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Law Enforcement Requests

1. Introduction

These guidelines are meant to provide practical information for law enforcement agencies and other governmental entities that wish to obtain data held by Wix or report any illegal content in accordance with an applicable law. If you are an individual customer and wish to inform yourself about the content moderation practices of Wix, or about other aspects of our terms and policies, please refer to our Terms of Use and our Content Policy.

These guidelines are an informational resource only and are not intended to preclude due process under the applicable laws in relation to the responses Wix provides in any particular case. Wix reserves the right to act in each individual case in accordance with the mandatory legal requirements applicable to us.
Before submitting any request to, we ask that all law enforcement agencies  read this policy to make sure you fully understand our practices.

2. What information do we hold? 

To provide our services, we collect personal information as outlined in our Privacy Policy. The information we hold may consist of the customer’s subscriber information (such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, means and source of payment, length and type of services utilized, records of session times or durations, IP addresses), transactional records, and website content, such as images, videos etc. The type of information we may disclose depends on the legal basis of the request. For example, we may not be able to provide our customers’ content based on a U.S subpoena. 
Please note that we cannot guarantee the records’ accuracy as Wix cannot verify or investigate the validity of the information added by our Users into our systems (for example, a customer can share a fake email as a sign up option or add not a real name in the billing details) name). 

3. Our principles

When looking into legal requests we receive on data collection by law enforcement and governmental entities, we adhere to the following principles: 

  1. We will not voluntarily provide governments with direct access to data about our customers for any purpose, especially surveillance purposes. 

  2. .We will not share information with law enforcement agencies and governmental entities unless we are legally required to do so.

  3. We will only comply with requests that are based on solid legal grounds, and we will examine each request thoroughly. 

  4. We will produce information when the requesting body has the legal authority to issue and enforce the request. 

  5. We are unable to process overly broad or vague requests, and we might experience technical constraints processing requests that refer to a large number of customers. 

  6. We will notify our customers before we produce information about them or their users unless we are explicitly and legally prohibited from doing so. 

  7. We will only share the information specifically requested by the agency that requested it. We will not provide additional information unless we are specifically asked for it. 

  8. If the request has to do with the information of one of our customers, we will not provide any additional information on this user’s users. 

4. Serving a Valid Law Enforcement Request & Contact Information

Email Address for Law Enforcement Legal Process and Single Point of Contact under Art 11 DSA:

Email Address for General Questions: legal@wix.ccom

Mailing Address for Law Enforcement Requests: / Attn: Legal Department 
Address: Yunitsman St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel - Wix Campus

While we agree to accept service from public authorities and law enforcement requests by these methods, neither Wix nor our customers waive any legal rights based on this accommodation. It depends on the applicable law in each individual case how a law enforcement request or court order can be validly served to us. In particular, serving the request as an e-mail may not be sufficient. You may only serve us via email if we are legally required to offer and accept law enforcement requests via email.

Each request should be submitted in English (or accompanied with an English translation). 

Each request must include contact information for the authorized public authority or law enforcement agency official submitting the request, including:

  1. The name and contact information of the entity that must produce the records.

  2. The name and contact information of the entity requesting the information. We might have difficulties processing requests that are sent via unofficial email addresses. 

  3. The legal basis for the request, accompanied by a copy of any relevant documentation (such as a warrant, a subpoena, etc.), where applicable.

  4. A detailed description of the requested information. Please include sufficient information regarding the customer or user-of-user, so we can process the request. We will not be able to comply with general requests and will not provide any additional information beyond the information specifically identified in the request. 

  5. A specific timeframe for which the information is requested. 

  6. Whether or not we may disclose the existence of the request to our customer, and what is the legal basis for refraining from disclosure. As mentioned before, we will disclose the request to the customer, unless we are prohibited from doing so.

  7. The date by which we should provide the requested information, when relevant.

  8. If the request for information draws Wix’s attention to a violation of our Terms of Use, we may take action to remove or block the relevant account, to prevent further abuse of our services. In line with our legal obligations, including under the EU Digital Services Act, this will routinely include notifying the customer of the action we took. If you have a specific reason why Wix should not notify a specific customer about account/site removal, please let us know, and we will evaluate this on a case-by-case basis. 

Please note that merely by receiving and reviewing legal requests, we are not intended to preclude due process under the applicable laws regarding Wix responses  as well as our rights of redress, including, but not limited to, lack of jurisdiction or proper service. We usually do not charge anything when complying with requests from law enforcement or governmental entities. However, Wix reserves the right to seek reimbursement in appropriate individual cases.

5. Preservation orders

Wix will generally preserve our customers’ data for a 90 days period if we receive a valid legal request. We will also preserve the data for an additional 90 days if we receive another valid legal request, ordering us to extend the preservation period. We cannot guarantee the preservation of particular data. 

6. Emergency requests

When dealing with situations involving imminent harm, risk of death, or serious physical injury to any person and requiring disclosure of information without delay, including but not limited to situations as set out in Art 18 EU Digital Services Act, a law enforcement official may submit a request through In the request itself, please include all relevant information, as detailed above in section 4, including the specific reasons that define this as an emergency.
In certain rare cases, we may disclose information to law enforcement or governmental entities before, or without, receiving a legal request. This might happen if we believe that an emergency involving danger of death or serious physical injury to any person is about to happen and to stop this, we need to disclose certain pieces of information. We will also disclose information to comply with our corresponding obligations under Art 18 EU Digital Services Act. 
When it comes to children’s safety, we take additional actions, as we view these types of actions as unacceptable under all circumstances. This is why we report all apparent instances of child exploitation appearing on our site from anywhere in the world to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), including content drawn to our attention by government requests. In addition, we may also take further action by reporting to individual local law enforcement authorities, as appropriate and required by law. 

7. What actions will we take? 

Upon receiving a request for data from law enforcement agencies or governmental entities, we will take the following steps: 

  1. We will evaluate the request and examine the legal basis for the request. 

  2. We will scrutinize each request to protect our customers’ and users-of-users’ privacy. 

  3. If we determine that we are unable to comply with the request based on information available to us, we will notify the requestor, and, where appropriate, ask for additional information to process the request further. 

  4. If we comply with the request – we will disclose the information and will notify the relevant customer unless we are expressly and legally prohibited from doing so. 

  5. In certain circumstances, we might challenge the request in suitable legal proceedings. This may happen where we believe that the legal basis for the request is uncertain or unclear, where additional information provided by the requesting authority was not sufficient to clarify the legal basis or where we have reason to believe that the request is too broad or based on discriminatory or illegal reasoning. 

8. Retention Policy

Please note that a general retention policy of users data is available in section 11 of Wix Privacy Policy.

Please be advised that according to our policies, we have specific retention policy for specific types of data:

  • We keep information on IP addresses for sign-in/sign-up activity for the period of 1 year.

  • Basic subscriber information is retained for as long as a specific Wix User Account is kept active by the account owner.

  • User-of-user information is retained for as long as Wix Site Owner keeps it active in his Wix account.

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