Abstract image of a blend of different shades of purple and white
Extreme close up of a leaf, with an orange and green filter.
Design features showing a man’s face, highlighted in a pink glow with a purple background

Design. Done. Different.

Discover a rich collection of free design features, stunning visual elements and innovative video technology exclusive to Wix. It’s time to unleash your creativity.

Transparent video of a neon multi-color splodge on 3 different block color backgrounds

Transparent Video: 
Bare It All

Add transparent videos made from the world’s leading designers. With invisible backgrounds, you can place these videos anywhere on your website for a striking effect. Then customize its colors and how your visitors interact with them—on click, on hover or loop it.


Vector Art:

Scale It Big

Choose from over 6,000 illustrations, shapes, badges, you name it. Everything’s pixel perfect, at any size. Rotate it. Recolor it. Remake it. Can’t find what you want? Upload your own SVG files.

Bust a Move

Draw attention where you want it most. Add dozens of animation effects to your text, images, design elements or groups of elements. Set the timing and delays for any of your effects. 

Circular effects from lighting in purple and blue hues
Woman in sunglasses looking at the camera with parallax lighting effects in the background

Scroll Effects: Reach New Depths

Take visitors on an engaging tour of your website. Control the look of images or videos with customizable effects like, reveal, zoom-in, fade-in or parallax for added depth.

Mobile Customization: Memorable on
Any Device

Give your visitors an unparalleled mobile experience—branded welcome screens, animation effects, a mobile-dedicated site menu, beautiful gallery layouts and more. 

A geometric shape of green leaves

Break Outta the Box

Goodbye basic video players. Cut-out videos into funky geometrics, add graphic overlays, set your own behaviors and more. Choose free videos from Wix, or upload your own.

Hey, Good Looking

A Wix website of an agency showing porcelain hands bending over
A Wix website, showing half of the face of a French chef, and carrots and leaves on a black background
Portfolio showing illustrations and design by Helena Kruger, made on Wix

Get inspired by these design-forward Wix websites.

A Wix website of a photographer presenting one of their images of a young girl lying on the ground
Wix Portfolio of artist and designer presenting different designs in a unique layout
Acupuncture Wix website showing an illustrated image of a plate with flowers and needles
Portfolio of black and white art, illustrations and graphic designs built on Wix
Designer with an aesthetic sense showing an image of glasses on a chair with a mirror built on Wix
An online store built on Wix, selling sustainable, on-demand and fine art prints
A Wix website of Hanai Poke with a birds eye view of Poke bowls
A Wix eCommerce website selling silk scarves, modelled by a lady with a man kneeling in front of her
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Rewrite the rules of web design. Unleash your creativity. 

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