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Web Design \ MAR 21st 2014

Top Wix Websites Designed by Actors, Models and Performers

It’s showtime! Passion for the limelight is a human trait often coupled with creativity and talent. No wonder, then, that so many Wix users from the acting, modeling, entertainment and performance areas are boasting gorgeous websites.

Wix is doing our best to offer these professionals the most suitable tools for a smart, attractive and individual online presence. Our studio team designs templates for actors, templates for performers, modeling portfolios and other themes that cater to the specific needs of the talented bunch.

As you can see in the showcase below, Wix users are taking advantage of these tools to create spectacular websites that truly represent their artistic vision and performance personality. So even though they make us envy their talents and good looks, we still can’t help cheering for them.


Wix Templates


Kerrie Newton >>

Kerrie Newton


D.J. Mendel >>

D.J. Mendel



Jay Hollingsworth >>

Jay Hollingsworth


Dwight Rhoden >>

Dwight Rhoden


Jermaine Mcneal >>

Jermaine Mcneal


Erin Sharoni >>

Erin Sharoni


Jon Manganello >>

Jon Manganello


Kilty Reidy >>

Kilty Reidy


Rachel Keller >>

Rachel Keller

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