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How to make your post-mortem meetings impactful [agency guide]

Updated: Feb 1

Agency team members talking to each other in a post-mortem meeting

We’ve all experienced it—that sigh of relief after finishing a challenging project. Once it’s done, we’re quick to move on to the next thing. But how can your agency grow without evaluating the obstacles your team faced in the past?

Every completed project is an opportunity to gather data, analyze performance and discuss the areas in your workflow you can improve. The best way to do this is by conducting post-mortem meetings.

What is a post-mortem meeting?

A post-mortem meeting is a gathering of team members and your client stakeholders at the end of a project so you can give feedback and improve your agency’s workflow. During these meetings, your team discusses what worked, what didn’t work and what should be changed for future projects. Throughout these post-mortem meetings you’ll build knowledge of your agency’s work process and learn how you can improve for the next project.

The benefits of post-mortem meetings

As an agency, you may be hesitant to bring your clients and team members together to talk about what didn’t work in a project, but it’s one of the best ways your business can learn and grow.

Here are 7 benefits you’ll gain from conducting post-mortem meetings with your team:

  1. Celebrate achievements

  2. Learn from mistakes

  3. Empower employees to speak up

  4. Promote a positive workplace

  5. Improve teamwork

  6. Share new ideas

  7. Build strong client relationships