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80+ Creative portfolio names

Creative portfolio names

Choosing the best portfolio website name when you’re learning how to make a portfolio is a crucial step in establishing a strong presence in the creative industry. Your portfolio name is the initial point of contact for potential readers and can significantly influence their decision whether or not to view your portfolio and use your creative services.

A successful portfolio name should possess several key qualities. It should be memorable, easy to pronounce, and relevant to the type of creative services you offer. Additionally, a catchy and distinctive name can help your professional portfolio stand out in a competitive market.

80+ portfolio name ideas to get you started

Unique portfolio names

1. Creative Odyssey

2. Artful Trends

3. Visionary Escapes

4. Design Delights

5. Aesthetic Adventures

6. Imaginative Soirées

7. Visual Fusion

8. Creative Chronicle

9. Art Gala

10. Inspiring Affairs

Catchy portfolio names

1. PortfolioJoy

2. Vision Bliss Designs

3. Image Fables

4. Design Carousel

5. Savvy Creations

6. Showcase Bonanza

7. Eye-Catching Portraits

8. Visual Nectar

9. Creative Gaiety

10. Epic Art Events

Many of these would work great for a writing portfolio, for example.

Professional portfolio names

1. Elite Designs Portfolio

2. Creative Craftsmen Studio

3. Visionary Excellence

4. Artistic Gurus

5. Precision Portfolios

6. Design Guild

7. Creative Connoisseur Studio

8. Professional Creations

9. Visual Creators

10. Executive Artworks

creative portfolio names

Location-based portfolio names

1. [City/Neighborhood] Art Curation

2. [City/Region] Elegance Portfolios

3. [City] Visual Gatherings

4. [City/State] Designs & Traditions

5. [City/Neighborhood] Showcase Bites

6. [City] Visual Canvas

7. [City/Region] Artful Feasts

8. [City/State] Imaginative Engagements

9. [City/Neighborhood] Vision Pleasures

10. [City] Art Connections

Modern portfolio name ideas

1. Urban Art Experience

2. Creative Chic Studio

3. TechArt Designs

4. Trendy Visual Treats

5. Digital Imaging Delights

6. Edgy Art Events

7. Modern Creative Co.

8. Art Innovation Hub

9. CyberVisions Studio

10. Trendy Designs Gatherings

Timeless portfolio names

1. Classic Artistry

2. Time-Honored Designs

3. Heritage Visuals

4. Art Classics Collective

5. Vintage Venue Creations

6. Nostalgic Art

7. Traditional Design Treats

8. Art Legacy Studio

9. Evergreen Creations

10. Ageless Expressions

Clever portfolio names

1. Artful Finesse

2. Creative Charades

3. Portfolio Brainwaves

4. Visionary Enigma

5. Savvy Design Solutions

6. Witty Art Networks

7. Crafty Creations

8. Design Twist Studio

9. Portfolio Brainstorms

10. Artistic Enchantment

Funny portfolio name ideas

1. ArtComedy

2. Laughable Designs

3. Visual Belly Chuckles

4. Chuckle Creations

5. Giggles Gatherings

6. Funny Art Fables

7. Laugh Lines Studio

8. Whimsical Visuals

9. Grin and Graphics

10. Chuckle Creations

Examples of great portfolio names

This eye-catching portfolio portrays a business that specializes in customized design branding and paper goods. The portfolio name brings a fun and unique twist of wording to its brand, making it clear to the public that they are a creative and approachable brand to work with.

This design studio focuses on helping small businesses grow their brand. The portfolio name gives off a jolly feeling to clients and focuses on creating a friendly, professional brand image.

This design portfolio uses its adventurous and exciting name to showcase their high level of creative expertise, depicting that anything clients demand, is possible to create.

How to choose the right portfolio name

Choosing the name of your portfolio involves thoughtful consideration. Follow these tips to make an informative but professional decision that will better help portray your portfolio and brand.

01. Consider your target audience

Understand your target clientele and tailor your name to appeal to their tastes and preferences. For example, if you’re targeting a corporate audience, you might choose a more professional-sounding design portfolio name than if you’re targeting a younger, more creative crowd. All of this should be taken into account when creating an online design portfolio.

creative portfolio names

02. Consider your brand identity

Showcase your desired brand image in your portfolio name, whether it's high-end, casual, or a unique niche. If your portfolio specializes in a specific style. For example, your design portfolio caters towards food and restaurants, you should consider incorporating it into your portfolio name as it could be a smart choice for branding purposes.

creative portfolio names

03. Be creative

Embrace creativity to make your portfolio name stand out and be memorable. This might mean a lot of brainstorming, combining words and working with a website name generator for further inspiration when choosing a name for your online portfolio website.

04. Test your name ideas

Gather feedback from friends, family and potential clients to refine and select the best name for your portfolio. Consider what appeals to them, and what doesn’t, and use that information to make an informed decision when coming up with a name for your portfolio website. 

For more inspiration, check out these portfolio website examples made on Wix.

Remember these additional tips:

Once you've chosen your portfolio name, you'll want to choose the best portfolio website builder to create your site.

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Portfolio names FAQ

Why is choosing the right name so important for my portfolio?

Choosing the right name for your portfolio is crucial because it serves as the first impression for potential clients. A well-crafted name sets the tone for your brand, aids in marketing efforts and significantly influences how customers perceive the services reflected in your portfolio. A memorable and relevant name can contribute to the success and growth of your portfolio.

Should I think about scale when choosing my business name?

Can I change my portfolio name in the future?

Can I use my own name for my portfolio?

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