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Designing with Wix \ MAR 17th 2011

Showcase: Magnificent Wix Art Portfolios

Art has always been considered a privilege, but after browsing through so many beautiful art portfolios, we get the feeling it’s really one of life’s necessities.

This showcase displays ten exceptional Wix portfolios that represent different types of art works – abstract, illustrations, digital and video. We especially enjoy seeing portfolios where the web design becomes part of the art work, expressing the artist’s signature and their style.

Wix Art Portfolio Showcase: Flying Dork

Flying Dork

Rami Maymon Art Portfolio

Rami Maymon

Wix Art Portfolios Showcase : Isaac Bidwell

Isaac Bidwell

Wix Art Portfilio Showcase: Andre Hagertz

Andre Hagertz

Eleanna Art Portfolio


Lacey Lamb Art Portfolio

Lacey Lamb

Trudy Dahan Art Portfolio

Trudy Dahan

My Own F Book Art Portfolio

My Own F Book

Emma Block Art Portfolio

Emma Block

Sirius Pictures Studios Art Portfolio

Sirius Pictures Studios

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