Your Website Is Live – Now What?

If you have your very own website live on the web, some congratulations are in order! But before we start opening endless bottles of champagne, it should be said that creating a great site doesn’t end by simply clicking the “publish” button. Now that your website is live, you need to feed it with updated content on a regular basis in order for it to thrive. Don’t let this intimidate you – there’s no need to change everything on your site every week.  However, best practices for your site include building on what you have, keeping all info up to date, and even offering more interactive features will ensure that your site stays current and professional.

We’ve compiled some helpful tips to make the process simple:

Static vs. Dynamic Content

A great website has the right combination of both static and dynamic content. Static items, like the logo,  ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact’ pages, remain the same for the most part. Dynamic content should be continuously updated. This includes items such as new products or services, recent photos, seasonal events, giveaways or any other important announcements. As a website owner, you need to make sure that the dynamic content on your site is refreshed every once in a while. However, don’t update just for the sake of updating. Make sure that your dynamic content is high-quality and meaningful, otherwise people are not likely to be impressed.

For inspiration, you can check out The West to see how they integrate news and dynamic social feeds into their cool Wix website:

Maintaining Email Lists and Newsletters

A Mailing list is a fantastic tool for keeping in touch with your site’s target audience and encouraging them to come back on a regular basis. Creating a monthly newsletter with updates about new products, sales or events is sure to kick up sales and engagement. If you don’t have enough dynamic content for a regular newsletter, you can simply send them out on specific occasions (like a Christmas Sale).

You are most likely (and hopefully) going to be frequently adding new addresses to your email list. Make sure you have an efficient way of keeping track of these new email addresses by having people register through your site and other ways. The Wix App Market offers a variety of great tools for newsletters – like V.I.Plus, Cake Mail and Target Hero.

You find Cake Mail in the App Market

Social Media Strategy

Marketing 101 teaches us that creating a Facebook page in conjunction with a website is a must for building traffic – you just can’t have one without the other. Also, you can promote your website by linking it to social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, etc. from within your pages. Your social channels, just like your website, need to be in tune with your branding strategy. They need to reflect the same look and feel that you’ve established on your site and, of course, include the site link in prominent spots. Make sure you separate your business accounts from your personal profiles (unless your product is yourself).

To keep track of your social media campaigns, announcements  and activities, create a checklist of what needs to be done and where so that any changes are done across the board and are in sync.

Check out Wix on Facebook

Continued Research to Improve SEO

This task requires a bit of time for tweaking and testing. Although changing and adding new keywords can be done fairly quickly, you need to give your changes time to see how users are responding and the affect on your ranking in search engines. Researching new keywords and learning how best to employ them will likely be the most time consuming task. As web trends are constantly changing, staying on top of this aspect of your site can make you and your site literally come out on top.

Linking Out and In

Once your website is live, your site will benefit from locating and identifying websites that can link to it, and reciprocate them with a link on your site. Linking out to other sites and getting linked to by external sources establishes your website as an important authority in your niche. Also, it will help your SEO efforts significantly. By joining a network of similar sites that link to each other, you will increase traffic and improve your reputation in your industry.

There’s Always Something to Do

Your business and customers will thank you if you get yourself into the habit of scheduling time for regular maintenance of your site. This includes checking links, testing download times and updating old content. And above all, don’t forget to add your site’s URL to all of your offline printed materials.


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