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Live webinar: Real talk on the Google algorithm

Webinar speakers, Mordy Oberstein, Crystal Carter, Michael King, Lily Ray

Tuesday, July 16, 2024 | 1PM ET

Google leaks, AI overviews, new ranking systems—2024 has been a year. It’s time to ask some real questions about the future of Search as we rocket towards a whole new frontier.

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • The arrival and staying power of 2024’s major SEO changes

  • What additional trends our experts are  observing

  • Practical, future-proofing advice for the new search paradigm

Meet your hosts:


Speaker, Daniel Waisberg

Mordy Oberstein

Head of SEO Branding, Wix

In addition to leading SEO Branding at Wix, Mordy also serves as a communications advisor for Semrush. Dedicated to SEO education, Mordy is an organizer of SEOchat and a popular industry author and speaker. Tune in to hear him on Wix’s SEO podcast SERP’s Up, as well as Edge of the Web. Twitter | LinkedIn

Speaker, Crystal Carter

Crystal Carter Head of SEO Communications, WixP

Crystal is an SEO and digital marketing professional with over 15 years’ experience. Her global business clients have included Disney, McDonalds and Tomy. An avid SEO Communicator, her work has been featured at Google Search Central, brightonSEO, Moz, Lumar (DeepCrawl), Semrush and more. Twitter | LinkedIn

Speaker, Mordy Oberstein

Michael King Founder & CEO, iPullRank

An artist and a technologist all rolled into one, Mike is the Founder and CEO of digital marketing agency, iPullRank. Mike consults with companies all over the world, including brands ranging from SAP, American Express, HSBC, SanDisk, General Mills, and FTD, to a laundry list of promising eCommerce, publisher, and financial services organizations. Twitter | LinkedIn

Lily Ray Sr. Director of SEO & Head of Organic Research , Amsive Digital

Lily has been making waves in the SEO industry since 2010. Shifting from start-up to agency–she has helped develop and establish an award-winning SEO department at Amsive Digital, delivering high impact work for a long-list of notable clients, including several Fortune 500 companies. Twitter | LinkedIn


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