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Redesign Your Website: When, Why & How

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Ever felt like you could use a change? A website is a virtual reflection of life. The natural course for every website is to change and evolve, responding to the dynamic and fluid nature of life – just like you do. So even if you feel extremely proud of the masterpiece website you designed with Wix, you should always keep an open eye for trends and happenings around you.

But redesigning your website takes some considerable planning. We assembled a few tips and guidelines that may help you understand when is the right time to redesign your website, how to do it, and how to sustain it.

Changing Without Estranging

First thing you need to keep in mind is that by creating and publishing a website, you have created a relationship between yourself and the site’s visitors. If your website design is based on a clientele of repeating visitors, a careless redesign might confuse or discourage the regulars.

Redesigning your Website

Get your toolkit, it’s time to renovate!

Things to Consider

  • Which buttons seem to be popular with the visitors?

  • Which have a low clicking rate?

  • Are your best homepage features getting enough attention?

  • Is it possible to revise the introductory text so it’s shorter?

  • And then maybe use a larger font?

  • Do you have more appealing photos to use?

  • Do returning visitors have a fixed user-friendly path?

Think about these questions when you consider an overhaul and it will help you sketch a new, smart design.

A Practical Thought

A very smart thing to do before you start renovating is creating a copy of your website in your Wix account and experimenting with it. It also allows you to redesign while the website is still live, which is crucial.Stay tuned to part II of this series, where we’ll be discussing how to work business updates into your site’s design without compromising your site’s looks.

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