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SEO roundup Q2 2024: AI, pricing and project proposals

Take the guesswork out of ranking on Google. Below, a roundup of the SEO Hub’s need-to-know topics.

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Clients want to increase their search traffic, and an SEO-driven content strategy is just the thing they need to do it. But how should you frame your SEO proposal? And how much should you charge for your services? The Wix SEO Hub has a few ideas. 

Listen to experts walk through their SEO experiences (and what you can learn from them) in this podcast

The SERPs Up podcast, hosted by Mordy Oberstein, Wix’s Head of SEO Brand and Crystal Carter, Wix’s Head of SEO Communications, is your weekly series of search engine optimization insights. Each episode features a guest SEO expert who shares their real world experience on the episode’s topic, including opportunities, roadblocks and how they overcame certain challenges.

Check out these episodes to learn more about marketing your SEO services:

Building the processes for marketing agency efficiency

Creating effective marketing processes is one of the biggest challenges for any digital marketing agency. Here’s how to get your SEO & content operations right to drive client success.


Does AI content rank?

It’s no secret that AI is unlocking new opportunities for content marketing, but does AI-driven content top the SERP? Here’s what to tell your clients when considering whether or not to integrate AI into their content strategy.

Read about SEO pricing, proposals and brief strategies below

The SEO Hub captures a variety of experts’ takes such as Gus Pelogia, Giuseppe Caltabiano and Ray Martinez on SEO basics, advanced SEO, strategies, topic research, on-site optimization, analytics & reporting, Wix SEO Tools and localized SEO. It’s curated for all proficiency levels, whether you’re starting your first project or hitting new milestones in total clients serviced.

SEO agency pricing blueprint: Define your pricing and protect your margins

As generative AI and new developments disrupt the SEO industry, agencies must be proactive to protect their margins and ensure they stay in business. Price your work in a way that serves both you and your clients.


Create SEO proposals that get approved: Pitching big initiatives to clients and stakeholders

More complex projects often require buy-in from multiple stakeholders. Mitigate push-back by writing SEO proposals that correctly size the opportunity, consider what the project would look like as an MVP, and pinpoint where you might incur technical debt, among other considerations. Create SEO proposals that win over your dream clients.

How to craft the perfect SEO content brief: The elements you need to include

SEO content briefs ensure that your client’s content is not only compelling and relevant to their audience, but is also optimized for search. The recipe calls for a number of ingredients including CTA strategies, internal linking and keyword research. Craft an SEO content brief complete with all the elements that'll help you and your clients' content top the SERP.




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