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How to create a DJ website that will get you the gigs

How to Create a DJ Website that Will Get You the Gigs

A good DJ is someone who lives for the music. But the passion itself is not enough to make a career. A great DJ can think - simultaneously - as an artist and as a professional brand or business owner. If you want your sounds to reach the ears and the feet of large audiences, you need to make the first step and establish a reputation.

Establishing a robust and dynamic online presence is key in promoting your professional career, and one of the most crucial steps for achieving that is to create a website. Your DJ website is both a business card and an online home for your audio creations and for your DJ business. It’s a tool for spreading your music and your brand name to listeners and potential customers, near and far.

So how do you get that legendary DJ website of yours? First of all, check out the amazing music website templates from Wix and look for styles that you dig. You can fully customize each template to make it into your own stunning site. Now, as you start creating your own music website, pay close attention to the following items to make sure you’re making the best site that you can.

 Wix music website templates

01. Put Your Music First

When creating a music website, make sure website visitors can listen to your sounds with ease and opt for an advanced audio player. Wix Music offers the perfect online music player for your website. This player doesn’t simply play your tunes, it allows your visitors to download them for free or for a fee, so you can actually profit from your music directly through the player. The Wix Music player can be easily customized to match the look and feel of your website. Oh, and it also lets listeners share your work on their social channels and promote your music to their own friends. Here you can discover all the great things that the Wix Music player can do for you.

In addition to putting together a DJ business plan and creating an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to give a professional overview of your sound, you should upload tracks that demonstrate your creativity and versatility as a musician. If you play at events, you could add a variety of samples that correspond with different types of settings – wedding reception, company party dance-floor, etc. If your focus is mostly on clubs, use a mix of original remixes and partial setlists to demonstrate your skills.

music player

02. Get Booked

In many ways, starting a career as a musician is like starting a business. Remember, your DJ website is both a celebration of your mad skills and a business tool that should help you get more paid work. You can add to your music website features that make it easier for potential customers to get in touch with you or to book your services directly.

You can ask site visitors to send in requests for a price quote using a contact form app. Set up the form with fields like event size, location, venue type, estimated work hours, number of people and all other considerations that you take into account when you negotiate a price with clients.

To fill up your working calendar with paying gigs, use Wix Booking to allow site visitors to book you for events right there and then. You can also use the booking app to charge a deposit or the entire fee (in case you have fixed prices) and easily manage your working schedule. Here are a few examples of music websites you can get inspiration from.

Be inspired: DJ name ideas

03. Don’t Forget the Visuals

Even though your art is not the visual kind, you certainly want your website to include exciting visual material. First of all, because great images significantly improve the website’s overall design, but also because people react to images – especially to photos – in a different way than they do to words or sounds. Your site photos can add another layer of familiarity with yourself as a musician and a professional that is especially valuable if you plan to attract potential clients online.

Investing in a professional photography session is worth considering. You can hire a photographer to document one of your sets, to capture your own work in real-time as well as the mood of the crowd. Put some thought into the venue where you want this session to take place and opt for a setting that corresponds with your style as an artist. If you do play at events often, you could usually get in touch with the hired photographer to coordinate a quick shoot.

If you have access to video production equipment, making a real of your work in action is also a great option for the site’s visual aspect. Because you need the video to have excellent audio quality, it’s probably only worthwhile if that’s technically possible. Looking for visual inspiration? Check out this collection of best musician websites for inspiration.

On top of photography, make sure you have a logo that really represents what you do. Using a DJ Logo Maker will give you the inspiration and tools you need to stand out.

Don’t Forget the Visuals

04. How to Display Your Schedule

In addition to being one of the best places to promote your music to new audiences, most DJs use their website to announce upcoming gigs to their loyal following. If you play at public events or parties, that’s definitely a feature you want to have on your site as well. The question is how to make that announcement. The whole point of your site is to present you as a professional and experienced DJ. If people go on your site to see an empty calendar that probably won’t do good for your cause.

If you know that you have at least two events per week that people can tune into – either at a club party, a festival or a radio/TV broadcast, adding a monthly events calendar to your site is probably the most convenient way to display your schedule. It’s very easy to set up an events calendar for your Wix website using one of these excellent calendar apps.

If you know that your schedule is filled mostly with private events, it’s probably best to avoid using a calendar and instead add a blog or a news section – both also easy to accomplish when you’re building your website with Wix – to announce upcoming shows or public gigs in separate bulletins or posts.

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