Clearing Your Browser's Cache

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To clear your desktop browser's Cache:

  1. Close every browser window and tab that are currently running.
  2. Please make sure that no instance of the browser is left in memory (right click your your mouse and select Start Task Manager).
  3. Open the browser on a blank page. If your browser's homepage is Wix, close this tab and open a new blank tab.
  4. Open the cache-cleaning dialog using Ctrl+shift+del, or Cmd+shift+del using Mac (this goes for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome) then:
    • In Internet Explorer: Make sure that Temporary Internet Files is checked in the dialog. Then click Delete.
    • In Firefox: Make sure that the Time range to clear combo-box is set to Everything. This is vital. Also make sure that, of the available checkboxes, Cache is checked. Then click Clean now.
    • In Chrome: Next to Obliterate the following items from, click the drop-down menu and select the beginning of time option. Make sure to check the box next to Cached images and files then click Clear browsing data.
    • In Safari (using PC): Click the Alt key to open the top left menu bar. Hover over Edit and click on Empty Cache.
    • In Safari (using Mac): Click Cmd+, to open the pop-up and then click on the Advanced tab. Check the box for Show Develop menu in menu bar box and close the window. Click on Develop and then click Empty Caches.
  5. After all this, close the browser and re-open it.

To clear cache on your mobile device, click the relevant link below:

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