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6 Subtle Changes You Didn’t Realize Your Website Needs

6 Subtle Changes You Didn't Realize Your Website Needs

Even if you’re not exactly a fashionista, you probably get a new item of clothing every once in a while. And even if you don’t know much about interior design, you probably don’t keep the same old furniture from 1972. But what about your online presence? Websites, like apartments or wardrobes, need to be freshened up occasionally.

One of the greatest benefits of Wix’s website builder is that you can update, edit and revamp your website as many times as you like. All the more reason to try out new things! Your site may not need an entire makeover, but you’ll be amazed to see what a subtle change can do to the overall look of your site.

Here are a few suggestions for quick additions that will upgrade your site’s design and make it even more user-friendly and welcoming to visitors. The best thing? They’ll hardly take any effort at all.

Animated Site Elements: A slight touch of animation adds a dynamic, flowing design. You can use animated effects and still keep a classy, clean look. A gentle fold-in effect here, a little expand-on-hover there, just enough to give your site a little a sense of motion. Don’t overdo it or your website might end up looking like a third-grade powerpoint presentation.

Add animated site elements

Subscribe Form: Have you ever thought about how to enhance your connection with your site visitors? It’s easier than you think. Add a subscription form to your website and invite them to sign up for regular email updates and newsletters. You can design the form to match perfectly with your site’s look and feel. If you don’t have a newsletter yet, now’s the time to start. Use Wix Email Marketing solution to design and circulate beautiful emails and keep your audience informed and engaged.

White Space: In design lingo, white space is the space that is left empty of any content. Even though it’s basically nothing, it serves an important purpose. It gives your website’s layout its structural logic, pointing your visitors’ attention where you want it, and it keeps your site looking clear and uncluttered. Give your website some air by expanding white spaces in different sections. It’s a simple task, but it will make a real difference in your site’s design.

White space

Live Chat: Do your website visitors have enough options to get in touch with you? Why not offer them the option to contact you right on the spot? With Wix Chat you can invite visitors to start a conversation. You’ll be able to respond on your computer (using the Wix Engage Suite) or directly from your mobile phone with the Wix Mobile app. You’ll build a strong relationship with clients and potential clients by showing them your availability and commitment.

Fresh Images: One of the most significant design elements that give your website its unique character is the visuals you have on display. You may want to go over the current selection and consider adding something fresh. If you’re still stuck with stock images from 2012, if your latest line of products isn’t even present, or if you simply feel like you’ve grown apart from pics you are currently using, take the opportunity to search for a new set of visuals.

Header Makeover: When an overall website makeover is not an option but you’re still looking to get a nice new look, focus your attention at the top of the page. Revamping the website’s header, which is the first thing visitors see when the site loads, can add a rejuvenating touch with little effort. Switching the logo position, changing the title and tagline font, adding a shape or banner – all these and more can give just the subtle modification you’re after.

By The Wix Team

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