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Top Photography Website Templates You Cannot Miss

Top Photography Website Templates You Cannot Miss

This is non negotiable. You may balk, squeal or even roll on the ground like your 3-year-old nephew, but there’s nothing you can do about it. If you want your photography business to thrive in today’s digital world, you’ll need a photography website. And a strong one at that. The problem? Although the good fairies blessed you with a gift for lighting and image editing, they forgot to include web design in the package. On top of this, you can’t leave the creation of your online portfolio to someone else – because of the cost, the lack of control, or simply because you want the result to reflect who you are.

How will you solve this quandary? By starting with a photography website template. It’s by far the best solution, combining all the advantages, especially top quality. All of our templates have been created by Wix professional designers, using the most advanced business tools and hottest graphic design trends. Furthermore, every element is fully customizable so that your site is truly unique and you can add your own photos in seconds thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop technology. Finally, our photography website templates are totally free, for you to experiment with as many as you wish.

Here we have 12 examples of beautiful photography website templates for every genre:

Hot off the press! This is one of our newest photography website templates, and it’s fully ready for you to make it yours. It starts with a super refined design: clean background, a drop or two of color, and a hamburger menu to free up some space for your photos to breathe. Then, it incorporates the most advanced features, among which are two essentials for photographers: the Wix Art Store, to sell your photos online in a quick and efficient way, and a “Published” section, to display the outlets where your work has been published

photojournalist website template

We all dream of finding that one partner that will accompany us along our personal and professional journey. The good news: this partner is just one click away! This wedding photography template will help you to amaze future clients (with a stunning gallery), gain their trust (with the neat “About me” section), and finally get booked by them. Once their big day has come and gone, don’t forget to upload their pictures on the Wix Photo Albums page, the best way to share pictures with your clients.

wedding photography website template

If you have a sweet tooth for funky visuals, you’ll simply love this template. The homepage is made out of one single, long-scrolling gallery, where you can insert your still (but wild) photos, along with chunks of text, videos and even cinemagraphs. This is a great asset for commercial and studio photographers, who’ll also appreciate the “Clients” section, designed to display their most successful projects – with a separate album for each.

photographer and art director website template

Thanks to this complete photography website template, you won’t have to wait nine months for your website to see the light of day. Simply add your own logo, upload your newborn and family portraits, write a short bio to introduce yourself, and you’re ready to go! Bonus: the Wix Bookings widget is already set up for you to present your different services and receive online bookings and payments.

family photographer website template

It’s time to get some perspective! To be truly sensational, an aerial photo has to give some sense of action. The same goes for website creation, since movement is one of the 7 great principles of design. The Wix designers have brilliantly put theory into practice with this photography website template. It incorporates a stunning parallax effect straight on the first strip, a video in the gallery, and discrete lines to guide your visitors as you intended. So, are you ready to go?

aerial photography website template

Try not to lick your screen! Sorry for the warning, but this food photography website template just looks too good. Just like a white plate, it boasts a clean background that will make your stunning images naturally stand out. Plus, it offers great user experience with its anchored menu, so that your visitors don’t have to scroll all the way up to get to the next course. Eventually, within the template you’ll find a beautiful, ready-to-use food photography blog. Remember: blogging doesn’t only entertain your community – it also feeds Google bots with fresh content (about delicious recipes or your last photo shoot), which is an excellent practice to boost your SEO!

Need some inspiration? Read this ultimate guide on how to write a good photography blog.

food photographer website template

It’s time to celebrate! This website template was designed for event photographers who specialize in weddings, birthdays, engagement parties and much more. It provides you with exactly what you need, and nothing extra. That is: a gallery to show your science of capturing the perfect moment, a booking widget to start offering your photography services, and a subscription button to add more fans to your (wedding) list. As a bonus, we love the clean design, as well as they very elegant fonts and simple, yet cheerful colors.

events photographer website template

The secret to becoming a professional photographer is to connect with your audience. In order to help you achieve this, photography website templates such as this one are created to ensure that people see as much of you as possible. This site does so through a full-screen gallery displaying your best work, as well as a menu that is always visible for your visitors to check your previous works, your social accounts, and most importantly: your “About Me” page. Add some cool text about the “who,” “what” and “how” of your practice, and a picture of yourself, and commissions will be pouring in like sword thrusts in a Game of Thrones episode.

urban photography website template

This template is your window to the world. You spend days traveling exotic countries, and you want to share your beautiful nature photos with your friends, magazine curators, or future clients. Don’t forget to pack this template into your bag. Thanks to its long-scrolling page, it offers a trouble-free journey for all of your visitors – especially the mobile addicts. We also like the large social icons, from the famous “f” to the little blue bird, to make sure you stay connected with all the friends you made from around the world.

nature photographer portfolio website template

There is something very sophisticated about this template. Maybe it’s the use of black and white, to reinforce the contrast? Or maybe the serif fonts, reminding us of old-school printed newspapers? Or even the four different images on the homepage, leading to four different Wix Pro Galleries (one per genre)? No matter which, when aesthetics meet functionality, it gives you a taste of perfection.

life photographer portfolio template

Inspired by the lifestyle of outdoor photographers, this template was designed to provide great satisfaction for enthusiasts across all types of photography. Being one of the most simple in design, it’s also one of the easiest to personalize. In the menu, discard the sections that you don’t need, and keep the ones that are relevant to your business (“Clients” for wedding and maternity photographers, “Book online” for event photographers, etc.). Then, change the name in the header to yours, and upload your beautiful images. That’s it, and you’re ready to go down photography lane!

outdoor photography website template

This one is not an online portfolio, but it still is a photography website. More precisely, it’s a template for you to create a stunning photo blog, where you can post your articles by category. If you want to take things one step further, you can easily transform it into a photography forum, inviting peers and friends to comment on your posts, and publish their own content too. It’s a great way to put your photography networking skills to action and build a community of shutterbugs around your brand!

photography forum website template

Last updated January 13, 2020.

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