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Summary - Monotype's End User License Terms (for users)

Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Wix Terms of Use as may be amended from time to time.

Your usage of the Font(s) (as defined below) on your User Platform, is also governed by the license terms of Monotype Imagine Inc. ("Monotype"), a summary of which you can find below (the "License").

1. Definitions
1.1. Font(s)

Means fonts made available through Wix Website, as listed in Exhibit A;

1.2. Output Device(s)

Means a printer or display which displays a screen image created by use of, or access to, the Font(s) and to make them visible to End Users, either temporarily or permanently.

2. Intellectual property

The Fonts are the intellectual property of Monotype, its affiliates and licensors (the "Monotype Group"). You acknowledge that the Monotype Group is the owner of the Fonts, including their organization, structure, code and related files and that the Fonts are protected by copyrights and design laws of numerous nations (including the United States). All rights in and to the Fonts including unpublished rights, are reserved under the copyright laws of the United States and other jurisdictions.

3. License Grant 

You are hereby granted, as long as you are a registered user of, a limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable license to:

- Publish web pages on your User Platform, which use the Font(s), as supplied to you by through its Wix Website, to make available the web pages of your User Platform on End-Users’ Output Devices.

- Use the Fonts or allow a third party to use the Fonts on your behalf, to create promotional or marketing content on your User Platform and/or via the Services, for display on Output Devices.

All rights not granted in this license are reserved by the Monotype Group.

4. Usage restrictions

You are not allowed (and may not allow others): 

  • To use the Font(s) outside of Wix Website, the Services and your User Platform (you can, however, share your User Platform on social media channels);

  • To, transform, blend, adapt the Font(s) and their content (including glyphs, metrics info, kerning info, OpenType features info); 

  • To reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Font(s);

  • Create derivative works of the Font(s); and,

  • To modify in any form or manner the Font(s), Font names and trademarks used in connection with the Font(s);

  • To use the Fonts for a commercial product (other than the webpages of your User Platform or as offered by the Services);

  • To copy the Fonts except as allowed in the License;

  • To rent, lease or sublicense the Fonts.

5. Cancellation

Failure to comply with any of the License terms shall also entitle Wix to suspend or cancel your User Account (or certain features thereof), as well as the provision of any related Wix Services.

Exhibit A
6. Exhibit A

List of Monotype Fonts

Ahmed Outline

American Typewriter

Arabic Typesetting Regular


Arian Light



Avenir Light


Bodoni Poster


Brandon Grotesque


Clarendon LT


DIN Neuzeit Grotesk

DIN Next Arabic

DIN Next Light

Droid Serif

FB Blue Gothic

FB Cham Blue

FB Green

FB Neo Gothic

FB Plum

Frank Ruhl

Futura Light


ITC Arecibo

Kufi Regular

Geotica Four Open


Helvetica 25

Helvetica 25 Cyrillic

Helvetica 35 

Helvetica 35 Cyrillic

Helvetica 35 Latin Ext

Helvetica 45

Helvetica 45 Cyrillic

Helvetica 45 Latin Ext

Helvetica 55

Helvetica 65

Helvetica 65 Cyrillic

Helvetica 65 Latin Ext

Helvetica 75 

Helvetica 75 Cyrillic

Helvetica 75 Latin Ext

Helvetica 95

Helvetica 95 Cyrillic

Helvetica 95 Latin Ext

Helvetica Bold

Helvetica Light


Latin Ext

Linotype Didot

Lulo Clean



Monotype Baskerville


Museo Slab

Nimbus Sans

Neue Helvetica Arabic

Pacifica Condensed

Peaches & Cream

Proxima Nova

Reklame Script

Snell Roundhand

Soho Condensed

Tanseek Modern Light


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