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How to make invitations for free for your next event

How to make an online invitation

Whether you’re planning a wedding, conference, party or professional meetup, a well-designed online invitation can set the tone for your occasion and influence invitees to RSVP.

This article will go over everything you need to know about online invitations, including the steps to make your own:

Tip: Create an event website on Wix and set up an email campaign to send out invites and track and manage attendees. Additionally, after working out how to make a website, you can use the Wix Owner app to invite guests via email, text or social right from your phone.

Benefits of an online invitation

Making online invitations is a cost-effective way to promote an event to a dedicated subscriber list. Online invitations make party planning easier by collecting your RSVPs, sharing event details with guests and building a community around your event. Other benefits include:

  • Sustainability: Sending an online invitation is an environmentally friendly way to promote your event. And since they are paperless, online invitations will not get lost in the mail.

  • Time-efficiency: Make an online invitation with an event website template fit for any occasion in just a few clicks. In case you need to update information after you’ve invited your guest, such as if the time or place changes, your invitees will automatically see these new details.

  • Customizable: Online invitations can be personalized to fit your event specifics, like your color scheme. You can even build your invitation to include even more pages for guests, like a registry, an Our Story section, and Contact Us.

Tip: You can create a members area for your private event that keeps attendees connected and engaged. Visitors can also make their own account on your event site and see who else is going.

How to make an online invitation

01. Choose your template

The information you’ll want to share with your invitees will depend on your event type. You can use a pre-designed invitation template to supply your guests with everything they need to know. For example, choose from these popular online invitation templates:

02. Add all the details

Personalize your online invitation further and provide more information to guests:

  • Set up an RSVP form: Go to the Events tab in your Wix dashboard, click the Registration tab and edit your form to fit your event. You can customize the registration form to incentivize guests to RSVP. For example, if you’re a business hosting an event and it’s in your budget, try offering a discount or free drink to the 100 guests to RSVP.

  • Content: Use formal wording for formal events (e.g. “You are cordially invited to…”) or write in a casual manner for informal events (e.g. “Join us for a fun night…”) Include a short description of what’s going to take place and use language and a tone that appeals to your target audience or guests and reflects the event. Close with a call-to-action, such as “RSVP” or “Register now.”

  • Use external links: Add links to the venue or to online reviews of your event space. If you have musicians performing, link to their music websites, or share their playlists to give people a taste of their music. If you’re hosting a professional event, be sure to link to each speaker's LinkedIn or personal website. You can link to different types of websites, like your performers’ personal or social media pages. And don’t forget to link to the catering or alcohol service that you booked—people with dietary restrictions will appreciate this information before attending an event.

03. Finish it off with engaging media

  • Add photos: Once you’ve picked your layout, add tempting details to entice your guests to RSVP. Add photos of the venue, performers or catering. If you create a wedding website, for example, you may want to include pictures of you and your significant other to add a personal touch. Here are some wedding website examples for inspiration.

  • Include maps and directions: Help your guests arrive at your event by adding a Google Map to your online invitation. Add parking information if relevant. If your guests can access the venue via public transportation, write directions from nearby stations as well.

04. Send it out

Before you publish the invitation and send it out to friends, double-check that all the links are properly working and that all the information is correct. Once the invitation is ready, invite guests via email, text or social media using the Wix Owner app. They will receive a link to RSVP via your online invitation website.

You can also use email marketing tools on your computer to send guests their invitations. Go to the Events tab in your dashboard, click the “Guest List” tab and then “Send Email Marketing” to registered guests. When emailing invitations, you can personalize the subject line for your subscribers.

How to make online invitations FAQ

What do you include on an invitation?

The following are the essential elements that you should include on an invitation:

  • The name of the event

  • The date, time, and location of the event

  • The RSVP information

  • The dress code (if applicable)

  • Your contact information

You may also want to include other information on your invitation, such as the purpose of the event, the theme of the event, or any special instructions.

What is the standard invitation size?

How do you make a proper invitation?

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