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Maximize your business offering with Wix’s web creation platform

Fuel growth for your business and your small and medium-size business customers by adding Wix to your scope of services.

On scroll, five images are revealed in a row, each showing a co-branded sample webpage for a large business that also offers Wix services. The first image is for an online directory. It has an orange background with a search bar that reads “Discover local business”. To the right of it is a light blue box with the Wix logo that says “Create your all-in-one business website”.
The second image shows a sample webpage for a domain registrar with the headline “It all starts with a domain” over a black background. Below is a purple box that reads “Build your dream website with Wix”.
The third image shows an online banking webpage with a green background that reads “All set with your credit account? Now give your business a website.”
The fourth image shows a webpage for a legal services company with a white background. There is a purple box to the left that reads “Take your business online today with Wix”.
The fifth and final image shows a project management software called “TASQY”, in use by a small design business. The image says “Congratulations! You’ve just completed your project. Now showcase your work with a professional website powered by Wix.”
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Your customers. Our platform.

Leverage Wix’s expertise to deliver new solutions and experiences.

Seamless customer journeys

Provide access to Wix’s site creation process from within your product flows and ensure your customers have a consistent, co-branded path to launching an online business.

Another sample webpage for the online directory business showcasing its partnership with Wix. The headline reads, “Create a website your proud of” with a button that says “Get Started for Free”, all on a black background. Below this is an image of a sample website for a small real estate firm, featuring an image of an orange building.

End-to-end business solutions

Provide your customers with innovative ready-made solutions like online scheduling, CRM and marketing tools, catered to verticals from eComm to fitness, restaurants and more.

A sample, professional webpage for a small business selling energizing face creams and serums in orange and purple packaging, with headline “Wake Up & Glow”.

AI sales tools for your team

Amaze potential customers by generating a preview of their branded site in minutes, and an actual site in just a few more.

A sample product screenshot from the Wix platform outlined in orange reads “Pick your favorite homepage design” on a white background and shows three templates to choose from. On the right is another small panel that reads “Pick a theme” with six different colors to choose from.

Layers of support

As part of your Wix partnership, you’ll get a customer success manager, and your customers will have access to our expert global support team.

A sample screenshot of a support chat between a customer and Wix. The panel is titled “Support Team”, and the customer is asking how to connect a domain to their website on Wix. On the left side is a small graphic showing chat, email and phone support options. The colors used are black, white and purple.

Flexible go-to market models

Give your customers what they need to get online fast. Just choose the type of service you'd like to provide.

Do It Yourself

Offer a range of self-creation options, from an AI-based flow that generates a site in minutes to full design and customization control.

Do It With Me

Get customers started quickly with your own onboarding and guidance sessions so they can manage their business online.

Do It For Me

Provide customers with professional web design assistance from your own team, and upsell on management and fulfillment services.

{Robert Keane}

“We selected Wix to be our preferred partner because of their leading technology and product innovation.”

{Robert Keane}

“We aim to provide the absolute best website and email products to our customers and see Wix's platform as a fantastic complement to our offerings.”

{Robert Keane}

“Our strategic partnership with Wix has strengthened our website offering, making it easy for SMBs to add on additional features including e-commerce and online booking.”

{Robert Keane}

“Our integration with Wix empowers our entrepreneur customers and supports their ongoing growth.” 

{Robert Keane}

“Wix is on the front end of generating revenue for small merchants like our customers. That’s why we knew they’d be a great partner.”

{Robert Keane}

“In partnering with Wix, we've been able to create a customized solution for the Japanese market and provide it as our own service.”

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For your business:

It’s all about growth

Create new revenue streams and increase your total addressable market.

A small headline reads “Your offering + Wix”, with three large graphics underneath. The first shows a sample screenshot from Wix that reads “What kind of website are your creating?” The next shows a sample “Wake Up & Glow” business webpage being created in the Wix Editor. The final image shows a chart titled “Year Over Year Revenue Growth”.

Bring them in

Amp up your acquisition KPIs with a stronger pitch and range of services that will appeal to a broader base of potential customers. 

A green chart with 3D cylindrical bars shows that when “Loyalty” is high, “Churn” is low.

Make them stay

Bring added value to your existing customers, which will translate into increased retention and recurring revenue right into the bank.

Drive growth with data

Use website data to better understand your customers’ needs, inform your product roadmap and ultimately increase your ARPU.

A chart in white titled “Total sales” shows 100,068 $. It is layered over a black panel and a purple background, surrounded by three bubbles that say “Payments”, “GPV” and “Industry”.

For your customers:
Its all about their online success

Offer your customers the digital tools that have already enabled 240M+ users to grow their business online.

A sample website for a restaurant called “Yoza Yura” is being created in the Wix Editor. It features orange salmon sashimi on a white plate over a purple and green background.

Professional website

Design and manage sites with an intuitive, drag-and-drop editor.

A sample product page for a coffee business is titled “Blends and Flavors” in all capital letters next to a brown bag of coffee over a white background. On the left is a small panel showing a red espresso pod on a light blue background titled “Espresso pods pack” with a price of $30 and a button that says “Add to Cart”.

eCommerce capabilities

Enable exceptional storefront design & inventory management.

A sample screenshot from Wix’s booking solution in white shows Thursday, July 20, 2023 selected with purple and green boxes representing booked fitness classes, over an orange background.

Online scheduling

Deliver a seamless booking & payment solution to service providers.

A sample panel from Wix titled “Page Settings” shows the “SEO” tab with options to edit the URL slug, title tag and meta description. On the left are purple bottles labeled with the sample cosmetic brand name “Via”.

SEO tools

Give your customers new ways to get discovered and increase traffic.

A sample panel in the Wix Editor has a purple background and shows a shoe in white and orange with the campaign title “25% off”. On the left are icons that say text, image, video and social.

Digital marketing

Provide promotional tools for email and social to help build awareness.

A sample Wix panel in white titled “Contact List: 94 Contacts” lists several names, emails and phone numbers. Another panel is titled “Keep in touch” in black. Everything is over a light blue background.

Online admin

Streamline back office management with custom roles, CRM integration & more.


Countries served


Wix users worldwide


eCommerce sites


R&D experts


Avg. new users per month


Dedicated B2B APIs

Trusted by businesses large and small

Offer all the benefits of Wix’s best-in-class infrastructure without any maintenance required by your teams.

Global accessibility

Supported in 20+ languages and used in 190 countries worldwide

Relentless reliability

Ultra resilient, multi-cloud hosting with industry-leading uptime

Enterprise-grade security

Fully managed, layered framework for threat prevention, detection & response

Performance-first mindset

Designed for fast page load speeds regardless of location, network or device


Safeguards for business integrity and client information built into every site

Always-on innovation

Cutting-edge feature development to keep your customers ahead of the digital curve

Empower your SMB customers.

Power your growth.

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