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9 musicians who are rocking the internet

Showcase: 11 Musicians Who Are Rocking the Internet

Professional musicians have too much experience with people trying to persuade them that their music is a waste of time. Next time your uncle, your partner’s boss or just a random stranger tries to tell you that, show them this blog post and the great music websites that are featured here. They will see 11 examples of gifted musicians who know how to fuse talent and ambition to further their careers. These musicians are using technology to share their sound with the world, to sell their tracks to listeners near and far, to promote their shows and to connect with their audiences.

  • Wix is proud to offer musicians the most advanced tools to create a website that puts their music first – Wix Music is the ideal platform for establishing a powerful online presence (learn about creating a music website before you get started). We even offer specific options for DJs to learn how to create a DJ website. Want to know more? Here are 5 ways Wix Music can give you a boost:

  • Wix Music uses a cutting-edge audio player that allows listeners to play, download, buy and share your tracks.

  • Wix Music lets you easily distribute your tracks to all the major music stores and streaming services, like iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay and others.

  • Wix Music includes a newsletter that helps you engage with your listeners directly.

  • Wix Music takes NO commission from your music or merch sales.

  • Every musician should be equipped with an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for promoting their music. With Wix, we have a collection of EPK templates with everything you need to get started.

  • Wix Music website templates are just drop-dead gorgeous. See for yourself!

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Backtrack brings you pure hardcore rock sounds with an impressive BPM. When you create a music website of your own, you can definitely look at them for design inspiration. Backtrack chose an appropriate darker shade for their website’s base color, but it is contrasted beautifully with the colorful urban dystopian art that beams through their album covers and images.

We love the long scrolling on this site, which gives an effect of a storytelling taking place, almost like the band is taking site visitors for a night on the town with them.

Back Track NY

Portuguese musician, Diogo Tigre, brings you right into his world  when you arrive on his website. Get to know his band and their cool, smooth sound on their ‘videos’ section.

Don’t forget to check out the tour section, they just might be headed to a city near you. Plus, take lead from the placement of social icons - inserted in the website header, any visitor will see them and be enticed to click "follow." These days, social media is one of the best ways to promote your music, and it is strategic to place links to the platforms you use on your website.

diogo tigre

K. Sparks

Music is at its best when it reflects an artist’s life. This is what’s so appealing about the sounds and lyrics that K. Sparks creates. Just like his music, his website draws deep influences from the environment in which he grew up in – the urban space of Queens, New York. Note how the use of professionally-shot photographs impact the overall look and feel of the site. K. Sparks’ motto is “nobody cares about your story until you win, so win” – and his website definitely channels this spirit.

K. Sparks

Embracing the Dream

When Mariana Costa speaks about embracing the dream, she’s doing so out of her own experience. Born and raised in Brazil, she caught the singing bug at the age of three and has been singing ever since. Mariana’s website uses scrolling effects and an animated background to create a sense of floating motion, sending you into a dream-like state.  Since she believes in giving back to the community, the proceeds from the first 1,000 copies of her album (available for sale on the site) will go to local charity causes.

Embracing the Dream


Get ready for an adventure of sights and sounds. LRENEE is a natural-born performer with a ton of energy and charisma and her website design reflects that in each and every page. Three various albums are available on the site for visitors to enjoy the deep presence of her voice. We think the choice to feature an album on the homepage in addition to the Music page is great, as it draws listeners in right away.


This world-class classical pianist is beautifully using her website to show that classical music is never boring or pompous. The site is very rich in content – both visual and textual. Tanya puts herself out there to be heard, but for her, it’s not just about the music. She shares her vision of social activism, emphasizing the role of music in helping and improving society. One of our personal favorites in this site is the cute keyboard favicon. It’s little things like this that make web design so much fun.

Tanya Gabrielian

Tony Clifton

With this website, it’s simply love at first site. Check out the video background and you’ll understand exactly what we mean. These three long-haired dudes are all about not taking themselves too seriously. You can hear it in their music and you can see it on their website. Just don’t stare at their logo for too long.

Tony Clifton

The visual art on Wrekonize’s site is simply superb, and the photos from his shows make you wish you were at one right now. Once you play the tracks, you’ll get what all the hype is about. Don’t skip the Video page, you’ll see the artist performing live, as well as several high-quality music videos, some of which were directed or edited by Wreoknize himself. His blog is a terrific addition too, as it gives you a look into the life, mind and work of this creative artist.


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