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Marketing research guide for agencies

Updated: Jan 28

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Market research is an essential part of any client project. Without it, you’re just a marketer with an opinion. And opinions won’t lead your clients to success.

With the right resources, you can understand your clients’ market and see what competitors are up to. This knowledge is key to building a data-driven marketing strategy that actually works.

Still on the fence? In a recent survey of 20,000 online consumers, 46% said brands annoyed them most when they pushed irrelevant content. This is something you can help your clients avoid by better understanding what their customers really need.

In this guide, we’ll equip you with the right resources to do market research for any client project and hit the ground running.

What exactly is marketing research?

Marketing research is the process of collecting and analyzing insights about how a business is positioned within a market, along with information on existing and potential customers.

As an agency, your main goal is to answer a wide range of questions on your clients and their customers:

  • How they’re positioned in the market

  • Who their customers are

  • Who their competitors are

  • Why customers need your clients’ products and services

  • How much they buy

  • Why they choose your clients

  • Why they choose competitors

  • Where there are opportunities to set your clients apart