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Bring Wix business
solutions to any
tech stack

Power your projects with Wix’s industry-leading server-side APIs to build exactly what you want, anywhere.

Wix backend dashboard featuring a left-tree menu with focus on Wix Bookings, displaying three services - Free Radical Detox, Anti-Aging Treatment, and Facial Peel, with the ability for the user to edit upcoming bookings.
Wix backend dashboard featuring a left-tree menu with focus on Wix Bookings, displaying three services - Free Radical Detox, Anti-Aging Treatment, and Facial Peel, with the ability for the user to edit upcoming bookings.
Wix backend dashboard displaying the left-tree menu with focus on Wix Events, showcasing two events - a new cosmetics launch and a weekend yoga retreat, with options to promote or manage each event.

Run multiple
business streams
from one dashboard

Control backend operations, business applications, and update your site’s content using a single, flexible dashboard for simplified server-side management.

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Integrate flexible booking features based on location and availability, schedule or manage appointments, sync staff calendars, set up automated reminders and more.

Body Sculpt workout class slot on a fitness studio website, featuring a 'Book Now' button for user registration.


Manage orders, inventory, shipping, and finances in one place. Sell on Facebook, Instagram, and beyond with secure payments, optimized checkouts and automated sales taxes—all with Wix.

Ski Mask Pro 8 goggles showcased as a product on an eCommerce store.


Create and manage content from a backend dashboard that groups your content into collections, connects it to your UI, and allows you to update without entering your site editor.

Wix Content Manager displaying dataset with title, type, and preview images of the elements.


Host in-person or online events, sell tickets, manage guests, accept secure payments, send custom invites, and grow your community with powerful marketing tools.

World Tour concert banner from SHOW.IT on an artist's website, displaying multiple dates with RSVP buttons and sold-out status.

Pricing Plans

Create members-only areas and offer exclusive access to services and content. Boost sales with discounts, and take advantage of flexible payment options with Wix Pricing Plans.

Ecommerce website lightbox featuring a 'Monthly Membership—Best Deal' subscription plan for $30 per month, encouraging users to sign up.

Deploy templates with built-in APIs

Need a scalable solution for your business? Discover the benefits of Wix Enterprise.

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What are headless solutions?

Headless solutions separate the frontend presentation layer of an application from its backend functionality. In simpler terms, the user interface of the software is separated from the logic and data storage behind it. This allows developers to create user interfaces that are decoupled from the backend, which makes the application easier to scale and maintain—meaning developers can use any frontend technology they prefer without being restricted to a specific backend. Headless solutions store content and product data in a backend database or API, while the frontend is responsible for displaying that information to the user.

How does Wix Headless differ from traditional Wix websites?

Wix Headless differs from traditional Wix solutions by separating frontend and backend components. This means developers can use any frontend deployment platform while leveraging Wix’s powerful backend services—eCommerce, Content Manager, Bookings, Scheduling, Events, Ticketing, and Pricing Plans.

Is Wix Headless free?

While you can start coding with our SDK for free, upgrading to a Premium Plan will unlock many additional benefits which are essential to the operation of your business. These include receiving payments, accessing in-depth analytics, connecting a custom domain, and enjoying other advanced features. To make the most of your experience, consider upgrading to a Premium Plan when you're ready to explore these expanded capabilities.

What are the benefits of using Wix Headless?

Some benefits of using Wix Headless include the ability to create highly customized frontend experiences that are tailored to specific business needs, faster development cycles, and easier integration with third-party systems and services. These benefits allow developers to create user interfaces that are decoupled from their backend, which makes the application more scalable and easier to maintain. It also allows developers to make changes to the user interface without having to re-write or re-deploy the entire application. This architecture is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to streamline development and allow for greater flexibility in delivering content across different platforms and devices.

What technologies can I use with Wix Headless?

You can use any tech stack with Wix Headless, provided it can consume data from a RESTful API. This includes popular frontend frameworks like React, as well as server-side technologies like Node.js.

How do I get started with Wix Headless?

To get started, you'll need to sign up for a Wix account and then follow the documentation and tutorials provided by Wix.

Can I use Wix Headless for eCommerce websites?

Yes, Wix Headless is designed to work with a wide range of website types, including eComm websites. In fact, using Wix Headless can help you create a more customized and efficient eCommerce solution that meets your specific business needs.

What kind of solutions does Wix Headless offer?

Wix Headless offers a range of solutions including eCommerce, content management, booking and scheduling, events and ticketing, pricing plans and more.

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