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16 best nonprofit website templates for all organizations

Nonprofit website templates

Running a nonprofit requires a lot of hard work, energy, and passion. And while web design may not be high up on your list of priorities, creating a website for your nonprofit is crucial. A good nonprofit website will make a positive impression on potential donors, as well as providing you with a space to share your activities and key beliefs. What’s more, you’ll be able to easily direct any interested parties straight to your site.

A nonprofit website that includes all the necessary features and looks the part can take time and experience. However, there are plenty of free nonprofit website templates available out there. They’ll take care of the how to make a website part, while letting you focus on the content, while you simply customize each element according to your needs. You’ll be able to rest assured that everything else is taken care of, from the design of your website (whether its a school website, a fundraising website for a church or another type of nonprofit) to the overall structure and navigation.

16 free nonprofit website templates

Here’s our selection of the top 15 free nonprofit website templates for building your website from scratch:

This template speaks loud and clear, with large animated text right in the center of the screen. Paired with an atmospheric video background, visitors will immediately understand what it is that you do. And why waste any time beating around the bush? The prominent CTA (call-to-action) button on the top fold invites visitors to make a donation.

With a separate page for each section of the site, this nonprofit website template gives you plenty of space to add your own content. For example, if you have an event coming up, visitors can easily sign up through the template’s built-in events system.

Another useful feature here is the live chat widget. This instant messaging app enables visitors to reach out to you with any questions or inquiries. You’ll be able to respond right away, ensuring you don’t miss out on any potential opportunities.

Nonprofit website template for environmental NGO

This unique design is certainly in line with the current web design trends. Incorporating a pastel color palette with digital illustration and subtle animation, this template is sure to catch the attention of your site visitors.

As a one-page website template, the design suits nonprofits that require a fairly minimal amount of content on their website. However, you can always add an extra page if necessary. Like with many types of websites, it's important to place your core message at the top of the site, followed by more details about your organization, images and your live Instagram feed at the bottom.

Last but not least is the contact and subscribe section, just above the template’s footer. You’ll be able to personalize or create your own online form, encouraging visitors to get in touch.

Nonprofit website template for charity scavenger hunt

Including a wide range of features, from an events section to a podcast and a blog, this website template is extremely diverse, making it a good fit for many different types of nonprofits.

It also offers plenty of opportunities for your visitors to get involved. There’s a live chat widget for instant messaging, a ‘Donate’ button that remains visible throughout your visitors’ browse, and a social bar linking to all your channels.

If you decide to create a free blog or podcast, you’ll be able to share your organization’s updates, plus any information associated with your area of expertise. This will not only demonstrate your level of professionalism, but will also help bring more traffic to your site. Having an active blog is a key SEO tip for boosting your website and getting more eyes on your content.

Nonprofit website template for women empowerment NGO

This nonprofit website template is full of media features that you can use to give your site a professional edge. There’s a background video with a low opacity, making the text layered on top really stand out. A couple of the images have been given a red background, helping them merge seamlessly into the design.

You’ll also notice that the template offers diverse website navigation options. Visitors can reach the different pages through the buttons on the homepage, or via the menu at the top that stays in place as you scroll down the page, making it visible wherever you are on the site.

Nonprofit website template for food charity

If you’re wondering how to start a blog that is both professional and intuitive, we’ve got the nonprofit website template for you. Fully dedicated to sharing stories, tips and advice, this site could be a great way for you to support your community by posting helpful, inspirational content. You can even raise more income for your organization by monetizing your blog.

Out of all the nonprofit website templates in this list, this is perhaps the most spacious and minimalistic when it comes to the website layout, with a simple yet aesthetic grid formation. The website color scheme is predominantly white with a dash of orange in the menu and logo. Thanks to the generous use of whitespace, there’s an overall sense of calm.

As well as the blog, there’s also a ‘Resources’ page. This gives you the space you need to add any links, books and contact details that your visitors might find handy, turning your nonprofit website into a hub of useful information.

Nonprofit website template for mental health blog

Want to make a strong statement? This template could be the one for you. The design is undeniably bold, with sharp lines and bright colors. But what stands out most is the typography. The large text on the top fold of the homepage gives you the stage you need to make your mission statement stand out loud and clear.

Slightly further down is a section dedicated to important stats relating to your cause, from the number of volunteers involved to the number of endangered species out there. Designed in red and black text on a white background, this data really pops out and can make quite the impact on your site visitors.

Nonprofit website template for wildlife conservation

This nonprofit website template is ideal for any organization that has an event coming up. Signing up to the event is easy and intuitive, with a large button at the top of the homepage. There’s an additional CTA button in the website menu, so visitors won’t have a problem finding where to purchase a ticket.

The template uses parallax scrolling, an effect that makes the background seem to move at a slower pace than the foreground while scrolling down the page. This impressive website design technique is employed here to craft a smooth and professional scrolling experience.

As well as changing the images to suit your organization’s cause, you’ll be able to add any key details about your event. List the speakers, agenda and travel options, plus make your visitors’ lives easier with a Google Maps widget and updates on any relevant information.

Nonprofit website template for climate change conference

Created for both an online and offline community, this template is simple with a touch of quirkiness. Each of the elements on the page are a healthy distance apart from one another, fostering a sense of space and openness that matches the vibe of this particular nonprofit.

In addition, an unusual font pairing has been chosen, contrasting a minimalistic sans serif typeface (meaning it has no embellishment on the ends of the letters), with a serif one. Used consistently on all pages of the template, the resulting design is cohesive throughout.

This template includes a video feature on multiple pages, enabling you to share content, whether it be educational, informative or simply an eye-catching addition to your design. You’ll be able to embed videos directly from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, smoothly integrating them into your pages.

Nonprofit website template for community talks series

This stylish website template is centered around a blog and forum, giving you the chance to share quality content with your visitors, one of the core must-haves of a nonprofit website. You’ll be able to spread awareness of your cause, inspire people to donate and volunteer, and report on your latest activities.

From the homepage to the ‘About Us’ page, you’ll have plenty more opportunities to express your organization’s message through text. It’s worth investing time in writing good website content, whether it be long or short-form, as it provides visitors with added value and helps strengthen your brand identity.

Additional features on this nonprofit website template include a live chat widget, a fixed menu and a contact form that invites people to get involved. The fixed logo links back to the homepage, helping visitors get their bearings whichever page they happen to be on.

Nonprofit website template for urban farming blog & forum

Creating a landing page for an event you’re hosting? This template is organized and to-the-point, while containing all the relevant information your guests will need. Whether you’re holding a women’s conference or a fundraising event, you’ll be able to customize this template to fit your needs.

Add a fullscreen image on the homepage that captures the atmosphere of your event, drawing in potential guests. You can also play around with the text on the top fold to craft an intriguing and catchy header that will entice visitors to sign up.

As a one-page website, this template strategically places a ‘Get Tickets’ button at the top of the site, as well as at the very bottom. This way, visitors have multiple options to sign up - and you can enjoy the benefits.

Nonprofit website template for women's conference

This website template certainly draws attention, with an animation on the top fold and a unique, asymmetrical homepage design. As you scroll down the homepage, you see a combination of still images, videos and text. This mixed-media design makes this template a great option for nonprofits that emphasize art or creativity.

The template comes complete with a distinct tone of voice in its microcopy (the small bits of copy you see around the website). The text feels welcoming, reflecting a sense of collaboration, with headers such as ‘We Socialize’ and ‘Stop By & Say Hi.’ Feel free, however, to play around with the text as you see fit.

Nonprofit website template for artists' cooperative

It’s true that your online presence helps raise awareness of your mission and grow a community of people with a unified goal. But you can also use your website to fundraise for your nonprofit’s cause by incorporating plenty of ‘Donate’ buttons, or promoting a fundraising event, which is precisely the aim of this template.

There’s ample space to write about your organization, with predefined text boxes to craft persuasive headers and motivational quotes. You can also add testimonials by people you have helped or supported, clearly demonstrating your organization’s success.

The diverse layout and incorporation of high-quality images, adding using the Wix Pro Gallery, make for an engaging scroll down this one-page website.

Nonprofit website template for political fundraiser

The first thing you may notice about this nonprofit website template is the use of vector illustrations and a soothing color palette. Together, these form a soft, delicate vibe. While the template can be fully customized to suit your needs, it has an aesthetic that could suit a cause related to children or animals, for example.

Visitors can fluidly move through the template’s various pages, thanks to the floating menu that stays fixed in place throughout your browse. There’s also an illustrated logo at the top of the page. You can keep this one, or create your own logo that will match your nonprofit’s branding.

Nonprofit website template for school gardening program

Using just black, white and red, this simple website template shouts its message loud and clear. Add your own mission statement on the homepage to grab the attention of your site visitors. You can also pick a background image that will further amplify your message and set the tone for the rest of your website.

With multiple ‘Donate’ buttons placed strategically throughout the site, this template is bound to help you raise money for your organization’s cause. Customize the petition form and add your contact details to encourage more people to help you in your mission. For more inspiration on how to encourage donations, you can check out some of these best nonprofit websites.

Nonprofit website template for community action group

This dynamic template is full of color and life. While there’s plenty of images, text boxes and icons throughout the site, the white border surrounding the template ensures an overall clean look.

Write a powerful description of your organization on the dedicated spot on the homepage, as well as on the ‘About Us’ page. Here, you’ll have the chance to share images of your staff, volunteers and activities, helping visitors and potential donors get to know you.

Everything on this template, from the vector art icons to the text and even the photos, is made up of a set color palette. You can stick to these shades to ensure a cohesive design throughout every page, or adapt the template to fit your brand colors.

Nonprofit website template for youth baseball team

Are you a community organization, social movement or advocacy group in search of an online space that truly captures the essence of your offline community center? Look no further than this captivating LGBTQ-friendly website template. With its striking purple and black color scheme, this template sets the stage for an engaging and immersive online experience.

Designed with attention to detail, the template incorporates hover effects on the calendar section, adding a touch of interactivity that makes it easy and engaging for visitors to explore your upcoming programs and activities.

The most important—and often the most challenging—aspect of building a nonprofit website is delivering the message concisely and effectively. That's why this template features succinct blurbs, allowing you to convey your mission and values in a clear and impactful way. By keeping the text boxes brief, we ensure that visitors are not overwhelmed and can easily grasp the essence of your community center. Each word counts, empowering site visitors to become passionate supporters of your cause.

community center nonprofit website templates

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Is Wix free for nonprofits?

Wix offers a free plan with basic features and limited storage. While suitable for small organizations starting out, consider paid plans for more bandwidth, customization and analytics. Explore our nonprofit discount program for added benefits.

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