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    How can I transfer my site from one Wix account to another?

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    You can easily transfer a Wix site from one account to another. This process will create a copy in the second account.

    Keep in mind that images on your site are associated with your Wix account and not with your site; they are not transferable to another account.
    As long as the original account is active, the images will continue to appear on the live site even after the site is transferred.
    Note: If you delete the original account, all images uploaded to the site prior to the transfer will be deleted from the site.

    To transfer a site: Sign in to your Wix account > under My Sites, next to the relevant site, click Manage Site > on the left, click Popular Shortcuts > click Transfer Site > fill in the information in the pop-up windows that follow.

    The owner of the account receiving the site will receive an email from which they can confirm the transfer.

    Note: You can also transfer a domain, purchased from Wix, to another Wix account. However, it is not possible to transfer a premium plan from one Wix account to another. Therefore if you transfer your domain to another account, the second account will need to upgrade to a premium plan to be able to use that domain.

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