear

  • Bikes & Accessories

  • Camping Stoves & Grills

  • The Fishing Tackle Store

Food and drink

  • The Coffee Shop

  • The Tea Shop

  • The Candy Store

  • The Ice Cream Parlor

  • The Wine Shop

  • The Beer Store

  • The Liquor Store

  • The Deli

  • The Grocery Store

  • The Farmers Market

  • The Food Delivery Service

Consumer electronics

  • Gadgets Galore

  • Tech Finds

  • Electronic Essentials

  • Digital Delights

  • Audiophile Heaven

  • Home Theater Nirvana

  • Camera Crazy

  • Gadget Guru

  • Phone Cases Galore

  • Laptop Chargers

  • Computer Accessories


  • The Book Nook

  • The Reading Room

  • Bookworm Paradise

  • Literary Haven

  • Page Turners

  • First Edition Finds

  • Rare Books

  • Textbooks Galore

  • Graphic Novels

  • Children's Books

  • Young Adult Fiction


  • The Movie Store

  • The Video Shop

  • Streaming Essentials

  • Cult Classics


  • The Record Store

  • The Music Shop

  • Vinyl Heaven

  • Digital Downloads

  • Live Music Tickets

  • Musical Instruments

  • DJ Gear

  • Headphones Galore

  • Speakers Galore


  • The Game Store

  • Board Games Galore

  • Video Games

  • Trading Cards

  • Collectibles

  • Puzzles

  • Outdoor Games

  • Party Games

  • Toys & Games

  • Sports Games

  • Casino Games

Personal care and beauty

  • The Beauty Shop

  • Skincare Essentials

  • Hair Care Heaven

  • Makeup Maven

  • Nail Polish Galore

  • Perfume Paradise

Real-life store name ideas and examples

For more inspiration, check out these eCommerce sites—all built with Wix—that features some wicked store names.

Nurturing Nature Cards

Nurture Nature Cards takes a literal, yet endearing approach to its store name. Its name reflects the nature of its signature products: 100% plantable gift cards that bloom into Swan River Daisies.

Cordina Hair

A popular, yet timeless formula for naming a business: using your own name to reflect that your business is an extension of yourself. Cordina Hair is aptly named after its founder, Yanika Cordina, who invented a new, heatless way to curl hair while on a personal mission to keep her own hair healthy.

Altered States

Altered States's name reflects the mission of its brand: to encapsulate the essence of urban culture and blend sophistication with high-end fashion. Altered States aims to alter the face of fashion with high-quality hoodies featuring one-of-a-kind designs.

Tips for choosing the perfect online shop name

While technology can help kickstart your eCommerce branding process, picking the brains of real people is incredibly helpful.

Reach out to friends and family and ask them to brainstorm with you. If your business specializes in a certain product, ask people in your industry for feedback on names you’re considering or tips on how to come up with a good name. Customers, experts, and other store owners are all great resources to tap.

Also, keep the following in mind:

  • Don't hold back - No one's grading you, so start by casting a wide net and come up with as many ideas as possible.

  • Look for inspiration - Browse other online stores and read about their name origins for thought-starters. Find unique aspects of your business that you can incorporate into the name. That could be a place, how you source your ingredients, or your own personal experience.

  • Be mindful of tone - Does the potential name have a certain feel or evoke an emotion that fits with your brand? This will help with brand awareness, customer engagement and advertising down the line.

  • Use personal details - Adding your town, first or last name, pet's name, or anything specific to you can help make the name more personal and/or help it stand out.

  • Think ahead - Names like Chewy and Wayfair are nonspecific, allowing their companies to easily expand into a range of products without undergoing a full rebrand. It’s worth noting that though these names offer flexibility, they are still intentional. For example, Chewy alludes to the pet industry by evoking images of pets chewing on toys or eating food.

  • Remember Search Engine Optimization - Keep SEO in mind for optimal visibility and discoverability. Make sure to conduct thorough keyword research related to your products or niche and seamlessly integrate relevant keywords into your store name. You should also check for domain availability, opting for a name that allows for a matching domain, contributing to a cohesive online presence.

A great store name is memorable for customers and helps you establish a strong brand for your business. But finding the perfect name requires thought, research, and creativity. Thankfully, tools like online store name generators make the process easier—as does a little help from your network.

Before finalizing your store name, consider its potential. Will it grow with your business or limit your ability to expand? Make sure it reflects your brand’s uniqueness, both now and in the future. And don't forget—use a domain name availability checker to make sure your preferred website address is available before you commit.

Online store name FAQ

What are good store names?

Good store names are:

  • Unique: Your name should be unique so that it stands out from the competition.

  • Memorable: Your name should be easy to remember so that customers can easily find your store.

  • Relevant: Your name should be relevant to the products or services you offer.

  • Catchy: Your name should be catchy so that it grabs people's attention.

  • Positive: Your name should have positive connotations so that it makes customers feel good about your store.

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Allison Lee

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