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How to generate leads in Wix Marketplace

Finding quality clients can be a top pain point for agencies and freelancers. Wix Marketplace was developed as a place - fully integrated...

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Finding quality clients can be a top pain point for agencies and freelancers.

Wix Marketplace was developed as a place - fully integrated with Wix- that exposes Partners to millions of Wix users to help with the process of finding new leads.

But Wix Marketplace is more than just a personalized lead generator. It’s a place to showcase your best work, boost your agency’s credibility, connect with other professionals and build lasting client relationships.

How it works

If you're an agency or freelancer building web solutions for clients, the Partner Program provides you with the tools and benefits to grow your business. When you have 20 Premium sites in your account, you're eligible to apply to Wix Marketplace. Once you're accepted, users will be able to search and find your profile and we can start to match you with qualified leads.

Potential leads are funneled to the Marketplace through multiple entry points across the Wix platform and email campaigns. Wix users can then browse and filter services by several fields, including service, price and language, to find the Partner most relevant to their project.

Depending on the services you offer, you'll receive requests directly from Wix users, including:

  • Web design

  • Web development

  • SEO

  • Graphic design

  • eCommerce

  • Marketing and promoting

  • Small tasks

Additionally, the Wix Marketplace is built to help you scale. As you expand your services, you can add them to your profile. And remember, one project can always lead to another. Even a small task is an opportunity to build a new relationship or offer additional services.

Find success in Wix Marketplace

You can scale your business with Wix Marketplace by being as accurate, available and proactive as possible. Here are our top four tips for generating the most qualified leads.

Make a good first impression by introducing yourself positively to leads. Feature recent projects and websites that you’re proud of and that reflect your agency and style, so potential clients can see your best work.

Include your services and rates to ensure higher quality and relevancy. By being upfront about pricing, you can better manage expectations.

2. Respond quickly and stay on top of leads

Start the relationship off on the right foot by responding to leads straight away. No one likes to wait, and by showing your professionalism and eagerness to learn more about the prospective project sets the tone for the future client relationship. To make sure you never miss a lead, set up an automation for incoming requests with a customized message about the next steps, what they can expect, and any information you want to include.

3. Upsell your services

A lot of time and effort can go into pitching and working with new clients. By also focusing on your current clients and identifying services to upsell, you can increase revenue and develop a longer-lasting relationship. Some clients grow from starting with a small task, establishing your quality of work and credibility can pave the way for more project opportunities.

It’s important to remember that not every client needs every service. Taking the time to uncover pain points and understanding your clients’ future needs can help you build a stronger upselling strategy.

4. Submit your finished projects

Generate more leads by submitting completed work to your Partner Dashboard. As you complete more projects and build your credibility in the Marketplace, you’ll have a higher chance of matching with incoming leads, both via the auto-matching brief and the Marketplace.

After submitting your work, clients will receive an automatic request to leave their feedback on your profile. Encourage your clients to leave a positive review to build yourself a good reputation in the Marketplace.

A list of the price rates of services offered by a Partner on Wix Marketplace.

Grow your business

With 680K requests submitted in 2021, the Marketplace is filled with Wix users looking to work with professional agencies and freelancers. By tapping into this market of qualified leads and creating a good reputation for your brand, you can build strong client relationships, drive revenue and grow your business. (Learn more about Wix's new premium plans.)


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